Pour Your Heart Out: I'm Different

Today, I'm taking a break from Wordless Wednesday to pour my heart out. (plus I haven't taken any new pictures in a while. Bear, says it's because I'm afraid of losing my camera again, so I don't take it anywhere, and, well, he may be right.) Pour Your Heart out is for when you need to just get something out there, and with some recent events, it's exactly what I needed to do.
 I'm different! I get it. I know. I'm hard to get along with. I'm hard to get to know. I'm strong in my opinions, and I am sure to let you know. I can't always hide my feelings, and I often think outside the box. I push you to the limit to help you see my way, but I sit and listen carefully to every word you say.

I wear my tattoos with pride.  I put them where they are, for all the world to see.  I stand, up, against anyone, that says it's not how a professional should be. I wear glitter on my eyes, and blue jeans on my thighs, and you won't see me praying, while looking  to the skies. I'm different!

But, through my strength and knowledge, through the colors of my art, inside I hide the weakness, that I sometimes, care to much. I pretend that I don't feel, the sharpness, of your words. I stand behind my wall of confidence, protecting the inside me. And, none of this, no none of this, none of this do you see.

I think it would be easier, if only I'd conform. Conform to what you want of me, to what you see as norm. But conformity is not, what makes us all unique. Uniqueness equals beauty, it is that, what makes me; me.

But, sometimes I wish you'd see past that, and see my humanity. For inside, I am feeling, loving, hurting, thinking, and, breathing deep. And that is not so, different, I think.

♪Tell me I'm the only one
Tell me there's no other one...
Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage♪
(Smashing Pumpkins)

♪Every day is so wonderful
and suddenly, it's hard to breath
Now and then, I get insecure
From all the pain, I'm so ashamed♪
(Christina Aguilera)

♪But my dreams
they aren't as empty
as my conscience seems to be♪
(The Who)

Post-it Note Tuesday- That's just wrong!

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This is the cover of Elle France.

This is Elle U.S.

♪See these hips, big hips, don't cha?♪ (Missy Elliot)

♪Give me that Becky♪

♪I love Becky, yes I do♪ (Plies)

Oh, boy, Another Survey

Seems like everywhere you go these days, someone wants you to do a survey. And, some of them are even willing to compensate you for completing it. "complete this survey, and we'll give you a free appetizer." or "complete the survey, and you'll be entered to win."  With all these surveys, is anyone, really listening? ♪I wanna know what you're thinking♪

Look at Walmart, everytime I shop, it asks me if my cashier greeted me. Hmm... does a scowling look and a grunting sound count as a greeting?! I'm not sure. Is that up to Walmart standards?! ♪there are some things you can't hide♪

And, on the occasion that I get more than hmmph from my cashier, they are totally incompetent! So, what difference does it make that they greeted me, when it took 30 minutes to figure out how to check out 10 items with only 2 coupons?! By that point, I could care less that they said hello when all I want to do is put up my hand, walk away, and scream GOODBYE! The surveys DO NOT ask the right questions! ♪I wanna know what you're feeling♪

I work for a major corporation, and, not only are the customers surveyed, but, so are the employees. As a Supervisor, I'm expected to take the results from my employees' surveys and develop an action plan of what I will do to improve things. I'm all for improving the work place, and for self-development. I'm listening to the surveys, but THEY didn't ask the right questions, SO I don't have the right answers!  ♪Tell me what's on your mind♪

And, some people didn't even bother to complete the survey. So, what am I to conclude from them? That they are perfectly content? or are they too miserable to bother? Should I have offered compensation for completion? or did they just not like the questions?  ♪Here I am in silence it's a game I have to play♪

 Hmm...Maybe, I should send out a survey?!

Today's Life music: Pure Energy brought to you by Information Society

The Right to Be Wrong

Sharing with you one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite artists, Joss Stone.

This song is a great reminder to us all to take chances, try new things, and don't be afraid of failing, because you have the right to be wrong.

