Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt at Publix, Giveaway

Summer is here, time for days in the sun with friends and family. With the hotter temperatures, I like lighter meals, and healthier snacks. Yoplait Greek 100 Yogurt is perfect for a quick refreshing snack, and has only 100 calories!

Right now, until May 31, Yoplait Greek 100 is on sale at Publix at the great price of 10 for $10. With all the delicious flavors, such as Black Cherry, Peach, Mixed Berry, my favorite Strawberry, and many more; you are sure to find one you like.

Thanks to Yoplait and Publix, 1 reader will win 4 coupons for free Yoplait Greek 100 and a $25 Publix gift card. Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

Good luck!

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Michael Buble 'To Be Loved' Album Review

Michael Buble's latest album, 'To Be Loved' is another good one.


 The album includes 4 original songs by Michael. I'm split on these 4. I really like 2 of them, and the other 2, for me, are just so so. My favorite of the 4 is 'It's a Beautiful Day'. I really like it. It has an upbeat, splash of cool water on a bright sunny day kind of sound. This will be a song that I'll add to my 'Monday Morning' playlist.

The other songs on the album are classics which Buble has put his own touch on. He gives them all a new sound with his classically smooth voice. His sound just seems to make you feel good, and you can't help but smile while listening. Some of my favorites include, 'Young at Heart', 'Come Dance with Me' and 'You've Got a Friend in Me'. Of course, the latter one may have your kids screaming to watch a certain movie about toys, but a small sacrifice to make for a good piece of music.

I have to admit I didn't love every song on the album, but then I wouldn't call myself a fan of Michael Buble. However, the majority of the songs are really good. If you're looking for some new dinner party music, or some new relaxing by the pool tunes, then the album is worth the purchase. If you're already a fan of Buble, then I'm sure you'll love this album just as much as his previous 6. It is of consistent quality; smooth feel good songs in the classic songwriter standard.

disclosure: I received the album in order to complete this review. By posting, I'm entering a contest.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Win the Perfect Father's Day Gift

Want to win the perfect Father's Day gift? Dreamworks' Delivery Man has a new sweepstakes. Enter to win a 50" TV or 1 of 10 $250 gift cards.

Make sure to check out the sneak peek below.

Wordless Wednesday, A Dog and his Toy

We were watching TV when we looked down to find Dublin, (the dog) watching right along with us. The way he's laying it looks like Frankie, (the toy) was also enjoying the show.

Publix Running Out? Run In Event, Giveaway

So you stocked up at the beginning of the month, but are already running out of the products your family needs?  You’re in luck!
From May 15th  through May 22nd , look for the “Running Out? Run In.” event at Publix® to take advantage of great savings on some of your favorite brands from General Mills and Procter & Gamble, like Wheaties, Totino’s, Charmin and Crest.  Plus, if you buy $30 of participating* items from 5/15 through 5/31, you can mail in to receive a $10 Publix® gift card to use on your next shopping trip!  (For more details on this great rebate, please visit www.runningoutrunin.com)

Publix is my "go to" store, and I'm so glad to have one right near my house. Publix really is a one stop shop, but with my memory, I'm there way more than once. It never fails that I forget something in my main shopping trip, so it's so easy to just run in to Publix to grab what I need.

If you want to win a $25 Publix card so you can run in and get what you need, or maybe just something yummy that you want, enter to win in the form below. Good luck!

While you're waiting to see if you've won, make sure to take advantage of the opportunity to get a $10 Publix card just for buying your favorite General Mills products!

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Oh No! My Tongue is Black!

"Holy heck! what is wrong with my tongue?! It's black! Oh my gosh! What's wrong with me?!"

That was me this morning, when I woke up with a tongue that was completely BLACK! I mean blackest of night black! So, I'm thinking I brushed my teeth before I went to bed, how did this happen? Was I raiding the pantry in my sleep? (That could certainly explain the extra pounds on me.) How long have I been doing this? What else am I doing in my sleep? Oh crap...sometimes, I sleep naked! AAAAAAGH!

I ran to check the pantry, no food missing...phew, crisis avoided! But...what the hell is wrong with me?! My tongue is still black! ♪once you go black you never go back♪ (Gin Wigmore)  Oh no! It's going to be this way forever!

I did the only thing I could do in this emergency situation...

I asked the smartest person I know...GOOGLE!

Google, why did I wake up with a black tongue?

As always, Google knows all...Google had the answer.

I'm not dying...I don't need a doctor...I'm not eating in my sleep (damn! no excuses for not losing the weight!) I don't have some strange exotic disease...

the cause of my black tongue in the morning...Pepto Bismol.

Apparently, the active ingredient in Pepto Bismol can cause a black tongue, and I hadn't taken 2 chewables after dinner yesterday. So that explains it...2 little pink pills make people wake up with a black tongue.

Hmmm Who knew?! Weird.

♪Who knew♪ (Pink)

Pour Your Heart Out, Sometimes A Girl Needs to Vent

I started blogging to tell my story, share my viewpoint, and make connections. Somewhere along the line, I lost of sight of that, and what was once a great outlet for me became work. I'm trying to get back in touch with me and why I started this.

I've struggled to balance blogging, work, and school, not to mention everything else that comes along with life. The latest life challenge has been my health.

I know that so many people have problems bigger than mine, so I try not to complain about it. But, sometimes a girl needs to vent!

