Music Monday, Great Memories

Happy Music Monday! I'm so glad you stopped by. This week's theme is songs that bring back a good memory. So let's go down memory lane!

This first one reminds of my daughters as little girls singing in the back seat of the car without a care in the world, and without any knowledge of the correct lyrics ♪Biscuits Biscuits♪

When I was little I spent a lot of hours watching this movie with my 2 best friends. We had to pick a part. (I was always Rizzo, they argued over who got to be Sandy.) I can't watch Grease without thinking of all the fun we had together, and the many times I made them watch it!

This one reminds me of my little sister. Because of our difference in age, (7 years) we didn't always get along, but we had our good moments. I think I once tried to get her to perform this song with me like we were an old stage act. I can't help but think of her every time I hear it.

Have musical week full of great memories!

Spotlight Dancers

$50 in Brand-name Gift Cards, only $13!

Remember the fun of buying a little candy grab bag as a kid? You never knew what you were gonna get, but you knew it was gonna be good! Well check out this deal from Eversave! I just bought one because it looks like fun and a great savings!


This is a gift card grab bag. You're guaranteed $50 in gift cards for only $13

Want a hint? Of course you do!

Gear up for spring with $50 in Brand-name gift cards. With these gift cards you might buy: Clothing, fishing polls, sunglasses, tools and auto accessories may be a few of the things you'll be able to buy with your grab bag gift cards.

Hmmm I've got some ideas on what it might be...

I can't wait to see what I get!
Eversave $50 gift card only $13

Pinterest Find, Cool and Sometimes Free Kitchen Prints

Pinterest, you've done it again!

I just found this really cool kitchen print in this really cool Etsy shop!

I don't have a Kitchen-aid, yet, but at least I can have a picture of one. And, a picture of one with this awesome song lyric on it! I know not really the same, but a girl can dream. *sigh*

♪you spin me right round bay right round♪ (Dead or Alive)

I just can't help but sing every time I see it!

Check out this print and more at Oh, Dear Molly

And, for some free printables and great ideas on how to use them in your house head over to Big D & Me. I just adore her Kitchen wall.

Behind the Scenes, Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful

One of the movies that I'm most excited about seeing this year is Oz The Great and Powerful. Thankfully, I don't have to wait too much longer because it comes out in a couple weeks. The costumes and scenery in Oz just look amazing! I was surprised to find out that this movie isn't just a bunch of CGI. They actually built most of the worlds! Wow!

Check out this video to learn more about the costumes and sets behind the scenes of Disney's Oz, The Great and Powerful.

Music Monday, President's Day

Happy Music Monday! Let's get this week going!

This first one is from the Walking Dead soundtrack. This 2 man group performed on The Talking Dead last night and sounded great! The song is Love Bug by Baby Bee.

I was sitting here thinking "hmm what song do I want for my middle song?" When I thought of course! What else?...

You can't celebrate President's Day without The Presidents of the United States of America....

Have a peachy day!

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Share Your Pet Love and Win Food for a Year

This Valentines Day, don't forget about the great love for our furry little friends. Share your story of pet love and you could win free pet food for a year, and your pet could appear in a national commercial.

Iams is sponsoring the Unconditional Love Tails Contest. From February 14- March 3, share your story and picture (500 characters or less). Iams will choose 5 dog finalists and 5 cat finalists, and they will each win a $500 and free Iams food for a year. The finalists will then be voted on, by Iams Facebook fans, to win an appearance in a national commercial.

Learn more on the Iams Facebook page

Go ahead and tell the world how much you love your pet! Just make sure to get your entry in by March 3 because 1 thing is for sure, you can't win if you don't enter!

♪love love me do, you know I love you♪

My Furry Valentine

Iams provided me with information on this contest, but no compensation was received.

Music Monday, No Love in our Love

It's Monday and that means music!

This week's theme is love songs without love in the title. This is in honor of Valentine's day. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day, but I'm a huge fan of love songs, so....

This first one's hubby's choice.

Many people have recorded this but,I just love Hank's version the best!

Classic Bryan Adams

Have a loveful week! and head over to XmasDolly for Monday Music Moves Me

Music Monday, This is F*cking Awesome!

It's the Monday after Superbowl, and if you're like me, you are TIRED! So let's get some music on to get us up and moving! It's Music Monday!!!

This one comes with a warning... It is not for your little one's ears. This is the warning that CBS wasn't able to give after the Superbowl... Someone will yell "This is F*cking AWESOME!" and I'm not gonna lie I may just yell that when I get a great win!!

Have a F'ing Awesome week!!

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Cheesy Chipotle Pretzel Burger and $25 Visa Giveaway

In this post, you can enter to win my giveaway for a Del Monte Southwestern Tomato prize pack including a $25 Visa gift card, and find out how you can enter the Del Monte Southwestern Tomato Kick-off Sweepstakes to win great prizes including a 55" Sony LED TV!

When I received the Del Monte Southwestern Diced tomatoes, the first thing I thought was I'm putting these in cheese! Then I thought I'm gonna dip pretzels in this cheese, then it hit me...I'm gonna do it one better and make a pretzel burger with this!! Yes, that's perfect!! And. Oh was it GOOD!! Yummmmmmm!

Here it is: Cheesy Chipotle Pretzel Burger

It's the simplest thing to make, but it tastes like an expensive gourmet restaurant burger!

Add 1 can of Del Monte Diced Tomatoes with Chipotle peppers to 1 small block of processed cheese cut into squares in a large microwaveable bowl.

Cover and microwave for 3 minutes and stir.
Grill your favorite burger
Put it on a pretzel bun, and top with the yummy Chipotle cheese sauce.

Cool info about Del Monte:

  • The new Del Monte Southwestern-Style Petite Cut® Diced Tomatoes are the perfect way to spice up main dishes and snacking recipes
  • Del Monte canned tomatoes, fruits and vegetables contain the same essential nutrients as fresh varieties
  • The majority of Del Monte products are picked at the peak of ripeness and canned on the same day, to ensure nutrients and flavor are locked in

Del Monte is celebrating their new Southwestern Tomatoes and Superbowl with a great sweepstakes. Read