Friday Fragments & Follow: I just wanna be me

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Friday Fragments
Did you hear about the woman (Donna Simpson) that wants to be the fattest woman in the world?! She has to eat 12000 calories a day to meet her goal of 1000 lbs by 2012. Her weekly grocery bill is $800, but she pays this with a website where people pay to watch her eat! One freak that wants to be 1000 lbs is bad enough, but a bunch of freaks that pay to watch her eat?! WTH is wrong with people?! Of, course I would gladly make a donation to her cause...I've got some extra fat around my middle that she can have!  ♪Because I'm fat, I'm fat, you know I'm really fat♪ (Weird Al)    

I was looking at this site that searches Emergency rooms for what people were treated for. On the first page of foreign objects, I saw at least 4 cases of children sticking things up their nose. #2 stuck a bead up her nose when she was around 2, and she did it not once but twice! Lucky for me, I knew to push the other nostril, forcing her to blow it out, (in all of it's snottiness,) so we were spared the ER visit. Check out the site for some odd injuries, including vaccums, raccoons, bananas... ♪That Shhh is bananas B A N A N A S♪  (Gwen Stefani)

I just filled out my Census, and I must say, I was disappointed at my options for race. I work hard to get a semi shade of tan, so why can't they have some options?  I have never walked into Sephora and asked for a nice shade of White! How bout golden honey as an option? Or better yet, because of my tattoos: multi-colored?! (I joke, but I really wish we could get to a point where color doesn't matter for anything except, shopping for cosmetics.)
♪I don't wanna be anything other than me♪ (Gavin Degraw)

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Writer's Workshop: What's wrong with me?

So, today is Writer's Workshop day at Mama Kat's. I looked at the prompts and this one jumped out at me: Ask someone who loves you what one of your weaknesses is.

My immediate reaction was that I don't even need to ask, because I know what Bear will say. He'll say, what he always says when faced with the opportunity to tell me one thing he wishes I would change; Putting clothes away!

I hate putting clothes away, and it drives him crazy. I know I need to do it, I know it's an opportunity, and one of the issues in our marriage, yet I would rather stick my tongue to a frozen flagpole, than have to put clothes away! I hate it! So, there they sit, in the laundry basket, until it is either time to wear them, or, until he gets irritated enough to put them away himself. Then, it's like 2 days of reminding me how  "he put the clothes away" and how "he organized everything." *whining*

So, why do I punish myself?! Why not just do it? Because Life is too short to worry about clothes, and other various household chores, blah, blah...insert other philosophical musings.  ♪Mama, She's lazy, lazier than me♪ (Pinkard & Bowden)

I wasn't going to ask him, but I figured what the heck, why not just ask? Let him tell me, yet again, what's wrong with me. But what if he says something different? Do I really want to know?! Alright, fine, I'll ask, but, in a text.
So I texted:
me: what's one of my weaknesses?
him: internet
him: want another 1?
me: Lol! sure
him: Books

He just put the biggest smile on my face! Here I am thinking about my "weaknesses" as the negatives about me, and he goes and looks at in another way; as my kryptonite! And, he's right! I love the internet! Can't be without it! So much information! And, Books?! Of course I love them!

Only one problem, he forgot to put himself on that list.

♪If I go crazy then, will you still
call me Superman
if I'm alive and wellwill you be there
holding my hand
I'll keep you by my side
with my superhuman might
(3 Doors down)

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Wordless Wednesday: The pictures I didn't take

Happy Wordlessfull Wednesday! 

Let me start by giving you an important haiku of advice, because I did it and it isn't nice.

Don't try to talk while
putting on your mascara
you'll poke your eye out!

With that out of the way, I also want to tell you about a good cause with a chance to win ticket's to Blogher 10 in NYC. DeAnne has breast cancer, so her sister is raffling off a full conference ticket. For only $5 you can get an entry to win, and help Deanne with some of her many medical bills. Go on over there, and join, Team DeAnne. I did!

I woke up this morning to find that Old Man Winter had pushed Spring right out of the way! In her place was his cold embrace, and a blanket of fog to hide under. As I walked past the lake, I was struck by the beauty of the steam rising off the water. So, I thought, I'd share it with you, and with my phone, I snapped a picture. Here it is:
See it through the whiteness?! Maybe if you squint? No? Guess the fog's too thick. ♪Blinded by the light wrapped up like a ??? in the middle of the night♪
If you're really squinting, you can stop, there, really is nothing there, because I didn't take the picture because, my little phone camera, just couldn't see what I was seeing.

As I walked further, I saw a cute little bunny rabbit in the grass, but you know that dang thing wouldn't sit still for a picture! I tried nicely to talk to it. I asked it to just sit for one picture, but it just wouldn't do it! As I got closer, it jumped further away! Dang little thing! One picture! That's all I ask! As it hopped off into the brush, I thought I heard ♪Don't stand so, don't stand so, don't stand so close to me♪  but maybe it was just me. For a brief moment, I thought about chasing that rabbit, but, with the crazy story of that Alice girl in my head, I thought better of it, and went on to work...pictureless. 

