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That One Mom

♪Uh huh uh huh stuck like glue, you and me baby, we're stuck like glue♪ (Sugarland)

♪I am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me, cuz I'm dead and bloated!♪ (STP)

♪Thank you India,...Thank you thank you thank you♪ (Alannis Morisette)

♪Let's here it for the boy, let's give the boy a hand♪ (Deniece Williams)

♪No, it's not your fault but mine♪

♪do they know it's Christmas time, at all?♪ (Band Aid)
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♪If I only had a brain♪

Monday Minute: High School Asparagus

Monday Minute

Who was your high school Sweet Heart? Bear, of course! That's why I married him!

What is your favorite vegetable to eat? Well, asparagus is always fun after I've eaten it. teehee. But my fave fave is rutabaga, but it's a pain in the ass to cut and peel so I don't have it very often. (right now In my head is this: ♪ I want to eat my vegetables♪  to the tune of Bicycle by Queen. Weird, I know!)

Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween, if yes, what do you have in mind? Of course! Halloween is a big deal in our house, and I'll have multiple costumes including a zombie for the Zombie walk at Screamfest by Spooky Empire in Orlando. ♪ The freaks come out, the freaks come out, the freaks come out at night♪  (Whodini)

Are you a reality show junkie? If so, what is your guilty pleasure? Yes!! Nothing better than seeing others that are way more screwed up than me! My true guilty pleasure is Fly Girls (The Virgin Airline flight attendants) and High Society.

It's like brain candy; nothing good for you, but oh so good!

and finally

What year did you graduate high school? 1992 Our class song? ♪ It's so hard to say goodbye♪  Boys II Men

Friday Fragments: Last Day to Vote!

It's Fraggin' Friday and follow!! 

*Last time I'm going to ask beg plead with you, to please vote. Today is the last day of this contest, and P&G is giving not 1 but 2 days of clean water for every vote. So, head on over, vote, and don't forget to confirm in your e-mail. Thanks for all your support with this great cause! ♪Thank you for letting me be myself, again♪ (Sly and the Family Stone)

*Speaking of great causes: Yesterday, I had a Snickers and was pleasantly surprised to see that they are supporting Feeding America. By entering a code from the wrapper, they will give a meal to Feeding America. Pretty cool! Living in America (James Brown)

*Today I'm moving my desk at work, to another building. It's the building I was in for 9 years, so I'm excited to go back, but...I hate packing!! ♪I'm moving out♪ (Billy Joel)

*Do you ever see someone in the store, and turn around as fast as you can to avoid having to talk to them? Like, maybe your Gramma? Cause, you know, you love her, but you just don't want to have to talk to her in the middle of the store?! No?! Yeah, me either.

*Last night, I took the girls shopping to get a few more things they needed, and of course, by the end they were arguing with each other, and then I was arguing with them, and in the end, one of them lost her phone for her attitude. The attitude that according to her she doesn't have, but clearly, with the eyes rolling, teeth sucking, tone infused words, clearly, she did have an attitude! Does she think I don't notice?! UGH!

And, you know, within 5 minutes, I was fighting my own urge to just give it back to her because I hate seeing her unhappy! I suck at this discipline crap!

*The Senior expenses for #1 have already begun: Senior T $20, Yearbook: $60, Yearbook photo: $10 then we'll have homecoming, college app fees, Prom, Grad Night Senior Pictures, Announcements....I'm gonna have to start standing on the corner for extra cash!  ♪I wanna be rich♪ (Calloway)

*Bear will be getting his new XBox game tonight, so while he'll be sitting where I can see him, he'll be nowhere around. Woohoo! I get to catch up on blog reading and comments! Yippee! Bye Hunny. I'm gonna miss you!*sniff* ♪Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you♪ (Paul Young)

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Writer's Workshop: Neighborhood Faces

It's time for Writer's Workshop with Mama Kat. But first, please vote. And, if you already did, do it again. Tomorrow is the last day for votes, so for the last 2 days of the contest Proctor and Gamble has upped the ante. They are now giving 2 days of clean water for every vote! Just think what a difference you can make with just a minute of your time. Vote

Today's prompt: Your childhood neighborhood.

Kicking and screaming, I was dragged away from the home I knew. My mother had always wanted to live in Florida, so off we went.

