Music Monday- A little Bit of Gin


Friday night was hubby's birthday celebration at our local pub. We ate and drank and danced, and played silly games like pour sugar packets on a friend because the band is playing Def Leppard, oh and cover your other friend in hot dogs so you can win the hot dogs eaten with style competition...aah good times.

Saturday, we helped a friend move. I thought this would be better because she was paying us, but...nope, it was still moving, which I hate, and she made sure to remind us that we were being paid. Do you think that helped make it better?! Nope, it did however, make me want to just walk away and tell her where to stick her money...but, I didn't...after all, I may need to move someday.

Sunday was the best day of all, Breakfast at the beach then some sunbathing followed by shopping and ice cream; the perfect day!

It was great weekend, and I hate to see it go but I'm facing Monday head on and ready for a great week! It's the last day of February, so let's end it with one final love song.

This song is by Gin Wigmore. Gin is from Australia. She has a cool sound and I love her style. Hope you enjoy and have a wicked lovely week!

Aloha Friday, Little Big Things

It's Aloha Friday and that means I get to take it easy and ask a question of you. In other words, I'm being lazy. In Blogland, I've been lazy all week, but in real life...not so much. I've started a new schedule at work of 4 9 hour days and a 4 hour day. I love the new schedule, but it is requiring me to make an adjustment to when I do everything else. I've got it all worked out though, and next week will go a lot smoother.

As busy as I've been at work, it can seem like I haven't accomplished anything else. But, sometimes, even the smallest of things can be a really big accomplishment. some of my little but big accomplishments this week are:

I watched a movie with my youngest daughter. (She's 16, and is usually alone in her room, and I'm usually online, so this is a big deal!)

I got in touch with my cousin on Facebook. (it's been a few years.)

I colored my hair purple. (well, my hair stylist Laura C, did. She rocks!)

I killed a giant mosquito for my daughter. (Usually, she's killing giant bugs for me, (yes, I have an irrational fear of palmetto bugs, so?!) so it was nice change to be the calm one.

I went to the gym, 3 times! Let's get physical physical (Olivia Newton John)

My question for you:

What little big thing did you accomplish this week?

Answer below, then head over to An Island Life for more Aloha Friday. And, don't forget all the great Friday Hops below. It's a great way to make new friends and find new blogs.
You've got a friend in me (Randy Newman)

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Tuesdays Gone, A Blog Hop

Welcome to Tuesdays Gone, the blog hop to breathe new life into your old posts. It doesn't matter the age of the post, it could be from last week or last week. Just link it up! And, take a minute to check out some of the other great posts.

Hubby and I got to go see Slash and Ozzy, Friday night, thanks to a local radio station giveaway. Ozzy ran around the stage like a little kid, and even sprayed the crowd with foam. Both performances kept the audience on our feet. It was a great show.

With Myles Kennedy performing with Slash, I was reminded how much I like this song from Slash's underrated solo album.

Enjoy and have a great Tuesday!

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Tuesdays gone with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynrd)

Music Monday- Four Letter Word


This band blew me away when they opened for Willie Nelson, last week. They have such passion for their music. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Here's Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real with "Four Letter Word"

Crazy Busy

Mommy's Idea

What a crazy week! I've barely seen my girls because we've been so busy, but, we have been having so much fun!

Friday night, I sold Jello shots with my Krewe, and raised $677 for a local family in need.

Saturday night, was the Gasparilla Knight Parade; awesome!

Sunday, hubby and I went to Flogging Molly. They put on such a great show! I was dancing the whole time. The opening bands were, Money Brother and The Drowning Men. Both were great, but after 5 hours on my feet, I was exhausted! We crawled into bed around 1:00 AM and got up at 5:30 for work.

Monday was Valentines, which I'm not a big fan of because I think you shouldn't need a day to say "I love you." But, some people do, so I'm trying to go along with it. I made Bear a nice dinner, and then went to bed early.

Tuesday, I had a Krewe meeting, so we were out late. (This was the night I discovered how good Whip Cream Vodka tastes with Coke and grenadine! Yum)

Wednesday, Willie Nelson! He was great! But, the venue...not so much. It was in a performing arts theater, and the octogenarian audience was not into people standing up and dancing. It's Outlaw Country, people! Not the Ballet! Ugh!  Shotgun Willie, sits around in his underwear

Willie's 22 year old son Lukas performed with his band Promise of the Real...THEY were GRrrrrrEAT! Seriously, you need to check him out. He has so much passion for music, and his guitar skills are outstanding! Their sound is so eclectic, like a mix of rock, reggae, country. Can't wait to hear more from this group. They'll be on Letterman, tonight, if you get a chance check 'em out.

Last night, I went with my friend to get her first tattoo. It's a celtic tribal cross with gemstones for her family. It looks really cool. She loves it, and I'm happy for her.

Tonight... OZZY and SLASH! Bear won the tickets on 98Rock, and they are great seats! I'm so excited for this show! I was so excited leaving the house this morning, that I forgot my dang phone! A whole day without a cell phone?! I'm gonna go crazy! I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

Tomorrow is Bear's birthday, not sure what we're doing yet, but I hope some of it includes sleep, because I'm too old for all this excitement!  I'm much too young to feel this damn old (Garth Brooks)

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Welcome to Tuesdays Gone, the blog hop to breathe new life into your old posts. It doesn't matter the age of the post, it could be from last week or last week. Just link it up! And, take a minute to check out some of the other great posts.