Don't you hate it, when you see the perfect picture opportunities, and your camera is nowhere near?! Always happens to me! There are so many pictures in my head that I should've, wish I could've, taken, but I didn't for one reason or another. Do you see 'em? No? no I guess those pictures are all mine, the ones I didn't take.
So, now that I've told you of the pictures I didn't take, this morning, let me show you a picture that I didn't take, but at least, someone did.

Pretty huh?!
My darling #2 took this picture at the beach this weekend. And although, I didn't take it, it was just too pretty not to share.

My song for today:
Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now
Joss Stone with Common

♪When my mind's void, you're my joy
You're the dream when I sleep♪

♪Looking to the sky asking for at least a sign
Beautiful, you came at such a decent time♪

I had to Have it; It was Rad!

I'm joining in with Supah on the I had to have it MEme today.
But first, a Music Monday Flashback Mommy Moment:

The year was 1998, and we were driving through New Hampshire, when from the back seat I hear 2 little girls singing at the tops of their lungs: ♪Biscuits, Biscuits, incwedible♪ Bear and I just started laughing, but it was so cute I joined right in ♪Biscuits Biscuits incredible♪  Definitely not the lyrics Faith Hill wrote, but, to this day, that's how I want to sing it.


I Had To Have It!

It was 1986, and I had to have it! My skateboard just wasn't cool, anymore. There was a new fad sweeping the neighborhood, and I had to be a part of it! I went and saw this movie:

And, I was hooked! All the boys on the street had them, and they were now using them to ride the half pipe that had been filled with boards the summer before. As they rode the boombox jams played ♪Brass Monkey, that funky monkey♪ (Beastie Boys)

I begged my mom, "please, please get me a BMX?"
And she firmly answered, "No! I'm not wasting money on a bike, you just got a skateboard."
"But, Mom, that was last summer, now everyone is freestyling."
Then came the dreaded "if everyone jumped off a bridge, blah, blah, blah." Followed by even worse, "Besides, you're a girl, you shouldn't be hanging around those boys, people will talk."
"Ugh!"   ♪But, girls just want to have fun, oh girls, just wanna have♪ (Cyndi Lauper)

So, I knew what I would have to do. I would save up enough money to buy it myself! So, all summer long, I worked. I babysat all the little brats on the street. I changed umpteen dirty diapers, put up with all the "my mom said I could"s, and finally, finally, I had enough money to buy a bike, (no, not a BMX, babysitting didn't pay that much!) but a really cool, and really cheap K-mart version, (that's right, I'll admit it, now, I shopped the blue light special, at the time I made up some, my dad sent it to me, yada yada, because no way would one be caught dead at K-mart.)

So, I finally had my free styling bike, and I looked totally rad on it. I couldn't wait to get it out there. I was so excited! I was dancing on the ceiling♪ (Lionel Richie) You shoulda seen me, I rode it like no other, up the street and down the street, around the circle and back again. What? What tricks could I do? Oh, well, um...I could peddle REAL fast!
♪I was flying high upon the wings of lov♪e (Jeffery Osbourne)

Yeah, ok, so it turns out that just having a freestyling bike,doesn't make you able to freestyle. Nope, they don't tell you that! And no way, was I gonna ride that bike down that half pipe, are you kidding?! I might scratch it! Do you know what I had to do to get that bike?! On my own, this wasn't how it was supposed to be♪ (Patti Labelle & Michael Mcdonald)Clip from the movie Rad: This is was I thought I would look like.

UPrinting Canvas Giveaway Winner

My first giveaway went very well, (at least in my opinion.) We had a total of 48 entries and the winning number generated from random.org was 17.  #17 was the lovely Marci. Marci is currently trying to decide what image she will use for her new 16x20 Canvas print. Special thanks to UPrinting for their generous donation to my first giveaway!

An Award? For little Ol' Moi?!

And now, we interupt our regularly scheduled programming for an award: Cue the instrumental music.


Oh my! You picked me?! I'm shocked! *pulls paper out of pocket* but I have prepared a speech. I am honored to accept this award on behalf of the entire cast of Life Music & Laughter. Special Thanks to Brea for giving me the award. What?! What do you mean I have to follow the rules?! What rules?