First, we had a house near a pond with ducks, and a Beverage Castle with Orange Sherbert, (that's where they sent me when they wanted "adult time.") It was right in the middle of retirement land, so, with no kids to play with, I spent a lot of time alone in my room. It was nice, sunny, peaceful. ♪In my room, in my room♪ (Beach Boys)

Then, things changed, Mom had a new man, and we were living in a hotel that smelled like bug spray, then near the dog track we got a 1 bedroom duplex where I slept on a bean bag. I didn't want to go outside, but with all the adults inside, it was just too crowded. In the neighborhood, under the cover of large oak trees, I fought off the older boys who thought I was fun to "play" with. I hated that place. It was dark and grimy; no place for a child. ♪Dirty Deeds done dirt cheap, dirty deeds done dirt cheap♪ (AC/DC)

When I came back from Gramma's that Summer, we had moved to a whole new town. It was great! There were kids to play with! I was outside all the time; riding my bike, swimming at a friends pool, playing football! I loved it there!

Again, we moved. This time into a brand new trailer in a not so new trailer park in Turkey Creek. And if you're thinking Turkey Creek sounds mighty country, well, it was. This is where I caught crawdads in the crick, chased snakes from under the trailer, and tried to steal strawberries with out gettin' shot by salt rocks! It was a blast! (haha blast, shot gun, get it? ok, sorry)

My friends and I would walk around the neighborhood, (the whole 2 streets of the park) singing: ♪Looking for love in all the wrong places♪ (Johnny Lee) and we made up a dance to ♪Barbara Annnnn please take my hannnd♪ (Beach Boys) We played chase between the trailers, ran scared from the bobcat in the Laundromat, built a fort in the trees, and laughed and played without a care in the world. When the streetlights came on, we went home went to bed, and got up in the morning to do it all over again.

This was our neighborhood. Nobody cared what brand of jeans you wore, or what kind of car your parents drove. Nobody made of fun of you for having the wrong hair color. Here, you weren't "trailer trash." We were all equal here. There was no need to worry about what you said or did; everyone liked you for YOU! ♪And we danced like a wave on the ocean romanced we were liars in love and we danced♪ (The Hooters)

Then, we moved. And everything changed...

♪Nobody's gonna break my stride, nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no oh no I got to keep on moving♪ (Matthew Wilder)

Mama's Losin' It

Wordless Wednesday Forever Young

My niece on her 2nd Birthday

♪ May your hands always be busy,

May your feet always be swift,

May you have a strong foundation

When the winds of changes shift.

May your heart always be joyful,

May your song always be sung,

May you stay forever young,

Forever young, forever young,

May you stay forever young.♪

Reminder: Only 3 days left to vote. Please help this great cause.

Post-it Notes: Last First Day

I haven't done Post-it Note Tuesday in awhile, but this is the last day that Supah will be hosting, so I had to join in. Supah is selling PINT to the highest bidder and the proceeds go to help little Jaden. You can read more at Supah's, but first: Read my post-its and

♪ Summer Loving, had me a blast, summer loving happened so fast♪

♪ I'm going off the rails on a crazy train♪  (Ozzy Osbourne)

♪ Hey, Teachers, leave those kids alone♪  (Pink Floyd)

Vote for Clean Water!

Monday Minute: Movies, Candy and Socks

Monday Minute

The Monday Minute has new hostesses. As you can see by the badge, it's Heather and Melissa. Everyone say "Hi, Heather and Melissa." And, if you don't like the questions for today, they're the one's to blame. ;)

 Ready to get started? Me too, but first: Please vote! It's such a good cause and it only takes a couple seconds, and we're running out of time. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Ok, now onto the Monday Minute:

*Favorite 80s flick? This is such a hard question because I am a 80's child...but...I have to go with...hmmm...Dirty Dancing! "I carried a watermelon." "You're wild." "This year we're gonna dance the Pechanga." "You said you wanted me to change the world, Daddy."  "Nobody puts baby in the corner." ♪Now, I've had the time of my life, and I've never felt like this before yes I swear it's the truth. And I owe it all to you!♪ 

*One genre of music needs to be banned. Which genre? What?! Why? why do we have to ban anything? Who said?! Fight the Power!

