Writer's Workshop: Buttered up and Burnt

It's Writer's Workshop time. Today's prompt: It was a bad burn. Tell about the worst sunburn you ever received. How did that happen!?!

It happened on a bus, no, not IN a bus, ON a bus. I was 13. My best friend's mom was a school bus driver that took her bus home with her. So, if we weren't teasing the bull in the cow pasture, or playing cow chip tag, (you know, I threw a cow chip at you, you got hit, now you're it. Don't worry, they weren't fresh.) any way, so if we weren't playing in the cow field, we were playing in the bus. ♪Out here in the fields, I fought for my meals...teenage wasteland♪ (The Who)

On this particular day, my best friend and I decided we wanted to get a nice tan before school started. We reasoned that if we got on top of the bus, we would be closer to the sun and therefore would get a better tan. So, up we went. Once up there, we realized that the roof was too hot to lay on without towels, and we needed tanning lotion, so back down we went.

We grabbed our towels and looked everywhere for suntan lotion. At some point in our search, we came up with the most brilliant idea: Why not use butter?!

So, back to the roof we went with towels and butter in hand. We lathered up like thanksgiving turkeys ready to roast. We were gonna look so damn good! Why didn't we think of this sooner?!

Needless to say, after falling asleep with buttered skin on the roof of a bus, we...were... BURNT! So much for heading back to school all dark and sexy! We were heading back to school all FRIED and CRISPY!

♪Chicken Fried, cold beer on a Friday night, pair of jeans that fit just right, and the radio up♪ (Zac Brown Band)

Mama's Losin' It

Almost Wordless Way Back Whenesday

Way back when, they were best friends. These days they can barely be in the same room together without arguing. It breaks my heart to see the pain they cause each other. to see them tear each other down. I hope they can find the friendship again before these sisters grow too far apart.

♪This used to be my playground
this used to be my childhood dream
this used to be the place that I ran to
whenever I was in need of a friend♪

Monday Minute: What's Your Name Little Girl?

Monday Minute1. Who is your "what-if" person?(What-if person being what if I married this person or am now in a relationship with "this" person) What if I married any of those douche mongers I dated before Bear? Would I have baby douche mongers? And would that make me a baby douche monger wrangler? *shudders at the thought*  ♪Sometimes I thank God, for unanswered prayers♪ (Garth Brooks)

2. What is your nickname? You know, I always wanted a cool nickname, but nicknames don't work real well when you give 'em to yourself. No matter how hard I tried nothing would stick. "hi, my name is Amethyst, but you can call me ____________________"  ♪you don't have to call me Darling, Darling you never even call me by my name♪ (David Allen Coe)

3. If you could choose how you died, how would you like to die? I've watched that show 1000 Ways to Die, but I haven't found an option I like, yet. One woman died from masturbating with a carrot, (how'd you like to be found like that? Would your family just tell people you died while peeling a carrot?) Another died from some strange flesh eating bacteria she got from an old razor, (this now has me scared to death to shave so I may very well die from choking on my own over grown body hair.)

4. If you could have named yourself, which name would you have picked? That's the great thing about blog world, on here you can name yourself, and I did: Amethyst but in Real life, I probably would have gone with something like Jade or Zoe or Star or Moonshine. I don't know, just throwing stuff out there. ♪That's not my name that's not my name♪ (the Ting Tings)

5. Who were you named after or for what reason did your parents choose your name? My parents couldn't agree on anything, including my name, so right after my mom named me after a country singer they promptly got a ♪D-I-V-O-R-C-E♪ (Tammy Wynette)

Selling BlogHer Ticket for Profit? They Should be Stoned!

