I Get by With a Little Help From My Friends

♪I get by with a little help from my friends♪

 I can always count on friends to give me a good laugh when I need it.

The other day while in the shower at the gym, my friend tells me about her Sunday morning.

She left her phone at a friend's house, after a late night party. Because she no longer has a house phone, she got up early to go to the apartment office to use the phone. Turns out the office doesn't open til noon on Sunday, so she got in her car to go find a payphone (yes, they do still exist, but, yes, they are nearly extinct and apparently highly endangered.) She gets to the payphone...no receiver, it's completely gone! The receiver! Why would you take a receiver?! Really?! What are you going to do with just a receiver?!

She gets back into her car to drive to the next payphone, and Yes! it has a receiver! Yay! but, ok, wait, nope, it's missing the mouthpiece, Ugh! So sensing that it would make for a difficult and one sided phone call, she opts to drive to the grocery store to use their phone.

Upon arriving at Publix, Jane, feeling like a homeless person without her phone, asks with much embarassment, (only after looking around to make sure no one will hear her,) if she can use their phone. The phone is behind the customer service counter, and the cord is all knotted up, so as she is almost pulled over the counter by the resistance of the phone cord, she goes to give the number to be dialed to the clerk and realizes that she doesn't have the number of the person who has her phone! Instead she must call the only number she has memorized which happens to be the mom of the friend where she left the phone. Because of the embarrassing position she is in laying over the counter, she figures it would be best not to try to get the number and have to make a second phone call. So, she actually calls her friend's mom to ask to come over to use the phone so she can call the person who has her phone. She is using a phone to ask to use a phone!

And, it is this that hits me as so funny, that I am laughing hysterically and I forget that I am washing my face and instead, I put conditioner all over my face! Which of course makes me laugh even harder.

Same day, different friend:
My friend, Mo, tells me how her 5 year old began calling tampons: "butt plugs" (you see where this is heading?) Apparently, since they haven't had the "boys are different than girls" conversation yet, and she is a single mom, he figures when they disappear, that they must be going somewhere, so it must be up her butt. So, on a recent trip to buy more Playtex, her son, never one to speak quietly, announces to the store: "Mom, don't you have enough butt plugs, at home?!" Yup, it happened!

For a funny post about the boys and girls are different conversation, check out The Birdies and the Bees at Parenting by Dummies. She cracks me up!

♪I get by with a little help my friends♪

I Can't Take Anymore First Days of School

Quotes from the first day of school:

Morning: (Theme song Wake me up by Wham)
"It's too early to smile, it hurts my face." #1
"I don't want to smile, I want to take it this way." #2
"Hurry up and take the picture, mom!" #2 (after only picture number 3-when she was younger I could take like 20 before she complained)
"How do I look?" #2
"how's my hair?" #1
"Are you sure my hair looks ok?" #1
"Are you gonna brush your hair?" Thanks, for joining the conversation, Dad!

Off they went, to the same school but in different modes of transportation. Daughter #1 sloughed her way to the bus stop, and Daughter #2 was off with a friend to meet another friend for coffee and donuts before school. (of course leaving me worrying about her actually getting to school)

Middle of day text from Daughter #1:
"cut ankle-bled on shoe"
"Did you get a bandaid?"
"nope pulled sock up"
"not stayin after school"
"I have 2 much hw!"

At this point, I'm thinking, "really, how much homework, can she have?!" "it's only the first day," and more importantly "How did she cut her ankle, bleed all over her new white shoes, and not bother with a bandaid!"