*All time favorite candy? chocolate chocolate chocolate! Except Raisinetts! No Raisinetts. Yuck, they're gross! Bleck!  ♪I want candy...I want candy♪ (The Strangeloves)
*How 'flawed' is your driving record? 1 accident 15 years ago, and a speeding ticket, 16 years ago. I'm doing good! :D ♪I can drive 55♪ (Sammy Hagar)
*What was high school mascot? Well, the one I claim was an Eagle, but my last 3 months of High School were spent at another school 100 miles away and their mascot was a roadrunner, a purple frickin roadrunner! Beep beep!
What color socks are you wearing? 1 black and gray, and 1 pink and black. (I don't bother with matching up my socks when I'm wearing jeans and no one will see them. Just one less thing to stress over, and one less thing to fold. Just throw 'em in the drawer and done!) 

Saturday Song: Mumford and Sons' Little Lion

Heard this song by Mumford and Sons, for the first time, today and I'm wondering how I missed it before.  I Love it with a capital frickin' L! Enjoy the song Little Lion Man and then please Vote for clean water relief. It's your chance to make a difference in someone's life.

Friday Fragments: The TGIF Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! This day can not go fast enough! I woke up this morning with a ♪ freight training running through the middle of my head♪  (Bruce Springsteen) I hate dealing with a headache! It's bad enough that my back and neck are hurting, (I have degenerative disc disease,) but add the headache, and watch out world: MAJOR BITCH ALERT!

Help! At this point, I'm begging, and it's sad, I know, but it's for such a good cause! Please vote for me so I may win a trip to Kenya to help with clean water efforts! I could never afford to do something like this on my own. And, after you vote, please, please ask your friends to vote. Not only could I win, but each vote = a day of water.

So, last week was #2's 16th. I just can't believe my little baby is 16! I'm way to young to have a 16 year old! To celebrate, We went to see Rob Zombie at Mayhem Fest in Tampa. There were other bands there, too, but let's face it: Rob Zombie was really what mattered! He put on a Spectacular show with video, and flaming robots! It was freakin' Sick! ♪ Chew it up, spit it out, Sick Bubblegum♪

School starts on Tuesday, and I haven't bought a thing! I'm sure I'm not alone, so, if you need me this weekend, I'll be down at the mall throwin' elbows and stompin' feet to get to the coolest backpacks.

Have you seen the new Fruit Loops ads? They've got kids running around singing ♪Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy♪  it's appropriate for the brand, but I can't help but giggle knowing what the song is about.
Is any one else already counting the days 'til Labor Day?! I need a long weekend! Hell, I still haven't recovered from my trip to Blogher! ♪ Look out weekend, here I come, because weekends were made for fun♪  (Debbie Deb)

Speaking of Blogher, I'll be kicking off a Giveaway for some of my swag from Blogher, this weekend, including a $30 gift card for Picaboo, so make sure to check back!

That's all my fragments for today. Peace Out! (wait does anybody say that anymore?! maybe I am old.) Ooh! Don't forget to VOTE!

Mommy's Idea

Writer's Workshop: Why You Can Never Pray Too Much

I'm joining in on Mama Kat's Writing Workshop, but before you read that: will you please vote for me to win a trip to Kenya to volunteer with clean water efforts?! I'm at a pitiful 30 votes and the leader is at 1400 something. Each vote provides water for a day, so vote everyday. Vote here
Go ahead...I'll wait... You did it?! Thank you!! It means so much to me! Now on to Writer's Workshop!

Today's prompt from Mama Kat? Things you oddly obsessed about as a child.

Odd doesn't even begin to describe my childhood obsessions!

I was raised Catholic, and at a very young age I saw The Exorcist. (poor parental decision, maybe?) Do you see where this is heading?!

So, I saw the Exorcist, and I was convinced, that I too, would be possessed. I just knew that if I didn't pray enough I would be spitting pea soup everywhere and speaking in scary voices! And I hate pea soup! So, I wasn't about to let that happen!

Every night, I tucked myself into bed, with all my stuffed animals surrounding me. Literally, they surrounded me! 360 degrees, from head to toe, with Papa Smurf in one hand, and Peepers in the other (the gerbil/mouse thing with huge eyes.) If I forgot an animal I felt guilty and had to get it, but I couldn't touch the floor because the monster under the bed would get me, so I kept a yard stick near the bed. I would grab it, and crawl to the edge of the bed and stretch out to turn on the light, (this got easier when we moved to the had a much smaller room.)

With all animals now in bed, I once again got situated with all my animals to protect me, (they were like some kind of furry stuffed force field,) and I pulled my sheets up over my ears. (somewhere, I got the idea that witches would steal my ears?! I don't know!  I can't make this shit up! To this day I still pull my covers up all the way!)