Capitalism is what our society is based on. The desire to make something out of nothing propels us towards a never ending quest for the American Dream. Everyday, banks give loans for one amount and get paid back more than what the money was worth. Retail stores buy at wholesale prices then turn around and sell at triple the price. It's all based off Supply and Demand. If I have a supply of what you want, then I can sell it for whatever amount you're willing to pay.  Simple Capitalism. ♪Be a simple kind of man and be something you'll love and understand♪ (Lynryd Skynrd)

So, why, if sales for profit happen everyday, without anyone batting an eye at it, why is it such a big deal for someone to sell a Blogher Conference pass on EBay at more than it cost?! Isn't that Capitalism at it's finest?! ♪don't hate the player, hate the game♪ (Ice T)

There is a low supply of Blogher tickets, and clearly a high demand, because people are bidding on it, (it's currently at $355, and the original price was $298.) Yet, all over Twitter and the Blogosphere, people are complaining about it. Some even used the word "disgusting" to describe the situation. "Disgusting?" Really?! Interesting, odd, weird, unusual, maybe even a little tacky; but disgusting?! The puppy poop between my toes the other night, now that was disgusting! But this, this, is just Capitalism.

♪Hey, said my name is called Disturbance
I'll shout and scream, I'll kill the king
I'll rail at all his servants
Well, what can a poor boy do
except to sing for a rock n roll band...
There's no place for a street fighting man♪
(Rolling Stones)

Writer's Workshop: Bad Mommy's Movie Crap

It's once again Writer's Workshop day with Mama Kat. Today's prompt: A movie that you probably should've previewed before letting your kids watch

Let me just say before you read this horrifying story, and judge me for the terrible mom that I must be to do this; you must know that Bear and I are probably more open than most to what our children can watch and listen to. I really don't like artist censorship, and I like many different artists, so we have a very large collection of "explicit lyrics" stickers. And, there, certainly, is no 2 second delay button on our mouths, so the girls have definitely heard their fair share of cuss words over the years. ♪cuz I'm a loser baby, so why don't you kill me♪ (Beck)

However, they were raised with the understanding that certain words are for grown-ups, and there was no shortage of soap should they desire to express themselves as a grown-up. So, don't think they're running around spewing mouth vomit like drunken sailors and truckers. I am proud to say that I have never had to pick up the remains of a premature F-bomb, and until about age 10, #1 thought "jerk" was a "bad word." At age 13, in a true coming of age tradition, they were finally authorized to use the word "crap" so long as it was done infrequently and appropriately. And, boy, can my kids use crap appropriately! I tell you they are crap experts! You should see all the crap on their floor. Oh, and the crap that comes out of their mouth!

Anyway, on to the movie situation.

So, because of our more liberal ways, (gasp! did she just say she's a liberal?! gasp) the girls have been watching select rated "R" movies since their pre-teens. The guidelines for what makes rated "R" okay? Simple: violence and blood = good,  Sexuality and nudity= bad.  (I know probably not all that logical, but it works for us, and no, my kids aren't heading for a life as serial killers because they viewed some scary movies! They do understand It's a Movie! Movies/games do not create killers!)  Sorry, off my soapbox, now.  ♪We're the renegades of funk, the renegades of funk, C'mon ♪(Rage Against the Machine)

Bear and the girls share a love of scary movies, so, much of what they watch fall into the blood violence = good category. We watched the first Underworld together, and it was great. There were werewolves and vampires, (the non-sparkling kind,) a great story with a strong female lead, and plenty of action. We couldn't wait to see Underworld 2.

As soon as it came out on DVD (about 4 years ago,) we sat down to watch it, as a family. And, as soon as it came on, we promptly pushed STOP! I mean we couldn't get to the remote fast enough! I think I was diving to cover the screen while Bear struggled to get the remote to cooperate. The opening scene was nothing but sex! A full out orgy!!

WTF?! What kind of crap is that?! I know I should've previewed it first, but nothing about the first one would lead me to think there would be anything inappropriate in the second one! No...THING!

Bad Mommy Bad Mommy! *bangs head on keyboard*

side note: A: This was prior to the fabulous IMDB parental info, which is fabulous for screening movies. And, B: I'm not a prude. I like sex and openly talk about sex with my kids, but we were just not ready for this type of visual! ♪Sex is natural sex is fun sex is best when it's one on one♪ (George Michael)

