I'm Going To The Superbowl! #UpForWhatever

On Tuesday, my husband called me at work to tell me that he had just won a sweepstakes. He was the runner up, but the original winner backed out because they couldn't travel so the prize was now his. On Friday morning, we got on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona and tomorrow... We are going to the Superbowl!

Bud Light is taking excellent care of us for the weekend. Our Bud Light #UpForWhatever prize includes Superbowl tickets, $250, airfare, 3 nights hotel, breakfast, happy hour, plenty of Bud Light and Under Armour #HouseofWhatever shirts, hats, and backpacks.

All this just for a quick sweepstakes entry!
Thanks Bud Light!

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Wordless Wednesday, A Trip to the Garden of the Gods

Last week, I went to Colorado for an interview. I didn't get the job, but I did have a nice little trip. I tried to make the most of my time there with a walk around the Garden of the Gods. Garden of the Gods is a free park in Colorado Springs, Co. You can drive your car through and there are various parking areas to get out and walk around. There are also several hiking trails with great views of Pikes Peak and the rock formations. It is a truly beautiful place. I felt so at peace in the fresh air and amazing scenery.

Music Monday, Songs That Help Me Relax When Flying.

I just got back from a quick trip to Colorado. I love to travel, so even though it was just a couple days, I tried to make the most of it by seeing some sights and eating some good food. When I fly, one thing I have to have is my music. Music helps me relax and try to forget that I'm uncomfortably squeezed into a tiny seat so I can enjoy the flight. I like a variety of music so what I'm in the mood for usually changes, but I tend to want to hear some of the same songs when I'm first taking off.

Since it's Music Monday, here's a few of the songs that help me relax when flying.

What songs do you listen to when you're travelling?

The End of a Year With Disney. #WordlessWednesday

I always wanted to have Disney passes, so in 2014, we got them. It was a great year, but our pass holding time is coming to an end this week. Depending on how things go, we will either be taking a year off, or we will be moving out of Florida, and won't need Disney passes. I have very mixed feelings right now. We are facing some unknown, but what I do know is things will happen as they should, and whether it was our last year with Disney or the first, it was incredible!

Music Monday, Songs from Artists with Animal Names

Happy MLK Day and happy Music Monday! This week's theme is bands with an animal in their name. This theme is perfect since I will be spending my Monday at Disney's Animal Kingdom. I'm looking forward to watching the monkey with a hot tea in my hand, and then heading over to the safari ride for some more animal watching. It is sure to be a fun day!

So, let's get some music going in here and get our week started off right!

First up, we have Arctic Monkeys with Do I Wanna Know?

Erin Condren Review and Giveaway. Enter To Win! #ErinCondren #Giveaway

Disclaimer: This review is formed of personal opinions and is in no way endorsed by Erin Condren. Erin Condren is NOT responsible for the giveaway in any way. This is a random act of kindness on behalf of Lauren Stauffer & The Stauffer Home. Co-Host Super Frugal Stephanie is not responsible for the giveaway item.
#erincondren #lifeplanner #thestaufferhome
 I was not familiar with Erin Condren until I was asked to help support this giveaway so I can't provide a review of the products. However, I can tell you that these are some of the coolest most vibrant designs I've seen for planners. I really like this "I Wanna See You Be Brave" planner because I adore the song and the font on this is so pretty. I was just telling my husband how motivating that song is, so seeing it on my planner everyday would be sure to inspire! If you win the giveaway you don't have to pick this one, it's just the one I would go with. (If you have a planner already you can still enter,  you can choose an address book or wedding planner!) Oh, and there are over $150 worth of other prizes to win!

How To Make a Potpourri Heart. #Valentine #crafts

Potpourri adds such a sweet smelling, decorative touch to a home. It’s even better when you can use potpourri to make a decorative heart to express your love for someone on Valentine’s Day or any other time of the year. Here’s how to make a quick and easy potpourri heart.

Best Value For Food at Disney's Magic Kingdom

In the last year, as a Disney passholder, I've gotten to know the many dining options at the Disney World Resort and I've definitely got my favorites. To save money, we usually bring our own food and reusable filtered water bottles, but there are certain foods that are worth working in to our budget.

Music Monday Inspired By George Clooney and the Golden Globes

I know Valentine's Day is still a month away, but I was touched by George Clooney's display of affection in his Golden Globes acceptance speech. If you missed it, he said "It's a humbling thing, when you find somebody to love, especially when you've been waiting all your life." The former bachelor is truly hooked; proof once again that Love is the most powerful force on earth.

In honor of this powerful force, and this truly awesome quote from George Clooney,

Facing Change in the New Year.

New years make us think about the past as we look hopefully to the future. As I've moved into this new year, I found myself with mixed emotions as I face the very real possibility that this could be the year that I become an empty nester. On one hand, I'm excited for the possibilities that are unfolding for my daughters, not to mention the alone time with my husband, but in many ways I want to hold onto my little girls.

Music Monday, Songs I Can't Get Enough of Right Now

It's the first Music Monday of the new year. I'm excited to see what 2015 brings for music, but for now I'm still hanging on to some songs from last year that I can't get enough of.

Here's a few newer ones that I can listen to over and over again.

The first song is Take Me To Church by Hozier. Hearing this song made me checkout more songs by Hozier, and create a radio channel based around his sound!

This one is Buzzin' off Blake Shelton's album, Bringing Back the Sunshine

Okay, so I've posted this before, and I know it's all over the place, but I seriously can't get enough! ♪Don't believe me just watch♪

Have a fabulous week!

How Much Do You Know About Vegetables? #MeetVeggies

Disclosure: My transportation was paid, so I may attend this event. I was not compensated in any other way and I am under no obligation to write about the event or the company. All opinions expressed are my own.

Have you ever actually thought about where our vegetables come from? Obviously, I know they come from a farm, but beyond picking out the best looking one in the produce section, I don't really give it much thought at all. So, when Monsanto invited me to come to the field in Felda, Florida to learn where vegetables come from, I thought it would be a cool experience, but I had no idea just how much I would learn!

Before You Start Shopping For Valentine's Day, Show Your Self Some Love With Red Hot Accessories!

Now that Christmas and New Year's celebrations are behind us, it's time to start thinking about the next holiday. I know, another holiday already?! It's okay, this one is easy, but you still want to be ready for it.

Valentine's Day is coming soon. Soon, you'll be thinking about gifts for your loved ones, but right now it's time to think of yourself. I'm sure you have some Christmas money to spend so why not get yourself something to wear in February, the month of love. Maybe something in a nice shade of red to brighten your day?! After all, self love is the most important love of all.

Here's some fun items I found to help get you in the spirit of love that won't break the budget.

#HappyNewYear2015 #Giveaway for Carole P. Roman $100 Paypal Cash & Books!

It's a new year and with it comes an awesome new giveaway! This New Year giveaway has an awesome prize. $100 Paypal can help you get your year started off right, and it comes with some great books too! Read more to find out how to enter to win. 

Happy New Year #Giveaway, Enter to Win $100 Amazon and Books From Michael Phillip Cash #NewYear2015

The new year is here, and I'm excited to announce a new giveaway. What better way to start off the new year than with some free money, especially if making more money is on your list of resolutions for 2015. Read more to find out how you can enter to win $100 and free books!

2015 is Here, Let's Make the Joy Last Through the Year!

Happy New Year, 2015! I hope the new year brings you health, happiness, prosperity, and of course, lots of good music!

Make this your year!