Anyway, so I'm physically protected from the darkness in the room, Not THE Darkness: ♪ touching you, touching me I believe in a thing called love♪
the pitch black evil cover of Demons and monsters darkness! Now I must protect my soul! So over and over and over I repeat my prayers. "Now I lay me down to sleep, pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take."

"WAIT! What?! No I don't want to die! Why am I praying about dieing?! Oh no! oh no! Forget I said that! don't take my soul oh my gosh oh my gosh! Change it change it!"

"Now I lay me down to sleep...Wake me with the morning light! Wake me! Did you hear that part?! WAKE ME!" (of course, God and I were old pals, and he heard every word of this internal conversation)

"Say your prayers, again, maybe it wasn't enough! Don't let the Demons in. Satan is always waiting, Now I lay me...Now I lay me..."

Of course, all this obsessing about demonic possession, never stopped me from sinning! It just made me pray harder...because... I was Catholic, remember... sin all you want, just ask for forgiveness...but, let your prayers slack and you'll lose your soul! (and have to eat Pea Soup)

♪ In the midnight hour, I can feel your power Just like a prayer, you know I'll take you there♪  (Madonna)

Mama's Losin' It

Help! The World needs Water!

I went to Blogher with the expectations of meeting some great people, getting free stuff, seeing NYC, and hopefully gaining some new readers. What I didn't expect was to walk away so inspired!

I found inspiration everywhere I looked; from bloggers that were overcoming adversity, to women making a difference in their community. The power of the human voice has never been so clear to me as it is now that I attended Blogher '10. Though we are but a small voice in the world, we have the power to make a large difference!

Now, I need your voice to help me make a difference! I have signed up to participate in the Clean Water Blogivation campaign. If my blog receives the most votes, I will win an opportunity to join Dr. Greg Allgood on a clean water expedition to Africa and a $15,000 donation to my favorite charity tackling water issues. Of course, I would like to win, but more important than me winning, is the difference you can make just by voting. For every vote you give me, Proctor & Gamble will provide someone clean water for a day!

Some years ago, I read about a straw that was invented with a built in filter that could be used to aide in providing clean water around the world. I remember telling some of my friends about this, and thinking how I wish I could help with this in some way. This straw was such a good idea, but it is too costly to manufacture and ship to make enough of an impact.

At Blogher, I stopped to talk to someone at P&G and found out that they have found a less costly way to purify water by a simple mixture into a bucket of water. This small packet of powder can make a huge difference in the efforts to provide the world with clean drinking water, and I want to help.

 Many of us focus on how bad water bottles are for our environment, and how we should use reusable containers with tap water. But, can you imagine not having either option? Can you imagine having to walk miles to get water with your baby in your arms and your other child in tow, only to get to the water source and not be able to drink of it?! Do you think you'd be able to stop yourself, let alone your child, from drinking the murky parasite infested water after the long hot walk in the sun?!

  • Every 20 seconds, a child in a developing country dies from a water related illness.
  • Almost 1 billion people lack safe drinking water
  • More than 1.4 billion children under age 5 die each year because of diarrheal diseases
While these children, young children, all around the world are dieing from lack of water, we are arguing over what container to put our water in!

It's time for a change! Please help me to make a difference. Use the power of your voice. Tell P&G that you support their efforts by voting for me, and look for specially marked coupons to use to save you money and provide someone else clean water for a day.

You can vote once per day until August 27, 2010. Remember each vote provides clean water for a day. Let your voice be heard!

♪ We're one but we're not the same, we get to carry each other, carry each other, one♪  (U2)

If this is my Bill, Where's the Rest of My Food?!

Where's the Beef?! or in this case, the duck? While in NYC, my roomies and I went out for dinner, and I ate what was quite possibly the most expensive meal of my life! Don't get me wrong, the food was great, but I'm a good food on the cheap girl, a frugalista foodie, not a "I don't care how much I pay as long as it's gourmet." and ♪ I ain't no holla back girl♪  (Gwen Stefani) 

When shopping, I avoid buyers remorse by walking around the store with my purchase for awhile, before deciding whether to pay for it or not. When out to eat, this isn't really an option. I can't very well say "let me chew on this for awhile, and I'll let you know if I'm going to swallow it or not." Well, at least, they don't like when I do that.

