Mission Monkey Minute: What's my Age, Again?

Today's Monday Minute has been renamed to support Michelle Pixie's daughter: Monkey. Read my answers, then head on over to show your support to Monkey's mom, and make sure to link up at The Daily Dose of Reality.

1 - How old do you act?  Sometimes, I'm silly like a teen, sometimes I throw temper tantrums: like a 2 year old, and I'm often forgetful like an octogenarian. ♪What's my age again, what's my age again?♪ (Blink 182)

2 - As far back as you can remember, what did you want to be when you grew up? I always wanted to be a singer, (hence the music obsession.) And, at one point, I wanted to be a singing, acting, psychiatrist pilot, (a Julie Andrews meets Dr. Bellows on I dream of Jeannie.)

3 - If you were to write a book based on your life, what would the title be?

Look Babe, I Finally Wrote a Book!

4 - What's something that you do that's considered "childish" by most? I randomly break out into song. I am my very own musical! ♪ The hills are alive with the sound of Griswold♪  (European Vacation) Oh! and I can't help but laugh at words like: poop,  nugget, fart, package, etc...

5 - The last question isn't a question. Write a story of a time of when you or someone you know overcame great adversity.: hmmm, well, there was this one time, no, that's not good enough, ooh ooh! no not that either.
I think everyone has moments of adversity, and at the moment it's happening, it seems like you may never overcome, but you push on, and become stronger because of it. We were homeless, and without transportation, but we did all we could to take care of the kids and let them know we love them. When we talk about it now, the kids just remember the good times. They think it was fun, just, one big adventure. And, really, looking back; it wasn't the best of times, but how bad was it, really?!

♪ Looking back at me, I see that I never really got it right♪  (Crossfade)




  1. Wow! You were homeless and without transportation! Oh sweetie, now that is overcoming something big! I just wanna give you a big hug after hearing that. I don't know why..I am just a hugger! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Great that you could over come such a huge obsticle as homelessness. Some people let things like that drag them down.. so happy to see you on the other side. xxx


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