Evening: (Theme song I'm in a hurry by Alabama)
"School Sucks!" #1
"so how's your ankle?" "can your shoe be cleaned?!" me
"what?! Oh, it's nothing just a little blister." #1 (are you kidding me?! nothing?!)
"what's for dinner?" #1
"I really don't like school!" #2
"Can we eat Taco Bell?" #2 (the Taco Bell queen)
"I have so much homework!" #1
"Pre-calc is the wrong class for me" #1 (well, duh! We said that during class selection)
"The kids in there are like, crazy weird smart" #1
"you're crazy weird smart too, Hunny."
"No I'm not! not like that!" #1
"My teacher's crazy!" #1
"I have to pick a french name" #2
"I get to disect a cat!" "and it will already be shaved!" "and we get to go to the morgue!" #1 (anatomy class, I'm not raising some future serial killer, here.)
"I need more binders, and paper, and dividers." #2
"I need a 1 1/2" binder" #1
"Of course you do, by when?"
"Tomorrow" #1&2
"Mom, you need to sign my papers!" #1
"Can I finish making dinner, first?!"
"mom, can you sign this?" #2
"yes, give it to me."
"Is dinner done, yet babe?" hubby
"I know that's what the rules say, but it's not true." #2
"Mom, I need to use the computer!" #2
"That teacher I had as a freshman, now she's nice to me, she's weird." #1
"I'm tired, I'm going to bed" #2
"I hate getting up early." #1

"OMG! finally, they're in bed!"
"I'm soooooo tired!"
"When's school out again?" (song in my head When it's Over by Sugar Ray)

Thoughts From a Funeral

I went to a funeral yesterday for the mother of a friend, that I had not had the opportunity to meet. As we were on our way in to the home, another friend commented on how she hates funerals. I quickly responded "me too, I always cry." (Well, duh! of course I always cry, it's a funeral!) It's funny, to me that every time there is a funeral, there is someone to say "I hate funerals." I have yet to hear someone say "I love funerals!" "I can't wait to go to another one!" and thankfully so, because what would that say about that person?!

This funeral had the usual: friends, family, music, prayer, verse from the bible that I can't help but think sounds weird being read instead of sung (♪there is a season..♪Turn,Turn, Turn by The Byrds)

One of the very interesting things, was that they read from "Grandma's journal." This was a journal that was purchased with questions to be answered by Grandma and shared with the little ones. It brought fabulous insight into and helped to celebrate this woman's life through her own words.

At the end of the service, the family announced that they had just found out that one of the granddaughters was pregnant. A gift of one life for another.

The family spent the day before baking recipes of their grandmother that had passed. This made for a great family experience, and some great sweets for me! Yum!

I know it's odd to be excited after a funeral, but I really walked away from this one feeling inspired. The family used this hard time to draw closer to one another, and create new memories. I love the journal idea, because too many times a life goes by without knowing anything about how they felt, or what they did, who they loved, what they dreamed of. These memories are the things that are important to pass on. (♪memories, like the corner of my mind...♪ Way We Were by Barbara Streisand)

A Grandparent's journal would make a great gift, either for a grandparent to complete, or from a grandparent to a grandchild to mark a special day, but you don't have to wait until you're a grandparent, start a memory journal now for your own child. There are many versions available, but the 2 below (1 for grandparent, 1 for mother) make it easy to answer questions, and include space to put letters, recipes, pictures, etc...

So, from a funeral of a woman I never met, comes an idea that I will never forget.

I still won't be saying "I love funerals!"


I am the world's worst budgeter. Despite being great at saving money (coupons, freebies, etc..) I can't ever seem to save money (as in: I DON'T HAVE ANY!)

With school starting next week, my kids have been pressuring me for the stuff they want to start the year off with, and I have been under pressure ( ♪nuhnahnuhnahnuhnahnuhnah, pressure♪ by Billy Joel) to figure out how to move stuff around (as in what bill can wait for me to pay it) in order to get them a few more things. I finally figured out what to do, and I checked my on-line bank statement, and WHAT?! Where's my money?! It's gone! and this time, I didn't spend it!

My pulse is racing, my chest is heavy, OMG! Who stole my money? How'd they do it?! Do I have my card? What is that check?! I don't have any outstanding checks! Someone stole my check! Can this computer load the image any faster? Come-on, this is important! I'm in Dire Straits! (the situation, not the band, although ♪I want my MTV!♪)

Finally it loads, and...it's my signature, ugh! How did I forget about a check this big?! Oh no! Hubby is not going to be happy! what do I do? how do I explain this away?! hmmm... I was held captive by little people with big guns that forced me to sing ♪Tip Toe through the Tulips♪ (wretched little song by Tiny Tim) until I finally signed over a check?! No! that won't work!

