Tuesdays Gone A Blog Hop

I can't believe it's Tuesday, again. I'm still wondering who stole my weekend! It was a great pirate party weekend here in Tampa with perfect weather for our Annual Gasparilla Festival.  I danced my butt of, threw a ton of beads, and even got a sunburn, in January! Where else can you get sunburned while wearing a corset in January?! Only in Tampa!

I have a really cool giveaway going on for a Wordlock. It's not a high value giveaway, but it is really cool, and it's an easy entry. Go check it out after you link up.

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Tuesdays gone with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynrd)

Wordlock Review and Giveaway

This week I will be getting to know the gym again. It's been a few months since we've spent any time together so it may be awkward at first, but I'm sure I'll work it out. (haha work it out...gym...cheesy? yeah I know) I'm reluctant to get back in the gym  because, well, because I've gotten pretty lazy, and I know it's going to be hard to get back into that morning workout routine.

I am excited, though, to be using my new Wordlock. I have been playing with this lock at home for the past week and I just love it! Instead of your usual number combination, (you know turn half past this twice around that, oops you missed the number, start over again, lock,) instead of dealing with that mess, you just choose a word you'll remember and that becomes your combination.
Wordlock has created an algorithm, (that's fancy talk for really cool formula,) that allows for 10000, 4 or 5 letter word combinations. It's really easy to set using a coin to unlock the side, and a special password to get started.
My one concern was that it would also be also be easy to unset and steal my gym clothes, (or more importantly my phone, I mean I can go naked, but I can't go without my phone, right?) So, I was worried that it would be easy to unlock and change the code, but it was very secure. Once it was set with my password, the original password to set it no longer worked, and you have to know your password to get it open.

Wordlock is great, because it is just so much easier to remember a word that means something to you than a meaningless number combination. They even make bike locks, so you can be confident in sending your child to school on a bike; knowing that you won't have to come save the day because he/she forgot their combination, (yes, I did this to my parents too many times to count.)

Word to your motherVanilla Ice

Buy it:
Head on over to Wordlock.com to buy one direct, or find a retailer near you. go ahead get a bunch of them, you can use 'em to lock the kiddos out of the cookie jar, or make them try to figure out what all 10000 words are, that should keep 'em busy for awhile.

Win it:
1 reader will win a wordlock of their own, so they can have the coolest locker in the gym.

To enter just leave a comment then you can complete the extra entries. Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm EST February 7, 2011. The winner will be chosen by random and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Open to U.S. residents 18+

Extra entries: (leave separate comment for each entry)

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I received this product in exchange for my review. This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.

Aloha Friday, Pirates are Invading

Tonight, I'll be getting my costume ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow is the Gasparilla Pirate Invasion. Gasparilla is a Tampa tradition since 1904. Last week was the Children's parade and tomorrow is the "main event." The city will be invaded by a flotilla of pirates in the morning, and then the parade of pirates in the afternoon, followed by a street festival downtown.

This is my town nananananana (Montgomery Gentry)

My Aloha Friday question of the week is:

What tradition does your city/town have?

Find more Aloha Friday questions at An Island Life, or join in with your own.

My Dog Likes Paula Deen

I love my pets! They're always there when I need some cuddling, or when I'm in need of a big wet kiss. They make our house a home. They are family...but,

Sometimes they drive me nuts!

Marilyn, the cat: so sweet loves to cuddle only after I've showered, likes to clean her teeth on my flowers and will not stop laying on my clothes. she either opens the laundry room door and lays on the clean laundry, (I know, wouldn't be an issue if I put the clothes away, yes dear,) or she gets in the closet and rubs on the clothes hanging up. Either way, I end up putting on clothes with a fur lining. Seriously, I think I need to buy stock in lint rollers!

Dublin, the dog: Dublin is such a sweet boy. I think he is the best doggie ever. He is so happy, that he can't sit properly because his tail is set on hyper-wag. The things he put up with when the girls were younger: picking him up, (he's not small, ) painting his toe nails, folding his ears back, no matter what he just grins. But, his anxiety! For some reason, he is scared crazy when there is a storm or fireworks. Why? I have no idea. But when his anxiety kicks in forget it, he's like a mad man pacing the floor with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth; he looks insane!

