Post-it Note Tuesday- Disney at Christmas

Let me say it again Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas Eve to you all, well, that is if you celebrate it, I do, but only for the commercialism. :)

So, are you tired of Christmas songs, yet? How many versions of the same song, can you think of? (and really, what was wrong with the first couple of recordings, that made someone feel they needed to remake it?) My favorite Christmas song: (I know you're waiting on pins and needles, because my favorite song is all that's on your mind today. I can see you standing there waiting in Antici... (borrowing from my fave Rocky Horror Picture Show moment ) ...pation.) It is Winter Wonderland and it has been recorded too many times to count by such artists as: Bob Dylan, George Strait, Tony Bennett, Karen Carpenter, Perry Como, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Eurythmics, Elvis Presley, Goldfrapp, Cyndi Lauper, Darlene Love, Johnny Mathis, Ozzy Osbourne, Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Stryper, Jason Mraz, (thanks to Wikipedia for the info, love ya, wiki!) Can you imagine Ozzy singing it?! something like this ♪wakwainawindaWhadafock?! SHARON!!!! ♪

So my favorite version? My own, of course! You should hear it! Absolutely fabulous! Like Grammy award winning stuff! (is that a category? best new rendition of an old holiday song?) and if you want to pile up into my bathroom, you'll be sure to hear a late night shower performance of it later tonight.

Need a good laugh today? check out Supahmommy's posting about another overplayed Christmas song.
♪There won't be snow in Florida this Christmas time♪

Not really how it goes, but it's true, I'm not going to have any snow, well unless you count the foam at Disney's very merry Christmas? and I do not! So, be sure to cry a tear for my non-Walking in a Winter Wonderland self. Oh! and isn't the greatest gift, anywhere?! life?! I'm certainly not gonna say "Thanks for the Kindle, but, I really don't want this life anymore, take it back." I'm just saying! It's not that I don't feel for starving children in Africa, but who cares if they know it's Christmas time?! They probably wouldn't like the commercialism, anyway!

This Christmas be sure to:

Bake plenty of cookies, but be careful where you leave them, (if you don't know why, read this.)

Watch any one of the many versions of A Christmas Carol (heck watch all 13, if you want, I don't care.)

Be careful with BB guns, (you'll shoot your eye out.)

Don't overcook the turkey, and mix cat food with the jello (unless you're trying to reenact Christmas Vacation, in which case, be sure to kidnap your boss, and demand a large bonus)

By all means, please wear a padded bra with that Christmas Sweater, (a thermometer works fine, no need for visuals of how cold it is while I'm trying to eat my Christmas pudding)

And, if you want to stick your tongue to a flagpole? Go right ahead! What do I care?!

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas! I've told Santa to just skip me and give you all my gifts (so you should be nice and cozy by my coal lit fire.)

♪Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, and the very next day you gave it away. This year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special.♪

(originally by Wham, but in true to Christmas form it has been... yes! that's right... rerecorded! by Taylor Swift and Ashley Tisdale but the version I'm singing is Wham!)

Wordless (full) Wednesday- Bourbon Street

Oh, what fun we had! We laughed, we danced, we ate, and yes, we shared a few (okay, so, maybe, more than a few) adult beverages. Afterall, it is Bourbon Street!
Songs heard most while roaming the French Quarter:
♪Who dat? Who dat? Who dat think they gonna beat them Saints?♪
Best version was by a band playing at the Famous Door while we were watching the Saints/Cowboys game. The lead singer was a cute little girl with this deep raspy Janis Joplin type voice, and the big personality to match. During the final 2 minutes of the game, when it looked like they might come back, she just sang to the TV in an effort to will them towards a win. Although, we aren't Saints fans, (Love my Patriots!) We couldn't help but get into the spirit with the whole city cheering for them.
♪Oh, when the Saints go marching in
when the Saints go marching in♪
This can be heard in almost all the gift shops and from many of the bands. The best rendition was by a street performer at The Cafe du Monde. While I floated in my powder sugar, beignet high, he sang and played a mean trumpet.
We also heard some great Zydeco, and Jazz at various places, but still the best place to hear great local bands is the Crazy Corner. One band heard this time played an incredibly enthusiastic rub board and accordian which combined zydeco with some edgier rock sounds. Great combination!

Post-it Note Tuesday- Mmmm New Orleans

I have a lot of random thoughts in my head right now, so I thought I'd share a few, and when better to do so then post-it note Tuesday! Want to see more people's post-it note thoughts? Check out Supah Mommy

Not This year, Santa!