I know! It was Crazed Clowns! 10 of them jumped out of a little green car with flower headlights, and danced around me honking their rubber horns, until I was so disoriented, I forgot about the check! Yeah, that'll work! He's sure to believe that, given his intense fear of clowns. That's something clowns would do. Sure!

Wait a minute! I know this check! It's the one my oral surgeon was supposed to give back to me when they took my other payment, back when I was under the influence. (see One Little White Pill) This is not my fault! For Real this time! Woohoo!

Really?! Why is it so difficult to get my money back?! More hold music?! Ugh! "Why do they play this?!" I think as I sing along ♪top of the world, looking down on creation.♪ Okay, so I guess it's a little soothing, and The Carpenters aren't too bad, but I might just fall asleep waiting, which is probably their goal (the doctor's office, not The Carpenters, I don't think they wanted me to fall asleep.)

"Do I want to leave another voice mail?" "No, I don't want to leave another voice mail." "I just want my money back." "This is an attempt to collect a debt." (I don't know, just figured, I'd give it a try) "Okay, sure, I'll hold." ♪All I need is a miracle, All I need is you.♪ (Mike & the Mechanics)

I wonder if they'll reimburse me for my time? Maybe, I can get something for free. If I can get something for free, this will be totally worth it. Hmmm, let me think... ♪Money, it's a gas♪ (Pink Floyd)

Kill the Green Eyed Monster!

As a Red Sox fan, I have long been a fan of the Green Monster (the big green wall at Fenway Park) but the green-eyed monster that has been showing her ugly head around here the past few days, I am not a fan of her at all! Kill the green Eyed Monster!

What is it about jealousy (head singing ♪Jealous, Jealous again♪ The Black Crowes) that makes us so crazy? Or, I should say makes me so crazy? I am not a jealous person by nature, but every once and awhile…

And that was the case yesterday, suddenly, I went from ♪Life is Beautiful♪ by Sixx AM to the anger of ♪Break♪ by Limp Bizkit to the sadness of ♪Nothing Else Matters♪ by Metallica, to finally, today, the emptiness of ♪Hurt♪, the Johnny cash version.

And that’s, where I stayed all morning just drifting through my day, going through the motions, feeling as though I barely existed, wishing to talk to him, to have him ♪Wake me up inside…save me from the nothing I’ve become,♪ (by Evanescence) but not wanting to give him the satisfaction of me calling. I’ll show him, I thought. I’ll just sit here and stew and he’ll wish I would call, and he’ll say he’s sorry, and, and…

And, then he called me, and I answered with cool indifference (in my head: “take that, I’ll barely talk, and you’ll know how awful I feel, and how wrong you were”) but instead he said “I guess you’re busy, you’re not talking much.” frantically Thinking: “Well, duh! I’m upset with you! Don’t you remember?! Didn’t we have this big long discussion last night?!” more calmly saying: “not feeling well” he responds “how come?” I say “why do you think?!” in a completely uncool way!
Oh, great! Here come the waterworks! Yup, not feeling empty anymore! Feeling like a blubbering idiot! What is wrong with me?! Is that really Chicago in my head? ♪I can’t fight this feeling any longer, and yet I’m still afraid to let it show.♪ Yuck! Snap out of it! Be Cool! Play hard to get! Don’t do the crying thing! Ugh!

Of course, he is completely caught off guard by this. He thinks we have already resolved our misunderstanding, tells me I’m crazy, and I tell him, “that’s what all the guilty say” and he tells me, that I’m just being ridiculous! Doesn’t he know that calling a raving hormonal crazed lunatic, “Crazy” can not possibly help the situation?! That should be on the first page of the Men’s Handbook Guide to Women: “Do not call a crazy woman Crazy!”