1. Thank the person who awarded it.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it on to bloggers you've recently discovered that you think are fantastic.
4 . Contact the bloggers you pick to let them know about the award.


Oh those rules.
1.Thanks Brea!
2. 7 things hmmm...ok here goes:
  • I've been married since I was 17
  • I am a total travel nerd. I enjoy the research about a place just as much as the visit itself.
  • I love horror books, but only like a select few, horror movies.
  • I played the string bass in school orchestra.
  • I am part of one of the smallest minority groups in the world: natural redheads.
  • I love the scent of coconut!
  • I can't control y gag reflex, if I eat onions. Yuck! 
3. I'd like to pass the award on to the following:
What?! Really?! another award?! Why, I can't believe it! And, look how pretty it is!

Thanks to Jackie at My Perfect Little World for this one.

This too comes with some rules.
Post the award and link back to the person that awarded it
Pass the award on and let them know they received it.

And the award goes to:

Enjoy your Saturday! I'm enjoying mine.  Singing: Wasting away again in Margaritaville  (Jimmy Buffet)

Friday Fragments and Confession- Diversity

First things, first: Tomorrow is the last day to enter to win your image on 16x20 canvas. Enter here.

At work, we've been doing a lot of diversity training. Essentially, we are learning the importance of valuing and trying to understand each other's differences. Can you believe we need to be trained on this? Hmm, apparently, it doesn't come naturally to some people! The big lesson is this: When you don't understand why someone says certain things, wears certain things, likes a certain music; ask them! Have a conversation! You know that thing where you ask questions, and listen to the answer!
ex: "Amethyst, I really don't understand why you wear lots of things with skulls on it. Are you some kind of crazed death punk Nazi?"
"No, not at all. It represents my involvement with the community through an all women pirate charity group. Oh, and it makes me look cool! don't ya think?!" And yeah, I really do think♪ (Alanis Morrisette)

I'm so excited to share that one of my friends was chosen to have her home renovated by Shelton Quarles Impact Foundation. The foundation helps single mothers by giving them a home makeover. She is just one of the nicest and most deserving people, and I'm honored to know her. Read more about it here.

Did anyone else sit down to watch Survivor last night, only to find out it was preempted?! By Basketball?! WTH?! Isn't that what ESPN is for?! I only watch 2 shows a week, Survivor and ANTM. And now, because of basketball, I have to decide which one to watch next Wednesday because they'll be on at the same time! Redonkulous!!  We gotta fight for our rights to ...watch Survivor♪ (completely modified version of the Beastie Boys)

And now, for a confession:

This weekend, we are DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! and I couldn't be happier! I truly love my friends and all the things we do together, and next weekend, I will gladly be attending a first birthday of one of our friends' daughters, but, this weekend, I confess, I am happy excited delighted  elated to be vegging out at home with Bear! With no plans of doing ANYTHING! And, if we're real lucky, maybe an evening without the girls! *fingers crossedYou never act the way you should, but I like it, and I know you like it, too♪ (Poison)

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Writer's Workshop: No Way, Will I be Like That!

Writer's Workshop over at Mama Kat's. Today's prompt: Describe how your relationship with your spouse is different than the relationship your parents had growing up.

Well, shoot! That's like the easiest prompt ever! Um let's see, um, we live together, um, we're married, um, we don't bad mouth each other to our kids (ok, well at least, I don't, who knows what kind of crazy convo's he's having when I'm not around.)  Yeah, my parents divorced when I was one, so there's the major difference. Read the whole Jerry Springer Version here.

Too easy? Well, let's look at her marriage to Dad #2.  First difference? I have never and would never pull a knife on Bear!  ♪Mary, Mary, why you buggin♪ (Run DMC) Nor would I run around behind his back with any man that would give me attention, and expect for my child to keep this "our little secret." Nope, un huh, ain't gonna happen! 

Mom and Dad # 2 never had a partnership, in fact most the time they didn't even seem to like each other. Mom wanted to go out and party and he wanted to just stay home and watch TV. Bear and I love to do things together, and while we do have some different interests, and certainly our own "me" time; we share our experiences. We are truly best friends. Of course, we argue, but there are no knives or other kitchen utensils, involved (although, I love to spoon, and fork him, te he.) 