So, I'm rationalizing this meal to be a New York moment. I figure I'm paying for the experience of dining with great company, on good food, (although there was not much of it,) and with a one of a kind view of...Pee Wee Herman?! Yup, you read that right! For $60, I had Duck breast with summer squash and orzo pasta, a cucumber Gimlet, and the perfect view of Pee Wee! HUHHUH! (that's my Pee Wee voice)!  ♪ Golly, it's cuckoo at Pee Wee's Playhouse♪

Tuesday Tag-Along

Touring NYC with Kodak

Not only was it my first trip to BlogHer, but it was also my first time in The Big Apple. Thanks to Kodak, I got to go on a tour of the city with some other bloggers and capture the experience with my new Kodak Easy Share M580 digital camera.

The tour started with lunch at Caroline's Comedy Club which included Magnolia's cupcakes. Yum!  We boarded our double-decker buses and set off on our big city adventure. We went through Times Square, (named for the New York Times,) then it was on to Hell's Kitchen, (not so Hellish anymore,) past the Meat packing district (no meat packers in sight,) through Midtown, downtown, over to the Village, (where Carrie and the girls hang out,) and on through China Town.

The whole time I shot pic after pic on the moving bus, with my 14mp Kodak and they came out so clear. The coolest part about the camera was that when I took a picture I wanted to upload later, I just tagged it with the Easy Share button. This saved me the time of searching through pictures later and I could share to multiple sites at once, (Facebook, flickr, youtube, etc...) just by inserting my memory card. So Easy! ♪It's so easy, it's so easy, yeah yeah♪ (Buddy Holly)

Our tour guide was completely nerd-worthy with all kinds of facts, and he was fun! He led us in a BlogHer rendition of Mamma Mia, in honor of the show at the Winter Garden Theatre (which by the way used to be a horse stable.) ♪Mamma Mia, here I go again, my my how can I can I resist you♪ He pointed out cool places from movie and TV, and showed us where Mick Jagger lives (don't worry I didn't go stalk him,  because there just wasn't enough time.) The trip ended with us singing ♪If I can make it there I'll make it any where, it's up to you New York, New York♪  (can you see me with my top hat and cane dancing this one out?)

Some my favorite nerdgasmic facts:
  • Brooklyn has so many people that if it were it's own city, it would be the 4th largest in the U.S.
  • Madison Square Garden is currently in it's 4th location
  • Macy's, the world's 2nd largest store is in it's 2nd location
  • St. Paul's church, across from Ground Zero survived not only 9/11, but also survived an earlier fire, and is the oldest building still in use in Manhattan.
  • There's a whole lot of Starbucks in New York, but there's even more Dunkin Donuts!
  • Despite the number of people living there, it is actually the safest city in the U.S.
I had a great time on the Kodak Bus Tour, and I love my new camera (and not just because it's purple!) Thanks Kodak!

Disclaimer: Kodak provided the camera, lunch and the bus tour. All views an opinions expressed here are my own.

Monday Minute: Sex Songs and Surgery

Monday Minute

If you could have plastic surgery, would you? If so, what would you get done?
Yes, again, yes! I had a breast reduction last year, and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. Sure, it hurt, and yes, I have scars, but it was totally worth it. It was a jump start to my weight loss, and I feel better than ever! By the way: from the surgery alone, I lost 15 lbs! So, the next surgery I'll need is a tummy tuck,  as soon as can save up the $10,000! or get some generous doctor to do it for free like Kate Gosselin had. Any takers?

What laws have you broken? oh, sure let me tell you that, so you can have someone knocking on my door to haul me away! I don't think so. You can't fool me. ♪They're coming to take me away ha haaa they're coming to take me away♪ (Napoleon XIV)

What is your quirkiest habit? hmm, does singing random songs count as a quirky habit?

If you only had 3 songs to listen to for the rest of your life what would they be?
Wow! This is so hard! This could be different if you asked me tomorrow, but right now?:

Imagine by John Lennon ♪Imagine, no possessions...♪
You Can't Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones aka Greatest Rock-n-Roll band ever!
One Last Shot from The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Klaus Badelt (yeah, I'm a nerd :)

and finally...

How often do you have sex? as often as possible, of course! ♪Sex is natural, sex is fun, sex is best when it's one on one♪ (George Michael)

Gulf Beach Morning

Nothing better than Sunday morning at the beach. This morning I'm sitting by the Gulf and thinking how awful it would be to lose this beautiful resource.

Wherever you are today, cherish the world around you.

I see skies of blue, red roses, too...and I think to myself, what a wonderful world. (Louis Armstrong)