At this moment, I am grateful, that this is a phone conversation, for were it not, with all the stylings of Cruella Deville (the Disney version, Glenn close was way to pretty) I would have jumped on him and rung his neck!

(♪Cruella Deville, Cruella Deville♪) It is this vision of Cruella driving like a mad woman in 101 Dalmations, that finally drives away the evil Green-Eyed Monster!

We are, then, finally able to really talk, and boy, do I hate hormones! All that for nothing!

Okay, well, it was a valid something, but, it really wasn’t anything.

For Me?! Really?! An Award?!

It seemed like ♪Just another Manic Monday♪ (by The Bangles) this morning as I got ready for work, so imagine my surprise when I got this:

I got an award! Me! Yippee!
Now I'm singing ♪Monday, Monday so good to me♪ (by The Mamas & The Papas) Of course, hubby wants to know what it means, and I explain it's a major award with images of a glowing lamp leg in my head and a box that reads in italian fra-gi-le. "It's a major award." (it may be too hot, and too early for a Christmas Story reference, but I'm throwing it out there anyway)

I received this award from the dear, sweet, Lov at Sunflowers & Lov to whom I sing ♪You've Got a Friend♪ in the stylings of James Taylor followed by ♪You've got a Friend in Me♪ from Toy Story by Randy Newman. I enjoy reading her blog, and we all await the return of Flake (I feel like Flake needs his own theme song.)

The rules of the One Lovely Blog Award are: Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and her blog link. Pass the award to another blog that you've newly discovered. Remember to contact the blogger to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

So, thanks to my New Bloggy friend Lov!

I am presenting this to Just Lisa, No Filler a great blog about Lisa and her adorable family. I always find something to make me smile.

Make sure to check them both out! They are worth singing about!

Naked & Famous

You know how sometimes you just have this feeling that you've forgotten something? and you just know it's important? Well, I had that feeling this morning as I was leaving the house. What am I forgetting? What is it? Oh! Yeah, it's my deodorant! That would be bad. As the song runs through my head ♪Oooh, that smell, can't you smell that smell♪ (That Smell by Lynryd Skynryd)

I giggle, run back in the house, grab my deodorant, from the kitchen table, because that's where I keep it, (not really, I was just too lazy to put it away when I brought it in from the store, last night) I threw it in my gym bag, and ran back out the door. I jump in the car and have to endure a little head shaking from disapproving hubby who apparently thinks I'd forget my head if not attached. "Give me a break," I say "it was new, so I forgot to put it in my bag, no big deal," and with that we were on our way.

I have a rather lazy workout, of reading my fave magazine, and chatting with my good friend, because we are too sore from yesterday's crazy workout, and it's Friday, so we deserve a break. We talk about the guy she's "not dating" just "seeing." I don't really see the difference, but if it makes her feel better. We talk about the girl you can't tell anything to, unless it's ready for Prime time, and the guy who thinks it's important to let every woman know that he works out daily, and remind them of how sexy he is, (he says he is, but not so much, not even a little, poor guy.) Then, it's off to the locker room to continue our conversation while showering and getting ready for work.

We're talking away as I grab my stuff out of my locker, and realize...I forgot my panties! Are you kidding me?! Of course my friend gets a chuckle out of this, and tells me what a great day I'm going to have. I sing "♪cause I'm free...♪" (Free Falling by Tom Petty) and think at least I'm wearing jeans and not a skirt this time, because I don't pull off the Sharon Stone thing very well, nor do I want to.