Every year, our house gets a visit from the man in the Red suit. You know the one, the guy from up north?! No, not Canada! Further North! The crazy guy that laughs a lot and plays with elves, and drives a shiny new sled. Come to think of it; he must be on a lease plan, because it always looks brand new, although you'd think by now he would have upgraded to a motorized model, and given those poor deer a break! Does PETA know about this?!
So every year, he comes to our house, eats my cookies, (which he just assumes to be for him just because their laying out. Who does that?! Who goes to some one's house and just eats whatever they have laying around?!) takes the carrots, and leaves behind presents, that are always way better than the presents we got for the kids! Just once, I'd like to get the big, happy, screaming of "Thank you, thank you thank you, oh my gosh, it's what I always wanted!" for the gifts I bought and wrapped. Even, when I think I've done so good, he always outdoes me!
And what about this List he supposedly has?! The Naughty or Nice list the one he checks twice? Where is this Naughty list?! My kids have done some pretty naughty things over the years, but he still shows up! Without Fail, I'm awakened way, too, before the butt crack of dawn, early, to cries of "Santa came, he came, & look what he got me!"
I think "great! and I'm sure it's fabulous!" and pretend to be excited over every little thing. But the truth? I'm jealous!
I admit it! I'm jealous of that man! He's so damn jolly all the time! Well, why shouldn't he be?! He lives in a palace! Has elves to do all the work for him! He goes around eating everyone else's food! And even with his celebrity status, manages to avoid the paparazzi, and just live his perfect life of luxury! And every one thinks he's sooooo perfect!
Shouldn't he be arrested for breaking and entering? Didn't he run over some Gramma a few years back?! That has to be a crime! How does he afford all those toys?! Is he embezzling?! What's all that white stuff around his house?! Uh huh, a little snow up the nose for energy?! Uh huh. I bet he's a sham! Alert the National Enquirer! They love stories of celebrities done wrong. They'll figure it out.
I've had enough! This year, I won't be outdone! This year, I'm taking the kids to Disney World! Even jolly Old St. Nicklaus can't top a talking mouse with flying elephants, and toys that come to life! Nope, you're not outdoing me this year, big guy! This year's mine!
♪I've warned all my friends and neighbors. Better watch out for yourselves! They should never give a license to a man who drives a sleigh and plays with elves.♪

The Door- Wordless Wednesday

The Door
The cause of my pain,
it's at the door
Scratching in silence
can't hear it no more
My door is closed
it's locked up tight
it's no longer hard
to sleep at night
My anger's my pillow
shoved over my head
it comforts and soothes
the words you said
and still you stand
outside the door
knocking, knocking,
you've come back for more
More what?! More pain?!
No, thanks! I've had enough!
I scream out in rage to just go away
the knocking grows stronger, harder
impossible to ignore
I put down my pillow
I'm angry no more
The pain subsides
empty remains
complacent resides
just this side the door

♪Maybe I should find a common ground, scratch another problem off my list, go ahead and kick me when I'm down, but I'm not leaving it like this ♪
(Uncle Kracker)

Writer's Workshop Signs

It's Writer's Workshop day again at Mama's Losin' it. Today's prompt: If you were the type to believe in "signs," describe a "sign" you have received from someone.

♪Sign, sign, everywhere a sign♪
I am a definite believer in signs, karma, fate, etc. Things happen for a reason. Whether it is your ancestors that have passed, or the universe around you trying to tell you something, it is happening for a reason! so you must pay attention to signs!
Just look at The Final Destination movies. If those kids hadn't paid attention to the signs, they would have all died in one big fiery accident, instead of extending their life long enough to live their last moments stressing about death chasing them and ultimately dying alone, but in much more exciting death scenes. So, see signs are very important!
And what about that sign that said "wet floor"? You ignored that sign and look at you just lying there on your back! Not only are you hurt and embarrassed, but now...You're wet! Should have seen the sign!

This guy definitely, should have paid attention to the sign!

Now, I know, none of you ignore that big red sign that says "Sale!" But in this case, maybe you should because: I don't always have money when there is a great sale, so I come back later, when I do have money, and dang it! All the stuff is gone! You beeeeeotches bought it all! So, if you're going to pay attention to signs, can you ignore that one?! Please?!

♪Do this, don't do that, can't you read the sign?♪

(Five Man Electrical band)

Wordful Wednesday- Imagine

♪Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
and no religion, too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace♪
I was walking from the gym to work, when I stopped to take this picture with my phone. I wanted to capture the peacefulness of the morning. People everywhere were on their way to work, or school, or they were preparing for holiday shopping, or doing chores at home. Everyone, busy doing, something. And for that brief moment, I felt calm and serene, in the realization that world peace is all around us. It's not something to wish for, on a holiday list, or pray for in church on Sunday. World peace is all around us. It's there in the lakes and trees. It's in the birds and flowers, and in the sky and air around us. We just have to step out of our busy lives, and look around.
This year, instead of worrying about what to put on your list, or fretting about getting someone the perfect gift, stop and look at the world around you. don't stress over the little things. Share your moments of peace with those you love. Find a way to make a stranger smile, even if only for a moment. Share in laughter and music, and share love.
We can't solve the world's problems, but we can make our lives a little more peaceful.
♪Imagine, no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
sharing all the world♪

Writer's Workshop: Never Say Goodbye

Today is Writer's Workshop day at Mama Kat's .
The prompt: Verse by Verse, dissect a favorite song you had in 7th grade. Now, you know, I couldn't pass up a prompt that was song related!