Here's the thing:

I'm tired of: being in pain, lacking focus, feeling week, getting dizzy, relying on energy drinks, wondering if I'm keeping him satisifed enough, and feeling 88 when I'm only 38.

I hate: really being too tired, not feeling like going out, having to ask for help, not staying awake through a movie, and feeling 88 when I'm only 38.

I no longer: wear heels, feel sexy, write as much as I'd like, read as much as I'd like, feel confident, know that I'm enough for him, feel independent, but I still feel 88 when I'm really 38.

I worry: that I won't ever feel better, that I'm a burden, that love is not all we need, that I forgot something reallly important, that things are worse than they seem, that I won't make it to 88 because I feel this way at 38.


I know: that he loves me, every day is a new day and a new opportunity, that I am so much better off than many others, that I have a lot of support, that I'm going to finally start my own business, that I can find time to blog if I try hard enough, that I'm eating healthier, and that today I may feel 88, but I'm only 38 so I have plenty of time.

♪It's a beautiful day♪ (U2)

Wordless Wednesday, On the Sunny Side

Happy Wordless Wednesday! I hope your week is feeling sunny!

organic sunflowers from my local market

♪Life can be so sweet, on the sunny side of the street♪ (Frank Sinatra)

Spice Things Up with this Subscription Service, Giveaway

I'm sure by now you've heard of some of the subscription services that send you boxes full of goodies. There's all kinds available from cooking to, fashion to pet toys. Here's one that's hot!

Spicy Subscriptions is a monthly subscription service for romance, intimacy and beauty products. As in things to spice things up in the bedroom. Because even the best of relationships need a little something to keep things interesting!

Each month you get a new collection of items. It could include flirty new cosmetics, massage oils, lingerie and more. Here's your chance to win a 50 Shades of Grey themed subscription. Just enter in the Rafflecopter form below.

If you want to learn more about this service, head to SpicySubscriptions.com or Facebook

If you don't want to wait to see if you win, take advantage of these great promotions with the following coupon codes. But, if you want to use them you'll need to hurry. They expire 48 hours after the end of this contest.

  • "10off" on all monthly subscriptions (10% off first box)
  • "get1499" for Premium 4 month subscription ($14.99 for first box)
  • "get1999" for Deluxe 4 month subscription ($19.99 for first box)
Good luck!

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Cascadian Farms Crunchy Granola Bars at Publix, Giveaway

One of the changes that I've made this year is eating more natural foods and cutting out a lot of the processed foods that we used to eat a lot of. And, I mean a lot!

Since we've made this change in our diet, both my husband and I have lost weight. I've lost 20 lbs since January!! Woohoo!!

More important is that we don't feel like we're dieting because we're not really depriving ourselves of anything. When we want something sweet we eat it. It's simple.

Thanks to the great natural products that Publix offers, its even easy to shop for stuff that tastes good but doesn't have chemicals. One of these products is the Cascadian Farms crunchy granola bars. They are sweet, and crunchy, but not so hard that they hurt your teeth like some other granola bars I've tried.  As part of this review, I tried the 2 new flavors Peanut Butter, and my favorite Oats & Honey.

I'm not a big fan of Peanut Butter granola, but these were quite good. I really really like the Oats & Honey, and so did hubby!

I especially like that its a quick snack that fits with my goal of eating more naturally. Learn more at CascadianFarms.com

If you want to try these 2 new Cascadian Farms Crunchy Granola Bars, you can enter to win in the Rafflecopter form below.

1 reader will win 2 of each flavor plus a $25 Publix giftcard.

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Iron Man 3 Opens Today, Buy Your Ticket Now, You're Gonna Want to See This!

Today is the day Iron Man 3 crashes into theaters, and let me tell you; this movie is AWESOME!

Iron Man 3 starts on a very lighthearted fun note with the song Blue by Eiffel 65 ♪I'm blue dabadee dabada♪. I couldn't help but seat dance to it with a silly little grin on my face. Within a few minutes that grin got even bigger as we saw some sexy hip shimmy from Tony Stark, played by the total hottie Robert Downey, Jr. The movie could have stopped right there and I would have been happy.

But, it didn't stop there... in fact, from there it sent me flying over a cliff in a nonstop intense free fall of awesomeness! When I say intense, I mean crazy...gripping the armrest...edge of your seat INTENSE! With the first appearance of the Super Villain The Mandarin, played by none other than the great Sir Ben Kingsley, we are thrown into this battle to save the world, and I loved every minute of it!

Along with the great thrill ride that Iron Man 3 is, I also like the continuity from the last time we saw Iron Man in Marvel's Avengers. They did a great job acknowledging the Avengers without taking away from this story line. And, as always the ego and sarcasm of Tony Stark is good for a few laughs.

This is a movie your gonna want to see in the theaters, in 3D, and if you have an IMAX theater pay the extra for it...It is definitely worth it, especially during the in air rescue scene. You'll feel like you're falling right with them.

No one can tell you how to parent, and only you can decide what's appropriate for your child, but it may not be appropriate for very young children because of the intensity of some scenes.

Overall, I'd say Marvel has outdone themselves on this one. It is the best Iron Man movie yet!

disclosure: I attended an advance screening to do this review. I received no compensation. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wordless Wednesday, Springtime Critters

I just love Springtime and all the little critters! Here's a couple that I spotted on a recent road trip. Aren't they so caayoot!

♪Come on and take a free ride♪ (Edgar Winter Group)