Music Monday, Modern Women in Music #MusicMonday

It's Music Monday and it's the last Music Monday of Women's History Month, so let's keep this celebration of women in music going! This week's music videos are from women that are on top of the charts right now. They each have their own style and know who they are and what kind of music they want to make.

First up is Miranda Lambert with "Little Red Wagon"

The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies Blu-ray Giveaway #TheHobbit

If you're a fan of The Hobbit Series, you're going to love this. The final edition of the trilogy, "The Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies" is now available to own, and you can enter to win it on Blu-ray in this giveaway!

Celebrating Women's History Month, Iggy Azalea Answers 73 questions. #Music

As women, we really need to be more supportive of each other. We need to stop tearing each other down and start building each other up. Our differences should be what unites us, not what turns us against each other. Whether you're a famous musician or a mom living in the suburbs your journey is all your own. We all have a story to tell of different roads we've travelled to get to this place in time. Let's start asking questions to understand that journey and celebrate each other.

Iggy Azalea's journey is very interesting to me. Her journey is one of determination and a passion for music. She wanted to pursue her music so bad that she picked up and moved to a new country to do it. And, she was only 16!

Wordless Wednesday, Sunny Flowers

It's Wordless Wednesday, and we are halfway to the weekend!

♪I'm walking on sunshine, I'm walking on sunshine, and it's starting to feel good♪

Music Monday, 5 Songs For Women's History Month

Happy Music Monday! March is Women's History Month, so in honor of how far we've come in the fight for women's equality, this Music Monday is all about women in music.

There are many great women artists with songs that are groundbreaking in so many ways so I know I'm missing some amazing ones. These are just 5 that stand out for me as songs that are perfect for Women's History Month because of the strength of their message.

Women are such common pace in the music industry now, it's hard to imagine that their was once a time where they couldn't have their own record contract.

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I love desserts! I especially love desserts with fresh fruit. These two desserts are easy, delicious and guilt free. That makes them doubley good!

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Free Disneynature Monkey Kingdom Activity Kit. #MonkeyKingdom

If you've seen any of the Disneynature movies in theaters during opening week, not only did you get to see a great movie, but you also helped to make a difference.

Disneynature's newest movie, Monkey Kingdom opens in April, and once again for every ticket purchased in opening week, Disney Nature will give to Conservation efforts to help these wonderful creatures.

Wordless Wednesday, Gone Camping

My youngest daughter and her fiance just got their first apartment. I have a whole mix of emotions, but I'll save all that for another day because this is Wordless Wednesday...well almost wordless Wednesday.

So, they got their new apartment a week earlier than planned and decided they would just "camp out" there until their bed arrives.

I went to see the new place, and this is what I saw in the bedroom.

LOL! They are actually camping!

Favorite Madonna Songs #MusicMonday

In honor of Madonna's new album, Rebel Heart, this Music Monday post is some of my favorite Madonna songs. If you haven't heard Rebel Heart, yet, you're missing out on some of the best Madonna songs ever. You can read my full album review, and hear the first single,  here.

I think what I like about Madonna is that she is both strong and soft. She's not afraid of being exactly who she is. While who she is in music has evolved over time, and I haven't always liked the direction it's gone in, I've always respected her for being fearless and not conforming to what other may want. She is a true role model to girls, not to do what she does, but to know that they can do anything they want.

Madonna's New Album Is Sexy, Bold and Loveable! #RebelHeart #O2O #music

I love Madonna, but I have to say that it has been a long time since I have been excited about her music...until now! Rebel Heart is Madonna's 13th studio album and it really captures the essence of the complex personality of Madonna.

I grew up in the 80's so Madonna was a big part of my childhood. I wore the lace gloves, and bangle bracelets, I knew I was cool. Our relationship started with her Like a Virgin, I matured through True Blue, and survived the controversy of Like a Prayer. As Madonna pushed the limits with Erotica, I discovered that it was okay, as a young woman, to embrace my own sexuality. Madonna's music was a key part of me becoming me.

