Music Monday, Twins of Evil

It's Halloween week and what better way to celebrate than with the Twins of Evil?!

I saw Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson over the weekend. Both men put on a great theatrical production, but Zombie definitely stole the show! This was my third timing seeing Zombie, and he always puts on an amazing show with lights, pyro, and creepy monsters all tied together with hard hitting beats. It was a blast!

And, when Zombie walked through the crowd, he was only 3 feet from my daughter and I!! AWESOME!!

Get up out of your seat and enjoy some music from the Twins of Evil. Have a great week and a happy Halloween!


Music Monday, International

Happy Music Monday! Today's theme is International, a chance to appreciate some of the great artists from around the world.

Up first, from Iceland; Of Monsters and Men

The Rolling Stones have a new song, you know I had to include them!

From my Favorite New Zealand Artist, Gin Wigmore, another good one.

Have a great and musical week!

check out 4M for more international picks

Aloha Friday, What would you do?

Happy Aloha Friday! The day where I take it easy and ask you to answer a question. Today's question; What would you do?

Imagine this:

You're standing at the door. The wind is howling all around you, and voices are yelling at you to go. You look down and see the green grass, only... it's so. far. away.  What do you do? Do you jump? or Do you turn around and take your seat for the slow plane ride back to earth?

♪You say you don't know, you won't know until you begin...might as well jump♪ (Van Halen)

Wordless Wednesday, New England

A few more photos from our trip to New England. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

♪When whoever's in New England's through with you...♪ (Reba McEntire)

Music Monday, Mellow Out

Happy Music Monday!

It was a very mellow weekend. I spent the evenings watching movies with hubby, Saturday hanging with my sister at Oktoberfest, and visiting with some great friends on Sunday.

So let's keep the mellow going with some great music to chill to.

Hope you have a peaceful mellow week!


Dark Shadows DVD Giveaway

Dark Shadows starring Johnny Depp is available on DVD, and I'm giving one away! Check out the Dark Shadows quiz and trivia fun, then enter to win the DVD in the easy entry form below.

Make sure to enter to win before 10/16. This giveaway will end fast!!

Wordless Wednesday, Fall Captive

Fall is here! Well, maybe not here in Florida, but I was in New England last week, and Fall is definitely there...and boy was I sad to have to leave it to come home!

I have to admit, all this fall beauty has me wondering why I'm not living where there are 4 seasons. Hmm... maybe in a couple years...

♪I let it fall, my heart, and as it fell you rose to claim it♪ (Adele)

Music Monday, Turn It Up!!

It's Music Monday and we are going to rock it! This week's theme? Music that you have to turn up loud!

Lynryd Skynyrd opens the song by telling you to "turn it up" so I had to include it!

This next one is Country Song by Seether

The bass line on this just screams "turn me up!" Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band of all time.....

Have a great and musical Week!! And TURN IT UP!!!!!


UNREAL Candy, now that's something to party about!

I had an UNREAL party last weekend. What made it UnReal? The great candy of course! UNREAL is a candy company that has unjunked some of our favorite candies. They want you to feel good about eating candy so they've taken out all the unnatural junk stuff, and just made it simple, you know like candy used to be.

I just love everything about this company, their mission, and of course their yummy candy. I couldn't wait to share it with friends and family.

There were plenty of treats for everyone. The favorites seem to be the candy coated peanuts, and the peanut caramel nougat, but everyone was surprised at how much like the other brand they all are.

 Thanks to UNREAL everyone took a home a bag of UNREAL treats, because what's a party without swag, right?!

Want to know more about UNREAL candy? Check out this cool video!
And, if you already like UNREAL, why not tweet them @GETUNREAL or like them on Facebook

disclosure: I was compensated for this post. All words and opinions are my own.

Disney's FrankenWeenie Review, A Heart Warming Film

Disney's FrankenWeenie opens today, and it is a delightful movie! I had the pleasure of seeing it at the advanced screening, and I found it to be truly heartwarming.

When little Victor Frankenstein's dog dies, he is so sad that all he wants is to bring him back. Inspired by his science teacher, he does just that. Of course this leaves all the other kids wanting to do the same.

This is a very sweet story that plays homage to the great old classic movies. Frankenstein enthusiasts will love the many references to the old film, and families will like the fun and laughs.

I will caution you that some scenes may be too intense for very young children, but it is not gory or violent. One parent expressed concerns to me based on the commercials that referenced a Oijia board. I kept my eyes open for this type of scene but it must have landed on the cutting room floor because it was nowhere to be found. So, if this was going to keep you away, don't let it. Only you can be the judge of what's right for your children, but a theater full of children age 6 and up really seemed to enjoy it. Disney has done a great job with this film.

I think FrankenWeenie will be an instant Halloween classic.

disclosure: I received free admittance to this film for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own.