Mom has since moved on to husband #3, and for awhile this seemed to be a really good thing for her. He was calming, and liked to travel, and they shared interests. But now, he's just a big whiney baby who throws temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way! It's like she's raising a 5th kid! And he's making her miserable, but with no other man waiting in the wings, she's hesitant to leave. ♪Well, I think you're crazy, well, I think you're crazy♪ (Gnarls Barkley)

And, that, is the biggest difference of all in my marriage. Bear and I don't stay together because there is nothing else out there. I stay with Bear because I want to, because, he is my best friend, because he is the man I love, and because he makes me a better person. ♪You make me feel like a natural woman♪  (Aretha Franklin)

Dear Mom,
You can't change the mistakes you made in your past, but, you can make decisions that will change your future. Everyone deserves happiness, but it shouldn't come at another's expense. Do things for yourself, but be aware of their impact on others. Most importantly, before you can love and be loved, you must love yourself.

Best Wishes,

Check out more Dear Someone's at Family of Shorts

Wordless Wednesday: Irish Celebration

In lieu of a picture, I bring you a video. One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite Groups: Flogging Molly

Today, it probably seems like the whole world is Irish, as we all put on our many shades of green (at least in America.) Although, not an official holiday, Cities across the country will celebrate with parades, (Tampa had it's parade on Saturday, and it was a blast) and many will drink beer and eat corned beef, and in Chicago, they'll even dye the river green. It's a day of fun, and partying, a celebration.

Today, we celebrate the strength of people that have overcome adversity and have triumphed. It's hard to believe that the Irish were once discriminated against, and were, in fact considered to be the lowest class of people. Many left famine, in their homeland, hoping for a new life, only to suffer the high rate of deaths on the seas. For those that did reach the Promiseland, what they found was certainly not a warm welcome. But, they carved their way in America, and persevered. On this day, and everyday, I am proud to call myself Irish, (well, at least half of me, anyway.)

Fun Irish Stuff

22 Gallons of beer per capita are consumed in America on St. Pat's  (The only beer I drink? Guinness! Brilliant!)

9 cities in the U.S. are named Dublin  (and so is at least 1 dog: mine)

The Irish corner: Great place for St. Pat's E-cards including some in Gaelic (I'll be sending some)

Want some more Irish music? Along with Flogging Molly, I also enjoy: Dropkick Murphys, The Clancy Bros., & of course The Irish Tenors

The day would not be complete without a rendition of: 
Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
from glen to glen, and down the mountain side

Enjoy the day, in all its drunken glory, but remember, at the end of the night, Irish or not, don't Drink & Drive!

Don't miss out on your chance to win!

A Quick note, sort of like a Post-it

I so, want to write my post it notes, and I have another post rolling around in my head, that I really must get out, but, alas, I'm stuck in training all day today, and a meeting tonight for my Krewe (that's my pirate charity group, not that we give charity to pirates, we ARE pirates that do charity.) Anyway, I'm squeezing a quick post in before class starts to ask for you to wait for me (Like Jake in 16 Candles patiently waits for Sam to come out of the church, yeah, like that.) I hope you have a Wicked Lovely day!

♪ Here comes the sun, doo doo doo, here comes the sun, and I say, it's alright♪

In the meantime, don't forget to sign up for my giveaway. It's a 16x20 Canvas Print of an image of your choice. Great art for your wall, or a gift. Check it out!

Someone stole my hour

It should be illegal for a weekend to fly by as fast as mine did! And who stole my hour?! Of all the weekends to take an hour from me. This was probably the one where I needed it the most!  Just when I needed you most (Allison Kraus)

Before you read about it, don't miss out on my super great giveaway. Someone's gotta win, it might as well be you.

I can't even tell you where Friday night went, it's completely wiped from my mind.
Saturday started with way to freakin early SAT testing for #1, followed by chores, oil change, shopping for a bigger aquarium because Captain spaulding (the fish) is HUGE. I finally dropped Xmas gifts off at my sister's house, (sad I know, what can I say, I'm running a little behind.)  I picked up #1, then it was time to get into pirate costume for the St. Pat's parade where I danced my butt off (not literally, cause believe me it's still there) We line danced, cheater cheater where'd you meet her (Joey & Rory) We booty danced, move something, shake your tail feather (Nelly) and we rocked out  you shook me all night long (AC/DC)
Sunday: bed at 3 AM, up at 8:30 to take hubby to friends house to go fishing, then back home to get the girls, and go shopping for a school book needed by Monday conversation went like this:
Me: "Why did you wait until today, to tell me you need it for tomorrow?"
#2: "I told you about it!"
Me: "When?"
#2: "like 3 weeks ago!"
Me: "Oh, well, I've got a million things going on, you need to remind me"
#2: "I'm reminding you now"
Me: "Ok, but remind me sometime before the day before you need it!"