Way Back When-esday: Childhood memories

Way Back when I was a little girl, this was a magical place. Way back when this place seemed huge, like a giant castle. Once a year, my grandparents and I stood in line waiting to get inside. My excitement grew with each small step. I knew once inside, I would be where it is Christmas all the time. In the middle of July, I would be entertained by Rudolph and his friends, and get to make my wish on a penny that I would toss in the magical water. Then, for the real treat, just past the animatronics was every kid's dream: A Giant Sundae Bar! I could put all the syrup and candies I wanted on my ice cream! The chocolate and butterscotch were devine! Aaah Heaven! ♪Oh thinking about our younger years... we were young and wild and free♪ (Bryan Adams)

Kellerhaus at Lake Winnepesaukee in New Hampshire still has amazing chocolates and butterscotch, and many other candies that are handmade there since 1906. And, they still have their ice cream bar, and it's still yummy, and still topped off with a little American Flag, but... somehow...it's not quite as big as I remember way back when.

♪Yeah, nothing could change what you mean to me. Oh, there's lots that I could say♪

 Join in on way Back When-esday at Twinfatuation  (Which just makes want to sing ♪Twinfatuation tion♪ )

Or if you're feeling wordful, head over to Seven Clown Circus

Random Thoughts: Wet Dogs, Pop Tarts, and Music

Time for a brain dump. I have so much random stuff floating around in my brain, including ♪Everybody, everybody, everybody wants to be a cat♪  I don't remember the last time I watched Aristocats. It wasn't even one of the girls' favorite movies. In fact #1 thinks the cats are spoiled little brats. So, why is this the song playing on a loop in my radiohead today? I have no freakin' idea!

Since we're talking random thoughts, Let me mention that Random.org doesn't work! I mean it's great for picking random numbers and all, but it never picks mine to win, so, clearly, it doesn't work! I'm just sayin'.

We went to a party this weekend. ♪We went to a party last Saturday night uh huh, it aint no big thing♪ (Lita Ford) Sooo not THAT kind of party! It was a 6 year old's Bday, but it was the adults that decided a cupcake fight was in order, and the poor dog ended up with red frosting all over it. I say poor, like the dog wasn't happy about it! He loved licking that stuff up and had a big doggy grin on, right until it was time to clean the frosting off. Then he looked like this.

I have to tell you, I eat a Pop Tart almost everyday, but this last box that I got: Yuck! I was so disappointed to open up every little foil package and find my Tarts dark brown and crispy! someone clearly wasn't paying attention in quality control! Lucky for them, I like Kellogg's enough, that I'll continue buying, but they really need to get it together!

Have you been to Bed Bath & Beyond, lately? And by lately, I mean within the last 6 months, because that's how long it had been since I was there, before this weekend. Bear and I walked in and were blown away by the changes they've made! They have all the things I would go to a Drug Store for, and more! Their selection of travel size products was insane! and their prices were better than Walmart! Really, I'm not kidding!And, they take coupons!

I am so ridiculously excited for Blogher conference! My NYC adventure starts in just 2 weeks. During my time there, I'll be going on a tour with Kodak, and I can't wait to try out there Easy Share camera! I hope y'all like pictures, because I'll be sharing plenty! ♪Picture pages picture pages, open up your picture pages♪ (Do you remember that? with Bill Cosby? I think it was on the Great space Coaster. Do you remember the Great Space Coaster? With the Great Gnu?)

I'll also be attending an Open Sky presentation sponsored by RedBook at...Wait for it... Hearst Magazine!!! OMG! I can't even begin to tell you how awesome that is! I'm a total magazine slut! So, this is like the Pretty Woman Hot Rich John Score for me! ♪Pretty woman loves her magazines, pretty woman is the magazine queen, pretty woman, she is the slut of magazines, are you slutty just like her? mercy!♪  (music by Roy Orbison, lyrics by me :)

Thanks for letting me dump on you. As a reward for sticking with me, and tolerating my massacre of Orbison's classic. Here's a great song I discovered thanks to the Shazam application for Android. I was shopping, and it was playing. Shazam told me who it was and the name of the song. Coolest app ever for music lovers!

Sorry there's no video to this video, but the song is groovin!