Still giggling, we get in the shower (separate ones, we're close, but not like that.) We are having a conversation about locker room etiquette, and how some people just don't have any. Now, there are different levels of undress in every locker room, and for the most part people are aware of other people around them, and are respectful. They walk from one place to another with a towel on, or get dressed in the changing area, but some women...just...don't think! Just because they're comfortable in their body, doesn't mean I want to see them bent over with all of their womanly goods hanging out while putting lotion on their legs! (especially since, I have to work with these people, and I may have to hold a serious conversation with that person, could you imagine?) With this thought, my music infested mind runs "♪Everybody wants to be naked and famous♪" on a loop in my head. (Naked & Famous by The Presidents of the United States of America)

It is at this moment that I open the shower curtain and reach for my towel.
"Oh my gosh!" I exclaim "I forgot my towel!"
"In your locker?" My friend asks.
"No! It's at home, where I hung it to dry, right next to my gym bag, so I wouldn't forget it!"
She is then laughing in complete hysterics, and I very quickly join her. First no underwear, now no towel. On the radio, not in my head, Bono sings "♪It's a beautiful day!♪"

Another Day in Paradise

This morning, I woke up, (way too dark out) early. (the norm) According to my alarm clock, I was (way too many snooze buttons) late (also the norm.) We are a one car family, (since the repo-man came a knockin, earlier this year) so this means: I get dropped off at work each day where I proceed to torture myself at the on site gym (which the company sites as a benefit, but charges me just the same for using it. Aren't benefits supposed to be something they give you?) I then hit the shower (my favorite part of day, I'd love work if I could just stay in that shower all day) and get ready for another day in paradise.

Now, I know the song Another Day in Paradise is written for us to really appreciate that we really do have paradise in comparison to some, and believe me, I'm grateful to have a job, and, for the moment, still have a roof over my head, but this morning, it's the refrain running through my head "♫ ♪ ♫Oh, think twice, it's another day for you and me in paradise.♫ ♪ ♫" As it's running through my head, I think "clearly this is a sign, I should listen, and think twice about going to my own personal cubicle paradise." Again, it repeats in my head as I hum along, and I think "that's it, this song is in my head for a reason!" "Today is the day I stop working for big corporation, and start living for myself!" "I am thinking twice, and that's enough for me!" "I quit!"

I think about: how happy I'm gonna feel to tell my boss I'm leaving, and how everyone is gonna cry, and beg me not to leave, and one of my employees will wrap herself around my leg, as I try to walk away, and I'll drag her with me, as she pleads for me to stay, because no boss will ever be as good. I'll tell her to stop acting like a child, and get off my leg, (not that holding on to some one's leg to get them to stay is not effective, because I have certainly done this, and it worked, he married me, but in this case, not at all appropriate.)

This is going to be a great day! I smile a huge Cheshire Cat grin, as a new song is now flowing through my head. That Johnny Paycheck classic that is soon to be my war cry "♫ ♪ ♫Take This Job and Shove It!♫ ♪ ♫"

So I march into my office, looking extra fabulous, (because on a day like this, one must pay extra attention to her makeup,) and I sit down to write my resignation.

I reach into my top drawer to get a pen, and...there it is... staring me in the face in Big Red Letters: "Final Notice." It's my electric bill right where I stuck it yesterday, so I would remember to pay it, because apparently if you don't pay for your electric, you don't get to keep your electric. Ugh!

Completely deflated, with the realization, that in order to continue to have a roof over my head, cute shoes on my feet, and food on my plate, I must have a paycheck. I shut my drawer, power up my computer, check my calendar, and slowly hum "♫ ♪ ♫oh, think twice, it's just another day...in paradise♫ ♪ ♫"

Fat Bottom Girls

Have you ever had a friend that is always got something going on? Is always the one with the crazy story that makes you think: there's no way that could have happened, but you know if it would happen to anyone, it would, of course happen to her? Well, I have one of those friends, and I can always count on her for entertainment, as in 3 Ring circus entertainment.

My friend, (I'll call her Mo) is a single mom, and she's very desperately looking for love. Only it's not the "L-O-V-E" kind as in the song by Nat King Cole. She needs love with a little something more. you will certainly never hear her say that you can live on love alone. Now, I ain't saying she's a Gold Digger, but... (Kanye West)

For years, I've watched Mo go on date after date, match site after match site, weeding out the "winners" from the "losers," telling their stories, and leaving a trail of poor love stricken guys in her wake. Now, Mo is not the type to sit around waiting for a guy. She has a good job, owns her own house, and takes very good care of her child. (Independent by Webbie)

She would just like a nice, but preferably rich, guy to share the bills with, and if given the choice between looks or money, she will choose money every time.