How's that for a mommy moment? The moment in which I realize, I've taught my child how to procrastinate, and she's better at it then I am!

Anyway, it was an exhausting weekend, and there are no signs of that lost hour anywhere.   Where've you been? I've looked for you forever and a day  (Kathy Matea)

Monday Mention:
I have to give a Monday mention to Mama Kat. She wrote a great post in response to a recent New York Times recent bashing of Mommy bloggers. Read it here.

and to Frugal Mom knows best for hosting Mommy Moment Mondays. Great idea!


Spring Swap: I'm joining in


I'm so excited to be joining in on my first swap in Blog land! I used to do exchanges on volition.com, (great site for mystery shoppers, and freebies) but, it's been awhile. I can't wait to find out who I'm swapping with and go shopping for all the little things to send!  I love shopping, and who doesn't like getting a package of godies delivered to their door. If you want to join in on the swap, just head on over to Shortmama's. And, start thinking of how you'll give a little love and some tenderness (Hootie & the Blowfish)

Friday Fragments and Confessional: A plea for help

Woohoo! It's finally Friday! Maybe it's just me, but I think it took a little longer getting here this time. But, now that it's here, it's time to make weekend plans, and talk about those random fragmented thoughts that come to mind.

But first, You may have missed, that I'm doing my first ever giveaway. And since, someone has to win it, you might as well sign up, cause it might just be you!

Ladies, I need to make a plea. Now, this is very important, so listen up! Please, please please...take care of our public restrooms! Seriously, there are many of them suffering out there, and we're not doing anything to help. Nothing at all. In fact, most of you are only making things worse! So, I make my plea. I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please♪  (Simon & Garfunkel) I'm not on my knees in the restroom, yuck, that would be gross!   Here's all you have to do to help. I don't want your money (unless, you really feel you must give it to me, in which case, I, will have to take it.)
Just these 5 simple things
1. Don't pee on the seat! really, these seems like an easy concept, but let me explain: pee in the toilet not on it.
2. If you pee on the seat, wipe it up!
3.Flush the toilet!
4. If it didn't all go down, flush it again!
and finally, 5. If you drop it pick it up! toilet paper, towels, tampons, whatever, just freakin pick it up!
Maybe, you like your bathroom to look nasty, and maybe, you like feeling like you can't even touch a wall without getting contaminated, but I don't! So, come on think of your fellow women, and do your part to help save this very precious commodity! And, if you don't want to help, then maybe you need one of these:

♪ Please don't go girl♪  (NKOTB)

#1 is taking the SAT tomorrow morning, and she has to be there by 7:45 in the morning! on a Saturday! whoever schedules these tests would be smart to do it later in the day, when teens (and their parents) are actually awake enough to take such an important test!

Friday Confessional
♪ I've got another confession to make. I'm your fool♪  (Foo-fighters)
Forgive me for I have sinned, it's been a week since my last confession. I confess, and this is really hard for me, but I confess...I didn't watch Survivor last night! I know, you're horrified, as am I. And, the worse part, I didn't even realize it until just now, because I was off watching Bear get a tattoo last night, and normally I watch TV while I wait, but I chose to listen to music instead, and I didn't even realize what day it was!

Song that I can't get out of my head today: Snuff by Slipknot
♪ So if you love me let me go
and run away before I know
My heart is just too dark to care
I can't destroy what isn't there♪

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Writer's Workshop: Haiku My Days

It's time for Writer's Workshop at Mama Kat's. Yup, it has been a week already! Can you believe it?!
The prompt: Write a haiku about what you love about an ordinary day.

But, first, make sure you enter my first Giveaway!

Hard to sit and watch
the world go by around me
I must do something

As I wrote this, I could not get Aerosmith's song Living on the Edge out of my head. I am always living on the edge of something. Teetering from one moment to the next, trying to stay tethered in this task before the next thing comes along that will require me to fall full in. I am always finding something new to learn about, to get involved in. Nothing ever seems to be finished, there is always something to do; a blog to write, a book to read, jewelry to make, people in need, always something capturing my attention. And, that's how I like it!
♪ Living on the Edge I can't help myself from falling Living on the edge I can't help myself at all♪

Ordinary Day
is never seen around here
Always something new

Feeling the stretching
Attention pulled multi ways
Nothing is complete

Passion is learning
sharing loving being true
Life is full, if lived

Sunshine falls like rain

on the window of my life
Happiness glowing

♪ Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy♪  (John Denver)

Wordless Wednesday and a Giveaway

My first Giveaway! Woohoo!  Celebrate good times, C'mon♪  (kool and the Gang)

So, it's my first giveaway, and I'm very excited, and if you could see me you'd know I'm practically: Dancing in the Streets♪   (Martha & the Vandellas) Of course, I'm excited that it's my first, but I'm even more excited about what it is!