Wanna read more randomness, like stuff about Angel Farts? Head over to The UnMom

Monday Minute: The Torture Scene

Monday Minute

What's your real name? What?! What kinds of questions are these?! It's Amethyst Moon, of course! What else would it be? Why do you want to know?! ♪I wanna know what you're thinking there are some things you can't hide♪ (Information Society)

Have you ever fabricated a story or anything on your blog? No! It's all true. Well, except for the name part, they may not be, but I'm not saying anything else! *nervously biting fingernails*

When in the car do you listen to the radio/CDs/iPod/etc? Yes! Phew! that was an easy one! Hit me with another question. ♪Hit me with your best shot, c'mon and hit me with your best shot♪ (Pat Benatar)

Describe the 'sexiest' item of clothing that you own? Oh sure, you want me to just tell you everything?! I'm not answering that! What is this some kind of inquisition? Who are you people?! how'd you get in here?! And, what do you want from me?! ♪I always feel like somebody's watching me, I get no privacy♪ (Rockwell)

Would you be willing to breastfeed your friend's three year old child? And, there it is! I knew these questions were heading somewhere! What the...?!What's wrong with you people?! Don't answer that! Just never mind! Let's just forget this whole thing! ♪Let's call the whole thing off♪ (Ella Fitzgerald)

Writer's Workshop: Bug and the Flame Throwing Monster

It's Writer's Workshop time with Mama Kat. Today's prompt? Write about a joke that didn't go over well.

What do you call bread shaking it's thang?

A-bun-dance!   ♪ Shake your groove thing shake your groove thing, yeah yeah♪  (Peaches and Herb)

Hahaha Get it?! Isn't that so funny?! No? You don't think so?
That's okay, no one else laughed at this attempt by #1 to make up her own joke. It's really not funny, but she thinks it is, and that's the part that cracks me up!

Ok, so, Have you ever been on the receiving end of a prank, and you just didn't think it was funny, at all?! How did you react? did you just laugh it off or did you lose it?

It was when the girls were much younger and #2 decided it would be hilarious to scare me with the little rubber bug she had. Perfectly harmless, right? Wrong!

She snuck behind me. Put it on my shoulder very lightly, and... ♪ duhduh duhduh duhduhduhduh♪  (Jaws Theme)

I jumped up screaming, jumping and shaking around practically in convulsions trying to get whatever was on me; off. I just knew I was covered in horrible woman-eating roaches! I just knew it! As I'm screaching, almost crying, doing the ants-in-your-pants-dance, that's when I realize no one is helping me! I'm scared to death under attack by strange bugs, and no ones helping! They're laughing at me! WTF?! And then I see it! The little rubber bug in #2s hand, and...

I freaking lost it! My head spun around on my shoulders. Pea soup came flying out my mouth. My eyes popped out of my head as I roared with flames flying out of my mouth, "It's not funny! What the hell were you thinking?! Stop laughing! It's not DAMN FUNNY! STOP LAUGHING!!"  Of course , they laughed harder as I stormed out of the room in a rage!

It was a childish little joke, but I don't know who acted more immature, the 8 yr old who thought she would have fun with mommy, or the grownup who threw a temper tantrum over a little freakin toy bug!

♪ I don't like spiders and snakes, and that ain't what it takes to love me, you fool, you fool♪  (Jim Stafford)
Mama's Losin' It

Pouring My heart Out: A Letter to a Teen

Dear Teen,

I know it's hard for you to imagine, but I was once very much like you.

I did not always make the best decisions. (Hell, now, I don't always make the right decisions.) Many decisions I made just to display my independence. I was strong. I could do things on my own. I didn't need any one's help with anything. I did not fit in, so, I would stand out. But, most the time, I wanted to crawl inside my shell and hide. I dreamed of a perfect world where I wasn't an ugly redhead with freckles, and chunky thighs.

I hated school. I thought the world revolved around my social life, or the lack there of. I thought I would surely die of a broken heart when that boy chose someone else over me. And, sometimes, I even wished I would die because it would make everyone realize how much they miss me.

I listened to the same song over and over again, crying my deep tears of pain that no one else could possibly know or understand. And, sometimes, I hurt myself with the sharp point of a safety pin, I scratched my skin until it bled, carving initials and symbols into my skin. I wanted to feel a physical pain that would lift me from the depths of my sorrow. One that would bring me back to the reality of life.