And then there's Dawson! The 80 pound puppy, the terror. Dawson is super affectionate, thinks he's a lap dog, and thinks everything is a toy made just for him; including Marilyn!  He loves to play chew mulch from the garden, he chewed a hole in the wall, and of course he chewed up quite a few pairs of shoes. That's all normal puppy stuff. Eating a loaf of bread and a bunch of bananas? Yup, just puppy stuff.

But, yesterday...yesterday, he ate my cookbooks! He somehow took all the cook books out of the bookends on the counter and tore them to pieces! Everyone of them gone! Both Paula Deen books, (my favorites,) the Budweiser book, the cookie book, the cheese book, all gone. What wasn't eaten was shredded to pieces! hmmm, maybe I need to change his diet...apparently he needs more fiber...and Paula Deen recipes.

Our house is a very very very fine house with two cats in the yard, life used to be so hard, now everything is easy cause of you (Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young) 

This post was written for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt: If you could change anything about your pet, what would it be?

Wordless Wednesday: Serenity

This is one of my favorite pics from our recent trip to St. Augustine. 

Courtyard at Lightner Museum

I'm the one in your soul
Reflecting in the light
Protect the ones who hold you

Cradling your inner child
I need serenity (Godsmack)

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Tuesdays gone with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynrd)

Ambidexterity, It could Save Your Life, or At Least Your Sex Life

Warning: This cautionary tale contains TMI. Seriously, you may not even want to read it.

How do you wipe? Obviously you wipe yourself, most of us do. But, do you always use the same hand to wipe with? Yes, I'm talking about wiping your butt! I know, deep conversation for a Monday morning, but this is important stuff!

You see, I have degenerative disc disease in my back. It simply means that my discs are wearing out, it happens from aging, but mine is just happening a little earlier in life, (I'm 36.) Most days I hardly notice it. I might be a little slow to get up, and I get some pain, muscle spasms,  and headaches, but it's bearable.

When I have a flare up, though...forget it! I'm like an 80 year old trying to shuffle around looking like a hobbit. It's ridiculous!

Sunday, I had a flare up, of sorts. I don't know what I did, but this was way different than normal!

I had muscle spasms from hell, and one muscle on my left side totally wreaked havoc on me. This is where the toilet issue comes in... I had to poop. Sorry, ladies, but you know we all do it, and while yours may smell like roses, mine certainly does not! Okay, moving on..

So, I do my business in the bathroom, and prepare to wipe, because you know, that's just how I roll. Then it happens. I'm trying to wipe, and I can't! That muscle spasm in my back is so tight, that I can't freakin' reach! Just yesterday this wasn't a problem! I'm stretching and leaning and stretching...and I'm about to topple off the toilet in my effort to do so! (Thank goodness for close walls in this small space or I'd be writing the tale of how to break your neck while going number 2!)

WTF?! What do I do now? There is no way in hell, I'm asking hubby to do this for me. I am, remember, only 36, so I still want to have some semblance of a sex life! And something tells me asking hubby to wipe my stinky butt, would not be the hottest move in the sex book! I don't care what the Kama Sutra says, I'm not doing it! So, I have to figure this out!

Then I realize, I have another hand! Oh yeah, that's why we have 2 of them, for times like these. But, Mr Lefty has never been asked to do such a task. And, let me say it is a little more than awkward. It was down right hard! And, yes, I'm going to admit it, I got poop on my finger! (don't worry, I washed my hands before typing this, so you're clean.) What mom hasn't had poop on her at some point?! But this...this was different! This, was my own, and that is wrong in so many ways! Thank goodness for wet wipes!

Don't make the same mistake I did, heed my warning, and start practicing now: USE BOTH HANDS WHEN YOU WIPE! It may just save your life (or at least your dignity.)

♪I've been taking care of business, it's all mine♪ (BTO)

Aloha Friday

This week I'm joining in on Aloha Friday with Kailani at an Island Life because, she's awesome, and I'm lazy.

Here's how it works in her words:

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too.

Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response. If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

An Island Life

My question is . . .

What song really makes you want to dance?

CMT's New Sitcom "Working Class"

When I heard about CMT's first ever scripted sitcom, "Working Class," I was excited to see it, and thanks to One2One Network, I got to preview the first episode.

"Working Class" is a half hour sitcom about Carli, (Melissa Peterman,) a twice divorced single mother of 3. Carli works in a deli with her witty war veteran neighbor played by Ed Asner.