In honor, of Valentine's day, I'm linking up in the first spot with my Anti-Valentine's post from last year. Don't get me wrong, I like hearts and candy, I just don't like people feeling forced to buy it, or feeling bad that they don't have anyone to buy for. Anyway, if you are into the heart happy holiday, I hope it was good for you.

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Tuesdays gone with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynrd)

Music Monday- The Lazy Valentine

I've been a fan of Flogging Molly for quite awhile, and I finally got to see them in concert last night. It was so worth the wait! Absolutely amazing show! It was such high energy, and I danced my butt off (not literally, of course, believe me, it's still back there.)  I'm sure I'll post more about it later, (including the 2 great opening bands,) but for now, with only about 3 hours of sleep, I'm taking the lazy way out. Flogging Molly, the Monday Music that Moves Me.

Why is it appropriate for the Valentine's edition? Because I love them, of course! Happy Monday!

And, Happy Valentine's Day to my Bear. Thanks for a great night!


Aloha Friday, Jello

An Island Life

I have a very busy weekend planned. Tonight, I am selling Jello shots with my Krewe for a charity fundraiser. Last week the girls raised $780 to help a local family, so I'm hoping we do just as well tonight. Tomorrow is the Gasparilla Knight Parade, so I will once again be in pirate garb to pillage and plunder, and throw beads to the crowd. Sunday is the most exciting night of all, I will finally get to see Flogging Molly in concert! I can't wait!  so pull yourself together girl and have a little fun (Flogging Molly)

My Aloha Friday Question of the week is:

What is your favorite flavor of Jello?

Lectures From Grampa

Growing up, I had the luxury of spending every Summer in New Hampshire with my grandparents. During the day, Gramma worked, so Grampa Joe took care of me. We did everything together. We went fishing, ran errands, cleaned the house, and went on long walks with the dog. He let me sing for him, (only on the commercials,) and he listened to my stories, (boy could I tell 'em.) He also never missed a chance to teach me important things in life:

1. "If you insist on wearing those noisy shoes, take them off in the house, so they don't drive me crazy!"

2. "Watch your finger when you bait the hook, or just let me do it."

3. "You're a lady, you don't walk on the outside of the street, let the gentleman walk there."

4. "Don't tumble in a dress unless you want to show off your lady things."
5. "Don't eat after the dog!"

6. "You can be an actress, if you want, but it will be hard work, and not much chance of making it, so make sure you have a backup plan."
7. "If you make the bed, right when you get up, you're more likely to get it done."
8. "When adults are talking, listen. Don't talk until it's your turn."
9. "Find a boy that doesn't make you work for his love."
10. "Someday, everyone will see how smart and beautiful you are, until then, you know it."
My grandfather died when I was 15, but the last thing he told me, came 2 years later in a dream. He said to me, "I've always watched over you, but now, you have a good man to love you and keep you safe. I'm leaving now."  That morning, I awoke feeling content, and I made my vows to Bear.
Sunrise, Sunset, sunrise, sunset swiftly flow the days (fiddler on the roof)
Inspired by, Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop prompt: A lecture you still remember.

Love and a Toy Gun

It was a rare occasion to get my man in a tie. The event was a murder mystery party and Bear was playing a Bouncer at the Juice Joint in 1928. We had a great time completing our tasks (bribery, blackmail and even a few threats at the end of a toy gun.)

'Cause baby, you're a firework (Katy Perry)

After the murder was solved, the girls changed out of our dresses and heels, and into our comfy clothes. We tried on shoes, played with finger puppets, played Just Dance 2, and just giggled like girls do, while Bear just hung out on the couch. I can't stress enough, how cool it was for him to just chill out, no "it's time to go" glaring looks that men tend to do. No whining or complaining that we weren't watching sports. None of that crap! He just sat back and relaxed, while we had our girl time.

Reason #352 of why I love Bear on every day of the year and not Just Valentines:
 He may be a man's man, but he can hang with just us girls.

Why'd you come in here looking like that? when you could stop traffic in a gunney sack (Dolly Parton)

Tuesdays Gone A Blog Hop

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Tuesdays gone with the wind♪ (Lynryd Skynrd)

Aloha Friday, Roaring 20's

I'm in a great mood this morning. I was already dancing on the car ride to work.
Are you gonna go my way? (Lenny Kravitz)

Tomorrow, I'm attending a murder mystery party set in 1928. I play a cocktail waitress, so today, I'll be putting finishing touches on my costume including a fabulous head piece and a bob wig, and of course some long beads. The host is giving prizes to best dressed, most dramatic, and, of course, the person who solves the mystery. It should be a great time!

My question for the day:

What's your favorite time period?

Make sure to go check out the other Aloha Friday posts at An Island Life.

Sailing the Sea of People

A view from the parade Gasparilla 2011

They yell to us like rock stars
to make us look their way
Beads Beads Beads
they cry
the motto of the day

Every parade friends call us at the start of the day to tell us where they are along the 3 mile parade route. We all try hard to find them, but in the sea of people with everyone screaming, it's like a live action "Where's Waldo?".

'Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars (Nickelback)

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