I created an image. An exterior toughness that very few would get to see the other side of. I lashed out at my parents, who knew nothing about life. How could they? They were so old, and things were so easy for them. They could never understand what it's like to be a teen. To not have the right clothes, to not have the right body, to not be friends with the right people. They could never know.

I smoked cigarettes to be cool. I brought vodka to school. I shoplifted eye liner, reasoning that it came from the earth, so it belonged to us all. I skipped 1st period and 5th period just, because I could. I stayed out too late, lied to my parents, didn't do my homework, dated an older man...

And, I had sex because I should. Because I thought it would make me feel good about myself, make me feel loved, make me fit in, make me forget about me. And for a brief moment it did. But that moment was gone in a flash. When the act was done, I once again felt the pain of being me. But, maybe the next time would be better. The next time would be good. It would be like the movies; so perfect and romantic. But, it wasn't and so the cycle continued.

Each Summer break I envisioned a whole new me, one that would get my homework done, and get awards. A girl that would be in the running for homecoming queen, that would be a star in the school play, that would date the perfect guy. This year, I would get involved. I would run for Student council, and win. I would do everything right, this year.

But, it never happened. No matter how badly I wished it, there was no magical alignment of the stars to set my world right. I talked myself out of trying out for anything for fear of rejection and humiliation. I couldn't bear to be told that I wasn't good enough, so I never even tried.

It was easier to not be the real me. To not be the me I wanted to be, but to just be the me everyone expected.

I just needed to get through with High School, then it would all be different, it would all be perfect. Things would go my way. I would be a star. I would return for our reunion and I would show them! They would wish they hadn't been so cruel. They would see...

I was a teen. It was hard. I remember. I do. I haven't forgotten how it felt. I wasn't perfect. I wasn't popular. And, maybe I wasn't open with you. Maybe I should have shared the things I've done wrong. I just didn't want you to know the hurt, the heartache, the feelings of isolation. I hoped by keeping these things to myself, you would know only the fun and friendship of being a teen. I wanted you to have hope for your future, for you to have a life better than me. I wanted you to know happiness and love.

I wanted only to encourage you to strive for greatness. I was wrong. Instead of encouraging you to be better. I should have encouraged you to be you. To be the real you, the one you want to be, not the one that is expected of you. Your greatness lies within you. Your greatness is you just being you.

I once was a teen. I made mistakes. I did things wrong. I have regrets. But, I will never regret you. You are my greatness.


♪You are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down♪
(Christina Aguilera)

Monday Minute: Sex, Burping, and Flying?!

Today's Monday Minute is being hosted by Jen at A Daily Scoop of Chaos, because she's totally AWESOME! and, because she won it in the Mission Monkey Raffle.

Who could resist joining in on this week's fun with questions like these?! And, even a music one! Woohoo! so, let's get to it: ♪Lets' get this party started♪ (Pink)

1. Can you burp the ABC's? What?! No! Ladies don't do that! *BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP* oops :-) I'm such a Diva

2. So lets just say you have a 9+ hour drive ahead of you would you consider wearing Depends so you didn't have to stop multiple times? 9? no definitely not...but 10? now, that's different.

3. Would you rather...run your tongue down five feet of a NYC street or press your tongue into a strangers nostril? Is the stranger cute? Do I get to pick? the stranger, not the nose!

4. If you had an envelope that contained the date you would die would you open it? I'd like to saybetter left to chance...would've missed the dance♪ (Garth Brooks) but really: ♪Give it to me, baby, uh huh uh huh♪ (The Offspring)

5. Which one song describes your sex life best?

Bonus Q: 6.Would you rather fly when you fart or pee every time you laugh? I get a choice?! no one told me I had a choice! Why'd I get stuck with this damn peeing thing?!

Blog Bash- Sing a Song about My Life

Blog Bash


Hey, everyone! Come on in! ♪ Come on in, Baby take your coat off ♪ (Oak Ridge Boys) 

Welcome to the Blog Bash! Let me tell you a little about me. I'm 35, (until August 1.) I have 2 beautiful daughters age 17 and 15, and I'm married to my best friend and soulmate, Bear. I'm from New Hampshire, but have lived most my life in Florida. I like to sing and dance, and I played the bass in school.