At first I wasn't sure how I would feel about Carli because her personality is a bit bold, and I thought it would just be too over the top, but, I quickly warmed up to her. She's a caring mom with a lively personality and I can't wait to see what happens next as she continues her quest to find love while trying to hold down a job and keep food on the table. The good thing is, I won't have to wait long because right after the first episode airs on January 28th, the next episode will air!

Premiere Episode: “The Buddy System”
Carli’s old flame from high school shows up hoping to re-ignite his “spark” with Carli — even if it means humiliating her in front of her new boss.

Find out more and see behind the scenes clips on CMT's website. You can also connect with Working Class on Twitter and Facebook.  Make sure to catch the first episode on Jan 28 at 8:00 PM followed by a second new episode.

disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I was provided this opportunity thanks to my One2One membership. The opinions expressed are my own. By posting, I'm entering into a contest to win a giftcard and CMT pack.

Winter is for Pirates

Winter in Tampa means:

Arrgh! Pirates, Matey!

Over the next few weeks, Tampa will celebrate the spirit of the pirate with various parades and festivals. Tampa's Gasparilla Pirate Fest started in 1904. It has changed and grown over the years from a one day holiday into a season all it's own.

As a girl, on the edge of the street watching the parade go by. I was in awe of the pirates that had invaded our city. They fired their pistols and threw out their beads, and coins in joyful celebration. For that one day of the year, I wanted to be a pirate!

Now, that I'm an adult, I'm honored to get to be a part of Tampa's celebration. As a member of an all female pirate Krewe, I get to join in on the fun. As a krewe, we work all year giving our time and raise funds for local charities. It all leads up to this. Gasparilla is here and it's time to spread cheer. This Saturday, the season kicks off with the Children's parade. I'll lace up my corset and put on my boots, and my girls will join me on the float. We'll dance, party, throw beads, and just have a damn good time.

And, maybe, we'll inspire some little girl watching the parade go by to want to carry on the tradition. Maybe she'll grow up to be a Pirate Girl like me!

♪Yo ho yo ho, a pirate life for me♪

Thanks to Gasparillapiratefest.com for providing the historic pictures. Check out the site for more info on all the festivities, and if you're planning a trip to Florida in the Winter, come to Tampa and live the Pirate life.

Mama's Losin' It

Sweet St. Augustine

The Scene: St. Augustine, on a beautiful sunny, cool, Saturday. Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, Saturday (Elton John)

The Cast of Characters: #2, Bear and #1. (I can't help but think of Run DMC when I see this picture.) ♪She told me to, walk this way, talk this way♪

What's most important to a teenager on a road trip? Her cell phone, of course!
Just look how much fun St. Augustine is! (okay, so, I really have no idea why he was laughing. Terrible how the memory goes...and this was only 4 days ago!

Now for the real reason we drove 3 hours for a one day trip: Breakfast at The Bunnery! I love love their Chocolate croissants. Their coffee is amazing. I had their Valentine specialty: Chocolate, juicy raspberry, and espresso, Yum! #2 had the Red hot Hot Chocolate with cinnamon, and whipped cream topped with red hots. I stole a sip, it, too was yummy! Really, you can't go wrong at this little bakery/ cafe. They even offer a full breakfast with fresh made home fries, eggs, bacon, grits, etc... Oh! I can't forget the biscuits! Big fresh made from scratch biscuits. If you're ever in St. Augustine, you must try this little treasure on St. George St. in The Historic District. It's worth the trip.

As my girls used to sing:  Biscuits, biscuits, incredible (to the Faith Hill tune)

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Tuesdays gone with the wind

Music is My Tattoo


Over the weekend, my youngest daughter and I got tattoos. It was her first. We got one simple word on our inner wrists. One simple word that means so much. On it's own it is a statement, it is a plea, it is a song...


Sunshine on Saturday

I'll be taking a road trip to St. Augustine on Saturday to enjoy the sunshine, cool ocean air, and some yummy delights. While everyone else is suffering with cold and snow, this warm summery song seemed like a great way to brighten your day. Hope it brings you a little sunshine! Happy Saturday!

So Followed SaturdayJust Married with CouponsBetween the Lines

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

So much for me saving my vacation time by working last Sunday so I can have today off! I ended up being sick for the last 2 days, so there goes my vacation time. Damn!

