Grateful Scarves Are Fun Fashion!

I may have a slight addiction to accessories. It started with shoes, then bags and hats, now I've added scarves. I love scarves that are unique and colorful. I especially like scarves with skulls, so when I was asked to review this awesome colorful scarf with skeletons on it, I said "absolutely yes!".

This dancing skeletons scarf is part of a collection of scarves featuring Jerry Garcia's artwork. This year is the 50th anniversary of Grateful Dead. The Grateful Dead scarves from Grateful Girls are great way to honor this iconic American band. Each scarf is beautifully made with lively designs that represent the band. They are good for both Dead Heads and non-fans that are looking for a fashionable touch of color.

The style I chose is Skeletons. It is multi-colored with skeletons dancing with top hats. I love it! It is just so much fun to wear because people see the colors first then you get a "Oh, it has skeletons, how cool!" kind of reaction. It's just looks pretty and then it's a touch of the unexpected, a little edge. It is FABULOUS! It is lightweight, and it feels great! has many Grateful Dead scarves including, of course, the famous dancing bears. They also have Grateful Baby items, more Garcia artwork scarves, and lots more. Everything is so fun and colorful so even if you're not a Dead Head check them out, you might find the perfect item to add a touch of happiness to your day.

Disclosure: I was provided this scarf for free. No other compensation was received. All opinions and words are my own. 

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