I figured I'd show you a little about me in pictures. But first, some questions from our host:

Brittany is hosting this little shindig, and she asked these questions:
1.) Why do you blog?Why do birds sing so gay?♪  (Frankie Lymon) Because it's a lot greener than writing on paper.
2.) What do you blog about? anything, really. my life, my kids, my friends, my opinions, you never know what you'll find here, but you can count on there being songs with each post.

3.) What do you find to be the biggest reward you get from blogging? All the cool people that I get to connect with.

4.) How long have you been blogging? just over a year on my other blog, Wicked Lovely Things, but, on this one, it will be a year on July 23rd.

5.) Let's hear the story behind your blog title! :) It's simple, really. I write about my life, music, and things that make me laugh. I like all types of music, from many eras, and songs are always popping in my head because of something someone says, (or, just because,) so, I include those songs in the things I write about my life. ♪ Sing a song about my life♪  (George Strait)

All time fave band (and, I totally LOVE Keith Richards!)
♪ you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need♪

The newest of my 10 tattoos
♪ I'm late, I'm late♪

Fave movie (Warning: if you watch with me, expect me to sing all the way through)
♪ Grease is the word, it's got move it's got feeling♪

I'm a bibliophile!
♪ With a dreamy, far-off look And her nose stuck in a book♪ (Beauty and the Beast)

All the teasing names that bothered me as a kid, are now my faves.

I am truly a redheaded step-child!

Words that inspire me:

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~Jimi Hendrix

"Nothing will work if you don't."
~ Maya Angelou

~John Lennon

Wanna know more? Check out my favorite posts.

 Hey, it's a party, so: ♪ Let's live it up♪  (Black Eyed Peas)

Blog Bash Twitter Party

Spotlight's on Me

It's Your Spotlight

Yup, that's right! I'm being featured by Brittany at Not Your Average Teen, today. Pretty cool, huh?! ♪Cuz that's the way uh huh uh huh I like it, uh huh uh huh♪ (KC and The Sunshine Band)
She asked for me to either write a post or give her an old post to use, and, since, I was too lazy to write something new, and since, no one probably read it the first time, I gave her my very first post. I'm excited to hear what you think, so head on over and read my post, oh, and the interview she did with me. In fact, I'm gonna go read it too, because my 35 year old brain thinks it's 85, and I can't remember a darn thing I said! See you over there.


Way Back When: Who's Johnny

Way back when, this song was part of the Short circuit soundtrack, and I think I saw the video one time on Friday Night Videos, (I didn't have cable, so it was videos only once a week.) This song is in no way on my favorite list of songs. It holds no deep meaning, or anything, but the damn chorus always pops in my head! Anytime I meet someone named Johnny, I have the urge to sing this song, and then it won't go away! It just sticks with me, like some kind of plague.

So since it's stuck in my head, and it's Way Back Whensday, I'll share this not so great, mildly irritating, stuck in my dang head, El Debarge song from the 80's. Maybe, it'll pop into your head too, so I won't be alone in my misery. Bwaahahahaaaaaaaaa

Dancing in the Rain and a Monday Minute

I hope you all had a happy Independence Day. I certainly did. Despite the nasty rainy weather, we had great BBQ with friends. The rain let up just long enough for us to start the parade, then the skies opened up.  So, there we are looking like swamp rats on a float, throwing beads out to people that we can't see because of the pelting rain, dancing, and laughing our asses off the whole time! At one point #2 yells "I'm dancing in the rain!" and she was dancing like a maniac!Like a maniac maniac on the floor, and she's dancing like she's never danced before.♪  (Michael Sembello)

And, I was so proud of her for just letting loose and having fun with it. Too often, I see the other #2, the IhatetheworldI'mateen #2, but thankfully, that girl was somewhere else while we danced in the rain. ♪I hope you daaaaaaaaance...I hope you dance♪ (LeeAnn Womack)

Later, she told me that she's always wanted to dance in the rain, that it's on her bucket list because I've never let her play in the rain. Well, of course, I haven't, we live in the lightning capital of the world...it's not safe and you might get sick...I'm such a mean mom! LOL!

And, now... it's the Monday Minute (you know the theme song, go ahead and sing it!)