So, how about this new astrology thing? Apparently because the earth and sun have shifted there is a new sign in the calendar. A 13th sign. But, only people born after 2009 can be this sign. So, what's all the fuss about? Your sign hasn't changed. It's based off of when you were born, so if you were a Leo, (like me,) then you're still a Leo, (as if I could be anything else,) but your children/grandchildren born on the same day might be something else. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius

I'm a tattoo lover, in fact, I'll be getting a new tattoo tonight, but, really?! What was rapper Gucci Mane thinking when he got this?!
Yes, that's an ice cream cone, on his face!!

Are you a planner? Hubby is a major planner. He likes everything perfectly 0planned out and because he wants to make sure I know the plan, he'll tell me the plan over and over again. The thing is, I'm not a planner of all, so usually his plans don't work out because no matter how many times he told me the plan, I'm usually late, or lose track of time, or decide we need to take a "minute" to do something else. This weekend, we're going to St. Augustine and he has it perfectly planned: We'll leave at 5:00am, go here for breakfast, go there for lunch, have gelato at this place, and so on....   I'll let you know how well the plan works out.

Today is the last exam of the first semester for my girls, that means next week will be the last semester of High School for #1 Yikes! Where did the time go?! I really thought I'd be able to do so much more for/with her before she finished school.

Never Stick a Bead up Your Nose

Jenny Matlock

N is for...

Never stick a bead up your nose!

Seriously, #2 did it when she was 2, and it wasn't a pretty sight. If cameras were digital then, I would probably have a picture to show you of her little nose stuffed full with one green bead with snot running down her face. But, in 1996, we were still concerned about wasting film, no digital camera, so no pics.

She did it while at daycare, and no one noticed. when we picked her up that afternoon, she got the car and said her nose hurted. I bet it did, there was a bead in it!

We managed to remove the little object without any damage, (to the nose or the bead,) by having her blow it out. If you've ever tried to get a 2 year old to blow his/her nose before, then you know this was no easy task, but the bead, and nose were rescued.

But, apparently, she really liked it that way, because she stuck another bead up there the next day, (but this one was blue, so it wasn't exactly the same.)

Possible songs providing the soundtrack to this adventure in bead rescue:

I'm just a girl in the world (No Doubt)
I like the way you work it, no diggity (Blackstreet)

and maybe this one, because I would follow that little snotty bead filled nose girl anywhere.

Tuesdays Gone A Blog Hop

Welcome to Tuesday's Gone, the blog hop that breathes new life into your old posts.

A few things before we get to linking up:

I'm giving away a $25 Applebee's gift card, be sure to enter

I'm excited to be going to SheCon. It's the first FREE Social Media conference for women and it's happening in May in Ft. Lauderdale. You know, they had me at "free," but the conference looks really good, too. Check it out

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Tuesdays gone with the wind

Monday Minute

(1) What is your favorite TV show of all time? Without a doubt; MASH!  Hubby and I watch it every night. We have the complete series, and we watch it in order a couple of episodes a night as we're falling asleep, and then when we reach the end we start over again. It's just a classic group of characters that stands the test of time. ♪ Suicide is painless it brings on many changes and I can take or leave it if I please♪ 

(2) What is the worst job you've ever had? I've had quite a few jobs that I didn't always like for one reason or another, but no one stands out as the worse. Overall, I've been lucky with jobs, in that I've learned something fro each of them. I once worked as a school receptionist as a substitute for a month, I worked in a brewery, which was cool except I don't really like beer. I sold cars and that sucked because it was long hours without a steady paycheck. If I had to choose it would be the year I worked at Toys R Us for the holidays, that was just one crazy busy day after another!

(3) Name one toy that, according to your parents, you loved as a child. My mom would probably declare that I liked something that was really my sister's because she can't keep us straight, and she wouldn't believe me if I told her she's wrong. One time, I told her how I skipped school when I was in High School, and she called me a liar!  But, I will fess up and tell you that I loved: my Cabbage patch kid, Zachary, and my Strawberry Shortcake figures, which I usually had to pry from my little sister's mouth because she thought they smelled good enough to eat!

