Comment-Love Letters for Monkey

This is my first time joining in on Kerri's Comment-Love letters. It's all my comments from the past week, cut and pasted together to form a sort of letter, which is fun, but more importantly, it's for a good cause! For everyone that links up, Kerri will donate $1 to help Monkey.  Monkey is a 16 month old girl that was just diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. So, go ahead and put your comments together, and link up to help Monkey! But read mine first! Please?! ♪ Message in a bottle, yeah♪  (Police)

Dear, Amethyst,

Hello! so glad to have found your fun blog. I am your newest follower, stopping by from Shell's! I'd totally be your financial backer!

I agree people should not eat food in the locker room. That is just kinda gross. LOL. "Next big invention idea? A cup to collect hair in the shower? People put their foot shavings into an egg, so why not?!" Somedays, I do the same thing! Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone!

That's so sweet! Who knew you could find depth and meaning in a Spice Girls song? I love your analogy of an air traffic controller. Brilliant! I also love that you question yourself if you are doing the right thing with your girls. What a great song that they sang to you back then....I hope they are still singing it!! With ALL the words! I'm sure I will...I know once I got through the icky teen years, I started to appreciate what a wonderful person my mom is. They will. I meant i'm sure they will.

I love that picture of you and your girls! Adorable. Happy Mother's Day! Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already. I heart Tim McGraw... He puts on a great show! I have lots of great giveaways going on. Thanks :)  "like my uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain, I need you..."  Just stopping by to spread a little comment love!

Wow! You were homeless and without transportation! Oooh, I'm jealous!  Oh sweetie, now that is overcoming something big! I just wanna give you a big hug after hearing that. I don't know why..I am just a hugger! Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for linking up!  Great that you could over come such a huge obsticle as homelessness. How awesome!! Some people let things like that drag them down.. so happy to see you on the other side.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and have fun at the concert! Have a great time.  xxx
Your Fabulous Follower

First time doing comment-love letters, and first time joining in on Tuesday Tag-along. (reminds me of cookies, yumm!)
Tuesday Tag-Along


  1. That's a great letter. You have some awesome comment love!!
    Thanks for linking up and supporting MONKEY!!
    Have a great day.

  2. I love that Kerri is donating a dollar for every link up! Loved your love comment love letter.

  3. Great Letter! Cute blog! I'm from Tag-along-tuesdays!

    You can follow my cake adventures @

  4. Following You on Tuesday Tag-Along.
    Consider Following Me back.

  5. Great letter! You had some great material to work with, too!

  6. Hello. I found your blog via Tuesday Tag-Along and decided to follow. I hope you will come check out my blog and maybe become a follower Check out my giveaways while your there if you get a chance. Have a Terrific Tuesday.


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