Uprinting.com, who does all kinds of promotional printing for all of your personal and business needs,  has generously donated a 16" x 20" Canvas Print to be given away to one winner, and in exchange for hosting the giveaway; I get one, too!  Thank you, UPrinting!

It was really hard to decide, which picture I'll have turned into a beautiful Canvas Print, but, finally, I decided on this:

I love both of these photos, so I put them together, and I can't wait to hang it on my dining room wall.

Turn your most precious moments into masterpieces! Get that artist’s feel and transform your favorite photos or work into canvas art. These thick and high-quality canvases are ultra durable and will last a long time.

Here's the rules:
16 x 20 Rolled Canvas for One (1) Winner
Specifications: 1 Business Day Turnaround
Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only
Entry period closes at Midnight PST on 03/20/2010. The winner will be picked at random using random.org
To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this blog, and make sure to include your email so I can contact you if you win.

  • Extra entry: Tweet about this giveaway, and leave a comment with your Twitter name, saying you did so.

  • Extra entry: Follow this blog, and leave a comment saying you did so

  • Extra entry: Post about this on your blog, and leave the url in a comment.

If you win:  You're lucky, lucky You're so lucky♪  (Franz Ferdinand)

Post-it note Tuesday: Running the Gauntlet

I'm at the mall on my lunch break, and before I can even get to the store that I'm headed to, I have to run the gauntlet of kiosks. I'm sure you know of them, the little carts in the middle of the mall, that you try to rush by, before they spray you with some...who knows what kind of scent.

♪ Don't Stand so, don't stand so close to me♪  (The Police)

And, then there was the woman begging to let her show me her flat iron, by using it on my hair. I get it, it's a straightener, it straightens, yeah, nice...now back the frick up!

Then there's the phone guys: "Hi, Mam! How are you today?"
"Oh, I'm good, thanks."
"So, what kind of phone do you have?"

And that's the problem with these damn kiosks! I'm not even stopping to look at what they have and they're bugging me! If I'm looking for some sea salt scrub, or some candles, that you have to put another candle in to burn, then I'll stop and look, but if I'm just walking by, LEAVE ME ALONE!

I finally get where I'm going, and wage a large scale war against a pair of pants that insist they don't want to button, (when I know they really do,) another pair that won't go beyond my knees, (I haven't figured out how to suck in my thighs, yet) and a mirror that makes me look like an overstuffed sausage, (which, I am not, a sausage, that is...I am a little overstuffed.)
♪ Everybody was kung fu fighting hua♪  (Carl Douglas)

With my lunch hour over, I turn to once again run the gauntlet on my way back to the car. But this time, I have a plan:

♪ And I ran, I ran so far away♪  (Flock of Seagulls)

Friday Fragments and Confessional

♪Now, I've got a confession, la la la♪  (Pussy Cat Dolls) I went to the gym, had a great work out, showered, and then...I dried off with my shirt! That's right, my shirt! Don't worry, it was a clean one, but still...  Why? You ask, did I use my shirt? Well, because I forgot my damn towel! And, while I've learned, since the last time this happened, that there are towels for emergency use, it seems that they frown on you running naked and dripping wet, out into the gym to get said towel, so my shirt it was!

Big thanks to the darling angel,  ♪Angel, of the morning angel♪  (Juice Newton) for letting me use her leave in conditioner, because, yup, you guessed it, I forgot that too!