In her latest caper, the tables have been turned.

It had all the makings of a fairy tale romance. (Cue in the forest animals, and the Prince charming music) They met on the internet, there was instant chemistry, and they decided to meet up. He met her for drinks with his best friends, and everyone had a fabulous time. Then it was time to pay the tab. Now, my friend, is not completely opposed to going dutch, she would just prefer for someone else to pay, and wouldn't we all? So the bill comes, and he asks her to pay it because he doesn't have any money, and as it turns out has 2 kids and hasn't worked in months. She pays for the drinks and calls it a night.

The next day, having had a good time, he calls her, to hang out again. My friend, lets him know that she had a good time with him and his friends, but until he gets his act together and gets a job, that she can't date him, but they can be friends.

After a moment of silence he responds with "you know, when I first saw you, I thought 'wow! she's a big girl!' but I gave you a chance." He went on to say " I gave you a chance, but you're not willing to give me a chance because I don't have a job?!" "The kind of guy you're looking for doesn't want a big girl like you." (hasn't he heard Queen? doesn't he know Fat Bottom Girls make the rocket world go round?)

After picking her jaw up off the floor, she, of course, advised him to lose all of her information. (in my mind this plays out like Aretha Franklin in the Blues Brothers singing Think.)

Unfortunately, I think it's had a bigger effect on her than she will admit, because she's been eating only carrots like some kind of crazed rabbit, and is taking...spin class?! (Bicycle Race by Queen)

So, is it karma? Is this payback for the men that weren't "good" enough? Or was this just another shallow jerk in the dating pool? and one of those times when I'm glad to be married.

Today, Mo had lunch with a new guy she met, and it looks promising...he's an engineer, and he paid for lunch.

Oh, and he says no one should tell her to lose weight. Keep your fingers crossed. (I'm hearing Prince charming music, again.)

Don't you forget about me- Remembering John Hughes

With the passing of John Hughes, I can't help but remember all the great moments he gave us and how much of an impact he had on my teen life.

Watching Breakfast Club for the first time, I couldn't wait to get into high school, so I could get into trouble, get sent to detention, hang out with the jock, the geek, the burner, and the freak. I, of course, would be the prom queen.

By the time high school rolled around, a few years later, the reality was I, definitely, was not a prom queen (my red hair was not quite as coiffed as Molly's, ok, it was plain out of control,) no matter how many times I practiced, I could not do the lip gloss trick (it went everywhere but my lips,) detention wasn't on a Saturday, and the teacher never even left the room, not once, and I was there a couple times.

Pretty in Pink, the following year, brought us the duck man, dreamy Andrew Mccartney, James Spader (the perfect jerk,) and the cool record store with the wacky Annie Potts. This was my movie it was going to be the story of my life: Poor little red head girl from wrong side of tracks makes dress and gets guy (all while If You Leave by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark plays in the background.)

Reality: I can't sew, and no matter how many shirts, pants, skirts, etc...that I cut up they were never wearable, and while I eventually got the guy (love you honey!) it had nothing to do with any dress I was wearing, and sniff, sniff, I was stood up for prom.

Sixteen Candles (as I write this I am singing it in my head- Sixteen Candles by The Crests) so are you noticing a trend here? I love Molly Ringwald, and let's face it there weren't too many Redheads for me to look up to, as a teen. So, Sixteen Candles- again totally me, there was always so much going on in my home that my family, never noticed me. This movie had it all, romance, drama, laughs, plenty of laughs. Remember, the drunk foreign exchange student? "Hey, sexy girlfriend!" and the drunk girl that got her hair stuck in the door, so she cut it (her hair, not the door.)