Monday Minute

Who of all your blog friends would you like to meet and/or who have you met?
In my magic mirror, I see: Michelle and Ian and Supah and there's Mama Kat and Laura Blue and Brea and oh, there's Alicia and Brittney and...Okay, there's just way too many to name in my little Romper room. Let's just add meeting Bloggers to my Bucket List.

What kind of vehicle(s) do you drive? automatics, can't drive a manual very well, but I'll drive anything, really. ♪Why, it could be Grease Lightning! Go grease Lightning you're burning up the quarter mile♪

What kind of cell phone do you have? A G1 which is currently irritating me because the red light is staying on even though it has a full charge! WTH?!

What's the most annoying thing you wish bloggers would stop doing? not picking my name for Giveaways! I want to win something! so, pick my name, would ya?! Please?! Like something really really cool!

What's the one thing that you still have on your bucket list to do before the year is out? I have so much on my bucket list, but for this year: Going to NYC, and a blogging conference, (I'm going to BlogHer, Woohoo! so these will be checked off,) ♪It won't be long, yeah, yeah, yeah♪ (Beatles) and the big thing I need to this year: Get a Passport!

Fraggin' Friday: Puppies and Fireworks

It's Fraggin Friday! Time to get these fragments off my mind!

First, I need your help. I entered a contest to win a raise for my husband, and I need your help to win. My husband works so hard, and like most of you, he doesn't get paid enough for the work he does. Cash America is giving one winner $40000. Please go here and rate the story a 10 so we have a chance of getting him the money he deserves. Thanks! ♪I want money lots and lots of money♪ (Calloway)

We brought our new puppy home yesterday, and except for a little cold, he is doing well. After tossing all kinds of names around, (it's hard to pick the perfect name,) the name that stuck is Dawson, after the former Cubs outfielder, Andre Dawson (Bear's fave player.) So, let me introduce...Dawson

By the way, big brother, Dublin has done so well with excepting him into the home. Although, Dublin is hiding his cookies, as if the little guy might steal them.

This weekend will be a busy one, with UFC fights saturday night, and a BBQ and parade on the 4th (which thankfully, doesn't include getting into full pirate costume, because it is just too hot for a corset!)

A reminder to pet owners: Some pets get very scared around fireworks, and may attempt to run away from the noise.  Too many pets are lost on this holiday, so make sure yours is kept safe inside.

My beverage of choice this weekend: Cherry Vodka and Sprite! Light, refreshing, and sweet! ♪now wouldn't that be sweet? The Sweet Escape ♪ (Gwen Stefani)

Today is Mega Swagbucks day, so if you haven't joined Swagbucks, it's a great time to do so. I use it just for searching (like Google) and then I trade my points in on Amazon Gift Certificates. Great free program! sign up here.

Hope you all have a happy, safe, sun and fun filled 4th of July weekend! ♪I got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine♪(Natasha Bedingfield)

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Writer's Workshop You Might be Surprised

Mama Kat once again has some great prompts at Writer's Workshop (she's a smart one, that Mama Kat!) With all these great prompts, I'm now stuck having to decide.

You might be surprised to know... (or maybe not)

*I hate making decisions. Especially little ones like whether to buy this shirt or that purse, or should I just wait til I have a coupon?! Ugh! hate it!

*I was once very upset that seeing Ronald McDonald in person didn't mean the same as personally meeting in him. Seriously, there was like 1000 kids there, and I thought it would just be me and him!

*I listen to the Carpenters when I'm sad  ♪I'm on top of the world looking down on creation♪

*I have a collection of unicorns that includes socks.

*I dance around the house often attempting flying ballerina leaps especially after watching So You Think You Can Dance. (Yeah, I could totally be one of THOSE people, you know the ones that the judges laugh off stage.)

* I loved the Twilight books, but hate the movies! Really, the casting is awful!

*I watch MASH, every night before bed, and each time I dislike Hawkeye even more.

*I'm no longer a Catholic (the Nuns beat out of me...not really...but that makes me laugh)

*I'm totally irrationally afraid of roaches.

*This song is stuck in my head right now:  ♪But, I'm a creep I'm a weirdo what the hell am I doing here♪ (Radiohead)

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