When I think of the 7th grade, one song plays in my head. I cried to it, thinking of that cute boy. I thought of it as a theme song for my friends and I who had big dreams of getting out of a small town. And, most importantly, me and my best girlfriends danced to it in a group circle, in the cafeteria, at the last dance of the year. It was the finale of a great year that would, too soon, come to an end.

Never Say Goodbye
by Bon Jovi
♪As I sit in this smokey room
the night about to end
I pass my time with strangers
but the bottle's my only friend♪
Wow! What an amazing visual! But probably not appropriate for 7th grade, but that's ok, we were probably busy talking and giggling through this part of the song, then someone realized it was on, and we'd get excited "Oh my gosh! It's our song!" Then lots of screaming, and swooning.
♪Remember when we used to park
on Butler Street out in the dark
Remember when we lost the keys
and you lost more than that in my back seat♪
Okay, so, obviously, not driving in 7th grade, but, yes, I certainly knew what was happening in that car! So scary, and weird for me now, because of my own daughters. I couldn't even imagine them thinking about that in 7th grade. Thankfully, they're not like me in that aspect!
♪Remember how we used to talk
about busting out- We'd break their hearts
together forever♪
And that was my favorite part of the song! The part that said it all! We'll show them! We'll run away and be stars. My mother will regret being so mean. And all those kids that called me "Carrot Top" and "Woody Woodpecker" they'll wish they were nicer when I'm the next Molly Ringwald! (Because, she was the best actress ever! Okay, really it was just because she had red hair and was in some good movies, but "She was the best actress ever!")
♪Never say goodbye, never say goodbye
you and me and my old friends, hoping it would never end
Never say goodbye, never say goodbye
holdin' on we got to try, holdin' on to never say goodbye♪
It was at this point that we would all begin crying, and promising one another to never stop being friends. It didn't matter that we were being split up between 3 schools for 8th grade, we would still talk and spend all our weekends together. And we did, well, for a month or 2, then we slowly grew apart. We all made new friends, played sports, joined drama, had boyfriends, got married...
As I listen to this song now, it has so much pain. While it always reminds me of the 7th grade dance, and that group of friends. I now think of many other people, and plans, met and made. We all have dreams, and loves, and friendships that have slipped away over the years. Some have been replaced by better ones, and others are just irreplaceable, but they live on in the sights and songs of those moments. These memories paint the pictures of our lives.
7th grade was an end of an era, and as we danced in that big circle, holding on to each other, making promises, we really were holding onto never saying goodbye. We just didn't hold on tight enough.

The Scale and Random Thoughts

I rarely step on a scale for 2 reasons:

1. Because I think it is not always accurate to getting in shape. Muscle weighs more, you can tell when you're clothes fit better, etc... blah, blah, blah

2. I just don't like what it has to say! and it usually says the same thing! (which reminds me of Rihanna and her songs that always seem to have an echo) ♪Umbrella ella ella♪ ♪Shut up and drive ive ive♪

Today was different! The scale sang a different tune! One of happiness, & delight (not Deee-lite) ♪Groove is in the heart♪ although that is a nice, upbeat tune :)

It told me that I had finally, finally, broke through the barrier! I had made it up the wall (like "See-gar!" in Officer and a Gentleman) and I can now say: "I am under 200lbs!" (and that's with the extra thanksgiving cheesecake!)
♪Go me go me it's my birthday, it's my birthday♪ (can you see me dancing around the room?)

**We got some good news, today. One of the boys that took the Alcohol (need to catch up? read: What Do You Mean, They Robbed a Liquor Store? go ahead, I'll wait) so, one of the boys, turned himself in, and allegedly, told the officer that the girls were not involved. So, maybe, just maybe, my #1 won't be charged, and she'll get to serve a lesser term.
♪And the warden sang, come on somebody♪ (Ol' Red by Blake Shelton)

** It's December! I love the Yuletide season! Never have enough time, but, still I love it! We have taken some of the decorations down from the attic, and the rest will come down this weekend ♪Deck the halls, with bows of holly♪

**17 days until my weekend Getaway to New Orleans! Excited because I love the City, the food and the people, and this time We are seeing a Burlesque show at The House of Blues! Can't wait! ♪Goin down to New Orleans♪ (Kid Rock)

**As some of you may know, I lost my fabulous camera in October (Zombie Weekend Ruined) and now I can't decide if I want the same one (Fuji S2000HD) or if I'll get the Nikon L100, but I need to decide because obviously I'll want new pics of NOLA.

Theme song of the day: ♪Just open your eyes, and see that life is beautiful♪ (Sixx AM)