Some Kind of Wonderful (again with the singing- not in the film just in my head. Some Kind of Wonderful by- The Drifters) What a great movie! I totally associated with the tomboy drummer chick who secretly longed for her best friend, (I married mine.) The soundtrack for this movie was so good, I listened to it over and over again. Still today, when I meet someone named Amanda, I can't help but think of this movie, and sing "Miss Amanda Jones" by March Violets.

John Hughes of course had many great and memorable films and I especially love Christmas Vacation (think Christmas Vacation by Mavis Staples) which has become a family tradition for us. (My oldest insists that she will some day put cat food in the Jello. So watch out if you eat any of her jello!) With all his greats, it is the ones from the 80's that hold a special place in my heart.

As Breakfast Club closed with Don't You Forget About Me by Simple Minds, I too will close knowing that John Hughes is one we will never forget about.

Who's Grimace? or a Mcdonald's Kid

I'm in an eighties mood today. Think: Careless Whisper by Wham.

It all started with Grimace. Grimace, as in the purple guy at Mcdonalds, not a grimace, as in ugh, although there was definitely some of that too.

For those of you that don't know, Mcdonalds has beanie babies again with their Happy meals. If you're like me, just the thought of Beanie Babies brings back terrible nightmarish thoughts of the craze of the late 90's where you had to wait in long lines just to collect each and every one of these disgustingly loveable little critters. (nightmares accompanied by Back Street Boys- Everybody)

Okay, bad thought, gone, back to my Careless Whisper moment. So, Mcdonalds has beanie babies, and the exciting part, at least for me, they have Mcdonalds characters as beanie babies. Naturally, I ordered myself a happy meal in hopes of getting one of the little purple guys. No luck, got some really ugly critter, so I asked my 16 year old daughter to go see if they have a Grimace to trade, and she says... "A what?!" I say, "Grimace," only much slower this time, because surely in my excitement...
Again she says"what?" and this time the 14 year old joins in to help her sister, because, surely, mom has lost her mind and is now speaking gibberish: "Mom, what are you talking about?!" (Twilight Zone theme song playing in my head because I have clearly entered another dimension)

"Really?" "You don't know who Grimace is?" "Grimace, the big, fuzzy purple friend of Ronald?"

They say: "you mean Barney, the purple dinosaur?" My jaw drops on the floor in disbelief (of course there it is unavoidable, the Barney "I love you, you love me..." running on a loop in my head.)

What is wrong with my children, that for all the years of coming to Mcdonald's they don't know Grimace?! What kind of mother am I? This gets me thinking about the 80's, and how important Mcdonald's was in our lives (not just my life, because hubby seems to agree, so I'm not just some McDonald's freak, well maybe, a little.)

Mcdonalds was not just a place to eat, it was like an experience, a gathering, of friends, and family. You didn't go everyday just to get something to eat, so it was a special treat.

Remember Mcdonald's birthday parties? not just tell people to come join you at Mcdonalds, but actual Mcdonald's organized birthday parties with a tour of the kitchen and everything.

I even had my own Mcdonalds restaurant with mini trays, and a drive-thru, for my Fisher Price People. I was a true Mcdonalds kid!

When I was 5, My Grandmother stood in line with me just to have the opportunity to meet Ronald, and as a surprise, Grimace, Hamburgler, and Mayor Mccheese were all there. Now that was an exciting day! (Call Me- Blondie)

I even did a school field trip to Mcdonald's in 2nd grade for the grand tour, and make your own burgers.

And the crowning moment...the introduction of Chicken Mcnuggets! The lines were out the door to get some of these golden nuggets of chicken with special dipping sauce. (What a Feelin...Flashdance-Irene Cara)

Now, all that excitement that was once there is gone, and Mcdonalds has become such common place. In a hurry, just stop at Mcdonalds.

The good thing is: My daughters now know who Grimace is, and on one of their later trips to good ol' Mickey D's, they got me not one but 2 of those fabulous purple guys! and I'm back to thinking 80's but loving the new millennium with Careless whispers still playing, but this time with more edge by Seether.