As she evolved, so did I, but somewhere along the line, we evolved into completely different people. Our relationship that was once constant was now only a passing hello. Some of her singles would catch my attention over the years, but it was like a long marriage that had lost its spark.  I still had a lot of respect and love for her as an artist, but the albums just didn't connect with me. So, when I found out Rebel Heart was being released, I just didn't have much hope for it.

Disney's Cinderella Is Strong, Courageous, and Kind. #Cinderella

Disney has brought the classic Cinderella tale to life with this new beautiful production, but in this retelling the girl in the blue dress is so much more than just a servant girl who wished her way into the Prince's arms.

The retelling of this story doesn't stray too far from the classic 1959 animated tale, so don't expect any major plot twists. The original story is well represented, with all the iconic moments kept in tact. However, this movie has so much more...more character depth...more magic...more real...and it has a refreshing portrayal of Cinderella as more than just a poor abused little servant girl. This Cinderella is strong, courageous, and kind.

Anti-Inflammation Recipes To Help Restore Your Health

Cherry Chocolate Shake
As a sufferer of chronic pain and inflammation, I have realized just how important the food I eat is on my overall health. Just the other day, my rheumatologist was telling me of a dietary plan that she wants me to try that she believes will control my inflammation and help with my fatigue. It involves a lifestyle change with a natural, gluten and milk free diet with healthy superfoods. It will be quite a change for me, but I'm willing to try it. With delicious recipes like these it should be really easy!

The link between chronic disease and inflammation based on a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle has been made clear by now, as outlined in an article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Music Monday, Flogging Molly to Get Me Through the Day.

It's Monday and that means music!

Today, I'm doing my taxes, so, I really need music to keep my energy up as I add up all these receipts! I've got Flogging Molly playing on my iPod as hit those number keys. Here's a small sample of the songs getting me through today.

This is probably one of their best known songs, but they have a whole collection of awesome.

Enter to Win The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown Giveaway #FlintstonesWWE

Do you like The Flintstones? Do you like WWE? If you said "yes" to both, you're going to love this giveaway.

You can enter to win The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown! Bluray/DVD Combo.

You Can Hang With Robert Downey Jr. at the Premier of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron! #Avengers

Robert Downey Jr. is offering fans the chance to live out the best night of their life culminating at the World Premiere of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, all to support a great cause.
In this video, Robert Downey Jr. reveals that anyone can win the opportunity to be flown with a friend to Los Angeles to experience a day in the life of Tony Stark.

I'm sharing this because it is for a wonderful cause, for a great movie franchise, and because, um yeah, it's ROBERT DOWNEY JR.! Who wouldn't want to spend the day with Robert Downey Jr.?!

Carve Me Off a Piece of That Shark Fin Pie.

Last week, hubby and I went to the screening for Disney's Cinderella. I'd love to tell you about it, but I have to wait until next week. It comes out on Friday, March 13th, I'll be sure to have a review for you by then. ;)

Before the movie, we had dinner at Mitchell's Fish Market in Tampa. We had never eaten there, and with some time to waste, we decided to give it a try. It was a little pricey, but the fish was very fresh and excellently prepared. We had yummy oysters charbroiled with parmesan and garlic. A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have ordered oysters, but on a trip to New Orleans, we stumbled across an Oyster Festival, and figured why not try some. I'm so glad we did! They are delicious (when they are cooked, I'm still not eating them raw, no way no how...I will not them in a hat, I will not eat them with a cat...). These were equally delicious and the parmesan added another layer of yum!
Charbroiled Oysters

Music Monday, A Little Sugar From Maroon 5

Happy Music Monday! I'm a little late getting this post up today because of an appointment this morning with my Rheumatologist, and an exam for my Personal Finance class. The disease is under control and I got an 82% on my exam, so it's a pretty good Monday. Now, I'm ready for some music!

This one is another great song from Maroon 5 with a cool video. The band crashed weddings to surprise the couples with a performance and filmed it. Here's Sugar by Maroon 5.

Have a great week full of fabulous music!