Cleanin' Out My Closet

I threw my back out yesterday doing absolutely nothing exciting. I'd love to say it was a result of some heroic moment where I saved the world by chasing down some crazed shoe thief, or after an adventurous night with hubby, I was hurt while hanging upside down from the ceiling, but alas, it was just from getting dressed after a mild work out at the gym. Nothing exciting there, but it might make for a good anti-workout campaign.

So, a shot in the bum, some muscle relaxers, pain relievers, and I'm stuck at home. Normally, I'd be excited to not have to go to work, but since I can't really do anything; this sucks!

♪If you want to sing out, sing out♪ (Cat Stevens) I've always liked this song, so every time the My touch commercial comes on, I have to stop and watch. It's just so addictive, and as with any addiction bound things are bound to happen. I was moving my laptop from one side of the lounger to the other, when the commercial came on, and like an addictive fiend I turned my head to watch it, and next thing I know... my mouse was swimming in the container of ranch dressing! Yup every bit of my little mouse covered in white creamy dressing.

Tomorrow morning, is our yard sale. We've been piling stuff up all over the house for weeks preparing for this, and boy, is hubby excited about it! He loves getting rid of stuff, it's like a strange passion for him. With a crazed grin he moves things out to the "sell" pile like the Hannibal Lecter of Clutter, singing ♪I'm cleanin' out my closet♪ (Eminem)

It seems that anytime, we are having a yard sale there is never a shortage of people willing to give us stuff to sell. It's never some high priced item that will have people lining up around the block, either. It's always stuff that you risk hurting their feelings by telling them nobody wants it for free, let alone if they have to pay for it! It's not a consignment sale! It's a yard sale! And it's my yard sale, as in I'm trying to get rid of my own crap, not pile yours up on top of it! You really want to help me? Buy something! or send your friends to buy something!

So Saturday morning, think of me, as I drag my crippled self around and try to keep my husband from putting everything we own out in the front yard for the sake of cleaning up the clutter, while I push cheap meaningless crap on innocent passersby in hopes of getting them to pay a dime, and trying to hide my excitement that they were actually willing to give me a nickel.
♪They put in a nickel, and I sing a little song♪ (Melanie)


  1. Ouch! Hope your back feels better soon!
    Happy Friday and happy GNO!

  2. I also love getting rid of things. :o

  3. Good luck tomorrow. I was "cleaning out my closet" last weekend...and the basement...and all over! It's amazing how much stuff accumulates when you're not paying attention!

  4. Closet cleaning is never complete without some motivational songs.

  5. That's always a fun time! Visiting from SITS for Saturday sharefest :)

  6. I hope the yard sale went well. Happy VGNO!

  7. I am laughing so hard at your yard sale description.

    I too have neighbors/friends that, once they find out I'm having a sale, will add their items to my pile of "stuff". But it's never a table or a shelf (that everybody's looking for) it's usually some old PartyLite stuff or a box of books. More crap!

    I hope you're feeling better today. Ice/then heat/ice/then heat. And Aleve! That's my remedy. :->

    Oh and, Happy VGNO! (A little late :-> ) I hope you've met some wonderful bloggers.

  8. Good luck on Saturday........sending healing wishes to your back. Yikes! Back pain is such a pain. :)

  9. Hope your back feels better by now and that you got rid of some stuff & made some $ too!

    Just stopping by late to say hi from last week's VGNO!

  10. I hope your yard sale went well. In the UK, they don't do yard sales or garage sales or anything like them. Being from California, I find this just awful - especially now that my youngest is 2 and I have all of this baby equipment taking up space in my house that I no longer use. Then again, there are charity shops on just abopt every corner, so at least I know where I can take it all.


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