I confess, I'm not really a diamond ring girl. ♪some people want diamond rings♪  (Alicia Keys)But upon seeing these in a recent issue of Elle, I'm hooked! So, if anyone is looking for something to buy me...and you have an extra umpteen thousand lying around... :o)

I had a ♪Let the bodies hit the floor♪  (Drowning Pool) moment, yesterday. while leaving Publix, some crash test dummy, ignores the stop sign and almost uses my little car to stop her forward motion! Then, she gives me the finger! So I very nicely pointed at the stop sign. She ignored my kind attempt at educating her, so I took another approach. I rolled down my window, and proceeded to tell her how I really felt! Idiot! ♪Give me something to break ♪ (Limp Bizkit)

#2 began her new babysitting job, last night. She is watching a 5 year old, because his mom works nights. I must say, I was very surprised at how well she did with him. She got him to bed on time, and she got up when his mom came to pick him up, without any prompting from me at all. Her only complaint, this morning: "he snores, Mom!"

I really like Lady Ga-Ga! I can't help it! I do! She's got catchy tunes, and a style all her own. So, I'm singing her song today  ♪I want your love love-love-love I want your love♪

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Writer's Workshop- Trippin'

It's Thursday, and that means It is almost Friday!! Yippee! But, more importantly it also means time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Today's prompt is: Tell us about your trip!

Well, let me tell you, this one time I had the worst trip ever! It started off kinda nice. There were beautiful flowers, and a smiling cat, oh, and this white rabbit with a watch, and I drank this and ate that, and then there were cards chasing me, and flamingos, and someone was yelling "off with her head!" and, oh wait, no, that wasn't me.  ♪And I'm trippin'♪ (Bullgod- Kid Rock)

Oh, I remember! I was far away from home, and I kept trying to get back, but I couldn't! And, you were there, and you and... Nope, that wasn't me either  ♪If I only had a brain♪

Oh, okay, this one's for real... I was walking along, minding my own business when all of a sudden the sidewalk just reached up and grabbed me! I thought for sure I was ♪going down down down♪ (Fall out Boy)  but, luckily I made a smooth recovery, and with only a mildly bruised ego, I kept on walking.

But... later...I went back and stomped all over that sidewalk! I wasn't just gonna let it get away with it! No way! nope! I showed it! It tripped the wrong person!

♪Road Trippin with my two favorite allies
Fully loaded we got snacks and supplies
It's time to leave this town, it's time to steal a wave
Let's go get lost anywhere in the USA♪
(Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Post-it Note Tuesday: Wet Morning

What an ugly start to a Tuesday. Woke up to take the dog out at 5:20 because he couldn't wait the extra 15 minutes that I would need to sleep until my alarm went off! So, I open the back door and I'm suddenly freezing and wet! No, not because I had to go, too! I was wet, because of the ugly storm raging outside. And, I didn't even have to go out in it to get wet. Nope, Mother Nature was nice enough to bring it to me.

So the dog does his thing, comes back in, and heads to the closet for a treat. A treat?! Are you kidding me?! You wake me up, early, make me get wet, and then expect a treat? I think not! I'm going back to bed. Yes, I know I only have 10 minutes, but it's going to be the best 10 minutes of sleep ever!

Yes, okay, I guess it makes sense to get up and get ready in case we lose power, but I'm cold, and short of my required amount of sleep! I don't wanna! Just then a huge clap of thunder shakes the house. Fine, I'm getting up!  ♪Thunderstruck, yeah yeah yeah ♪ (AC/DC)

Trying to do anything in my house when there is thunder is like running an obstacle course in the dark. Only thing is the obstacle is always the dog. And, while I feel bad, because he's scared of the storm, and there's nothing I can do to help him, it is absolutely ridiculous that I can't take a step to the right  ♪put your hands on your hips, and pull your knees in tight♪  without tripping over him!

Because it's raining so hard, and the Florida wind renders an umbrella useless, I agree to drive my girls to the bus stop. ♪Bus stop, wet day, she's there I say, please share my umbrella♪ (The Hollies)  We stop far enough away to allow me to drive off without getting stuck waiting on the bus, but close enough to save them any real soaking. We wait a couple minutes, and shockingly the bus is on time for a damn change! ♪Hallelujeah♪ I'm going to make it to work on time!

As I go to pull out some other car hurries past me, only to stop just in the right spot to block me in, just so their kid can get closer than the other 10 cars waiting to let their kids out! Really?! WTF?! It's only 20 feet, your kid won't melt, I promise!

I know, I know, give 'em a break, it's raining, and maybe they had a project they didn't want to get wet, or something, blah, blah, blah... I took my kids because it was raining, but these are the same parents that drive their kid and keep them in the car until the bus gets there every single day! They're in HIGH SCHOOL! Time to cut the Leash! They will never learn to be responsible if they can't even walk a few blocks to the bus stop, on their own!