(4) Bert or Ernie? hmm, that's a hard one, Ernie is so much fun, and he's got ♪ rubber duckie, you're the one, you make bath time lots of fun♪   but who doesn't like: ♪ doing the pigeon, doing the pigeon♪  It's really a tough call

(5) If you could have lunch with any person, who would it be? Well, if she'd do the cooking, I'd love to eat with Paula Deen. She just seems like the sweetest person and I love her recipes. Really, how could you not with all that butter?! mmmmmm butter....

Applebee's Gift Card Giveaway

I'm so happy to have my new Wicked Lovely Things shop up on Facebook. There's only a few things in it right now, but I'll soon be adding more including my own jewelry line. So, to celebrate, I'm giving away an Applebee's gift card!

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Not Guilty

We are 1 week into the new year, and already, my resolutions are broken! Yup, that didn't take long. ♪ it won't be long, yeah yeah yeah it won't be long♪  (Beatles)

In fact I don't know that I ever even got started with my resolutions. I could sit around and feel guilty about it, but I'm not. I've decided that this will be the year that I live without guilt. It's life, isn't the point to live and enjoy it?! so I'm throwing out guilt! I have no room for it! ♪ there's no room for you here♪  (White Stripes)

Here's just a few things that I'm not going to feel guilty about this year.
Breaking my resolution to get up earlier: Sure I'd like to get up earlier and have more time in the morning, and not make hubby late, but I love sleeping, and I'm damn good at it, so I'm not going to feel guilty about it!
Watching Jersey Shore: Sure it's a stupid show about people that party and tan way too much, but I like it! No guilt! Oh Yeah!!
Eating my own homemade chocolate chip cookies: I made them. They're good. Why should I feel guilty about eating them?!
Not going to the gym: The gym makes me sweaty and sore. I'll go when at some point, but if I want to be online instead, I'm not going to feel guilty about it. Nope, not one bit!
Buying new shoes: I can't help it I love shoes, and as long as I'm donating my old pairs and I get them on sale, there is absolutely no reason for me to feel guilt. ♪ in my red high heels♪  (Kelly Pickler)
Shopping without coupons: I hate doing this, but sometimes, I just have to get something and can't wait for a coupon, so with all the other things I save on...not gonna be guilty!
Going out to eat while my kids eat frozen pizza: okay, I'm not gonna lie, this one does make me feel guilty. But, they're old enough to fend for themselves and Bear and I deserve time to ourselves!

Begging for new Facebook fans on both pages: No guilt I need all the fans I can get at Wicked Lovely Things and Life Music Laughter ♪ Ain't too proud to beg, sweet darling 'cause you mean that much to me♪  (Rolling Stones)

Mommy's Idea504 MainSociety of Socialpreneurs

It's Okay, He's Just Drunk

Usually we take turns being the designated driver, and usually, we're both pretty sober anyway, but this time was different. This time we were both...DRUNK!

It was our anniversary and we were celebrating with friends. The plan was to have a few drinks then head to the movies. We had a few drinks, alright, a few too many! It went like this:

Jager Bombs for both
Guinness for me, Jack for him
Jack for him
Guinness for me
Jack for him
Jager Bomb for me
Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack... for him

Then my brilliant idea, to have Sex With an Alligator. No, not a real alligator, I wasn't that drunk! It's a layered shot served in a martini glass with Chambord, Midori, and Jager. It is so very yummy!

So, we're all having Sex with an Alligator, ♪ bonchickwawa♪  when suddenly a piece of glass flies across the table, and hits me in the eye. My husband had slammed his pretty little glass down declaring "DONE!" and when he did the glass shattered. My nose was bleeding where the glass had sliced me, but luckily, my eye was fine.

My friend helps me get the bleeding to stop, and back to drinking we go.

Jager Bomb, Jack, Jack, Sex with an Alligator... and another broken glass?! Really?!
Bear yells "they're defective!"
"Honey they weren't defective, you slammed the damn things down!"
"no, they were defective!"
"okay, Honey"

Now it's time for the movie, so the group of us stumble to the parking lot. I argue with hubby about why he can't drive, and why our sober friend Jane is driving us. He doesn't really comprehend and demands he's fine, but with a little dragging, I finally get him in the car and we say we'll meet our other friends at the theatre.

We never make it into the movie. Hubby is passed out in the back seat, so Jane and I go to find the others, and leave him in the car.

They call and say that one of them is sick, no movies.

We return to the car to find all that Jack that hubby had, is now down the side of the car, and hubby is hanging out the window.

