Wordless Wednesday, New Dishes and a New Recipe

I finally got new dishes! After looking at the expensive brands for awhile, I was happy to find this awesome set at Pier1. They were half the price of the other brand and twice as colorful!

Music Monday, Everything Is Awesome!

It's Music Monday and if you're like me you were up late watching the Oscars so you need some music to get you going. This one may not have won the award for best original song, but it will certainly pump you up and stick with you!

Have an awesome week!

Nominate a Noble Woman, Win a Trip To Ireland For You and $10K For Her #SheIsNoble

Want to win a trip to Ireland and help a noble woman win $10,000? Nominate a woman that is doing great things.

What does it mean to be a noble woman? It’s living fearlessly and loving recklessly and doing things to make a positive change. Who is that woman in your world? In your neighborhood or school?  We all know at least one woman that we look at and admire for the difference they are making in the world and the passionate lives they lead. Let's celebrate these women for the unsung heroes they are.

Happy Birthday To My Aquaman, My Husband.

Today I'm wishing my husband a very happy 42nd birthday! 24 years ago we met on the day before his birthday, and he's been my best friend ever since. He is a great gift in my life. I am very grateful for his love and friendship. He is a big kid that keeps me young and our life fun. I wouldn't want it any other way.

Happy Birthday to my Aquaman!

Original Aquaman birthday art by Stewart McKenny

Wordless Wednesday, A Cheerful Bouquet

It might be cold and dreary now, but there are bright days with flower blooms in our future.

♪There is still a light that shines on me. Shine on til tomorrow Let it be♪

Enter To Win Free Nonni's Biscotti in this #Giveaway!- EXPIRED

Valentine's Day may be over, but it's always a good time to tell someone you love them. Too often we get busy in our lives and forget to take a moment to spend with the people we love most and tell them how important they are. A great way to share a moment with someone you love is over coffee and Nonni's Biscotti. If you haven't tried Nonni's Biscotti, this giveaway may be your chance.

Every Mother Deserves a Chance At a Healthy Pregnancy. #Commit2Deliver

I was 17. I had just found out I was pregnant and I was scared about how my parents would react. I called my stepmother for advice in how to break the news to my father. As I sat on the edge of the waterbed, my mother ran into my room, ripped the cordless phone out of my hand and began hitting me with it, while screaming that she would make me have an abortion. I pulled my knees to my chest to protect my stomach. With no sign of an end to her rage, I kicked her off me and ran out of the house.

Over the next couple days, my mother's anger continued, though there were no more physical fights, she continued the yelling attacks and emotional abuse. I was presented with an ultimatum of having an abortion or never seeing my, then boyfriend, now husband, again. Neither of these were even options I would consider. I loved my husband, and I looked forward to raising our baby together. I couldn't continue to live in this environment. It wasn't good for my or my baby's health, so I had to make a change.

Almost Wordless Wednesday, Bud Light Sent Us to the Superbowl! #UpForWhatever

It seems so long ago now, but it was only just over a week ago that I was in Phoenix for the Superbowl. I never thought I'd get to see my team play and win the Superbowl with me right there in the stands! But, it happened, and it was all free because hubby won a text to win sweepstakes from Bud Light. It all happened so fast, from finding out we won to getting on a plance 2 days later. We had fun at the House of Whatever, explored downtown Phoenix, and had a once in a lifetime day at the Superbowl!

Our Superbowl tickets, the face value? $1200 each!

Music Monday, All About the Grammy Awards

Well, the Grammy Awards for 2015 have now been given out. I watched a lot of it, but not all because Walking Dead was on at 9:00, and well, it's THE WALKING DEAD! I couldn't miss that! I did see a lot of the awards, and I was quite disappointed in the performances. I felt like the show kicked off with a rockin' AC/DC, but slowed to a rather dull pace after that. I'm not a fan of Arianna Grande, and I didn't care for Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett's performance. I just think much of the show felt flat to me. I'm curious what everyone else thought.

Were you surprised by any of the wins? Pharell's win surprised me and so did Beck's.

I enjoyed Miranda Lambert's performance of Little Red Wagon.