Music Monday, The Elements

Happy Monday! I had an awesome weekend with all the pirates at Gasparilla 2013 in Tampa! Now let's get our music on! Today's theme is the 4 elements, Earth, Wind, Fire, Water.

First up, Old Crow Medicine Show with Wagon Wheel. ♪Rock me mama like the wind and rain♪

I'm sure you've heard the Jason Aldean version of Dirt Road Anthem, but I like the original better.

Flogging Molly ♪the sea is a cruel mistress♪

aah Jimi... ♪the wind cries Mary♪

I hope you dance through your week with the wind at your back!


Music Monday, Free Bird for MLK Day

Okay, it's Monday, and though I've slept most of it away, I want to make sure to get some music up in honor of Music Monday! I received a link to this video in my e-mail, and almost hit delete, but after viewing it, I'm glad I didn't.

This is V, she's a protege of Cee Lo Green. She has a beautiful voice, and while I still prefer the original of this song by Lynrd Skynrd, I just love the visual impact of this video. It reminds me of the importance of remembering our past so we may learn from our mistakes, but breaking free from it's grasp to move forward.

It's the perfect video for MLK Day. I hope you enjoy it!


Music Monday, Getting in the 80's Mood

It's Music Monday! Woohoo! This week I'm going to an 80's party, and I don't have a thing to wear! Like oh my gosh seriously?! Like totally!

Since Monday is my day off, and I've got school every other night this week, I'll have to get my shopping done today! I'm going to hit up a few thrift stores, and hopefully find just the right thing. I may need some inspiration so...I'll be listening to some music to get me in the 80's frame of mind. Here's a couple that you may hearing blaring out of my car.

Have a fabulous week!


KitchenAid Mixer, Save $100

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Make a Resolution For Happiness

Have you noticed what the big retail store displays are, now that the holidays are over? It’s all about fitness and organizing because this is the time of year for Resolutions. With most people resolving to lose weight and be more organized, stores are banking on you putting a little money into those goals. But will making those same tired old resolutions help you to have a better life? Will sticking to that diet or getting more organized make you happy? Or will you just end up miserable and starving but with all new containers and a yoga mat?

I say ditch the norm, and stop setting yourself up for failure. Look for goals that will add true happiness to your life. Here’s a few that have worked for me, with a couple new ones thrown in.

  • Talk less so you can hear more.

  • Value other’s opinions but make sure to also have your own.

  • Lay down in the grass, just because.

  • Read more and be okay with nothing else getting done while you do it.

  • Visit a toy store, even if you don’t have children.

  • Watch a reality show. Yes, it’s a dumb show, but dumb can be funny.

  • Hang pictures in your office, not just of where you’ve been, but also of where you want to go. One day it may just keep you from quitting.

  • Don’t get so caught up in saving money that you forget to splurge a little. Money is only paper until you buy something with it.

  • Wear glitter make-up, because, despite what some may say, you’re never too old to sparkle.

  • Just because you can’t wear heals anymore doesn’t mean your shoes can’t be cute.

  • If you hear music you like, dance! If someone laughs at you, then you know you’re not the only one smiling.
♪I'm feeling hellagood so I'll just keep on dancing♪ (No Doubt)

Mama’s Losin’ It

Wordless Wednesday, Best Meal of 2012

Keeping this as wordless as possible, with pictures of my best meal from 2012. I had  many good meals, but this one, this one just sticks out as the best. Nothing too fancy, just simple food in a great atmosphere, with the best company!

It was at the Lobster Shanty in Salem, MA, and it was delicious!

Black peppercorn and sesame encrusted blue cheese burger

Harvest ale

Guinness marinated beef tips sandwich with smoked gouda

I can't wait to see where 2013 takes me, and what food I'll eat there!

♪As long as I've got me a place to sleep, clothes on my back and some food to eat, I can't ask for anything more♪ (Frank Turner)

First Great Music Video of the New Year

It's only January 1st, and already Walk Off the Earth is hitting us with another great video! What a great way to start the new year!

Happy New Year to you and yours. Hope 2013 is full of music and laughter!