We go back to the bar we started at, because our car is there. I get hubby into our car, and I wait. I still can't drive. Lots of laughter, talking, etc..   Then, feeling bad for hubby, one friend starts petting his head through the window. This is followed by screaming.

Hubby had decided he had enough of the petting, so, he put the window up to be left alone. Our friend's arm is still in the window, the door is locked, the keys are in the car, and he won't listen to stop pushing the button!

I ran around to the other side of the car and thankfully my window was down. Phew! Crisis averted!

My friend's arm is rescued, just in time for hubby to open the door and cover her foot in...the rest of the Jack, Jager, Sex with an Alligator, etc... Oh my gosh! He puked on her foot!

But, it was okay, because she was also; DRUNK!

♪ one bourbon, one shot, and one beer♪  (Thorogood)

This post was written from Mama Kat's prompt #3: Drunk

Mama's Losin' It

Her Decision's Been Made

This sending your kid off to college thing is harder than it looks, and we've only just finished the decision making process!

All I've ever wanted was for my girls to do well in school, go to a good college, become great people and be happy.  I want them to have the college experiences I never had. I want them to live on campus, have school spirit, maybe, a semester abroad. I want them to see the world.

We've been looking at colleges on-line for a couple years and have spent the last year visiting campuses, trying to make that important decision of which school is the best fit for her. Which school offers the best programs at the best price? Which school will allow her to spread her wings in a safe haven? We've looked at all these things. I've encouraged her to go away to school. To experience other parts of the country.  ♪spread your wings and fly and look to the sky♪ (Taking Back Sunday)

But, her decision has been made. She will be going to school less than an hour away. And,...

I couldn't be happier! As the reality of her leaving the house and being 4-10 hours away was setting in, I started to realize just how much I'll miss having her around! I want her to experience things, but I'm glad she'll be having these experiences so close to home! The funny part is, I'm the one who first encouraged her to look out of state.

So, the decision's made, and now we start the next steps. We have to complete the FAFSA, she has to get an immunization, (now required for all universities,) make sure housing contracts are completed, sign up for orientation, complete scholarship applications, send AP results, pay this deposit and that deposit,...the list goes on.

This really is a lot of work, maybe she should just stay home!
♪Don't go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lakes that you're used to♪ (TLC)

Tuesdays Gone A Blog Hop

Welcome to Tuesdays Gone! Since we're only 4 days into the new year, I'm linking up with my New Year post from 2010. It's the first one on the linky. Go check it out.


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A Look Back at Music in 2010

As we start a new year sure to be full of new experiences and new music, let's take a look back at music in 2010.

The most downloaded song according to itunes was Soul Sister by Train. A song that I really like, but oddly enough, didn't download. Hmm maybe it was because I couldn't go anywhere without hearing it's constant refrain ♪hey soul sister ain't that Mister Mister on the radio♪ 
I have to wonder how many people knew that the song refers to an 80's band in Mister Mister.

As ipods got smaller in 2010, headphones got bigger as we saw many earbuds replaced the retro influenced headphone styles. I've got my own pair of purple metallic headphones, but if anyone wants to get me a pair of Dr. Dre's Beats, I wouldn't turn them down... I'm just saying.

Jennifer Grey proved that despite a nose job, Baby's still got moves when she won Dancing with the Stars in November.

Glee continued to show that musicals are cool as it danced it's way onto our TV Screens and into Season 2 with such guest stars as John Stamos, Brittany Spears, Carol Burnett, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Gwyneth gave one of my favorite performances of the season with a cleaned up version of Cee Lo Green's F*** You. ♪I see you driving 'round town with the girl I love, and I'm like forget you♪

The critics bashed Burlesque the musical with Cher and Christina Aguilera, but everyone I know that saw it loved it. So, what do critics know?!

It was the year that a meat bikini either overshadowed the cutting edge musical contributions of Lady Gaga, or helped to keep her relevant. Still undecided.

My concert memories of 2010 included: An amazing but drenched and muddy Rob Zombie and Korn show, the return of Limp Bizkit with Puddle of Mudd, and Tim McGraw with Lady Antebellum which was the start of number 1's mono episode.

2010 saw the death of some very influential musicians from all generations and genres. The New York Times put together this cool music collage in honor of those that died this past year.

Here's hoping that music surrounds you and enriches your life in 2011. Happy New Year!