Is it Worthy? A Rerun

If you look at the top of the page, you'll see a new link there. Yup, I finally made my "best of" page! There's only one problem, I incuded a post that I don't think anyone ever read the first time, because it was one of my first posts, so, I don't know if it's really the best of anything. Now I want to know what you think. Is it deserving of the best of page? I'm reposting it, below and I want your input. Please let me know, is it worthy?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One Little White Pill
With sounds of Mother's Little Helper by The Rolling Stones, I start my day with one small little pill and a sip of water. Having never taken a valium before, I wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't long before I found out what they meant when they said it would make me relax. I just hoped this "relaxing" didn't result in a mess in my shorts, cause this stuff was hitting me hard.
I gracefully stumbled into the oral surgeon's office, bouncing off the door jam with a diva's style and drunken grace. Up to the counter to check in, I make a grand attempt at appearing dignified despite the inability to even pronounce my own name.
With what sounded as nonsensical as the lyrics to One Week by Bare Naked Ladies, the receptionist began telling me of after care procedures, follow up appts (I think it's next week but I have no idea,) and prescriptions to be filled. I even made a payment with a blank! check! Should they be taking my money knowing I'm under the influence? and should I be signing forms? Did someone say "Go Ask Alice?" and Who's this Jefferson Airplane, or was it Starship?
I'm taken to a room in the back, hooked up to a heart monitor, and given an IV. Next thing I know I awake thinking "Wow! that wan't so bad!" "I'm not even sore." Then the doctor walks in apologizing for keeping me waiting (waiting, you mean we haven't done the thing yet?) Apparently while I was sleeping off my valium, some other patient thought they would be brave and have his teeth taken out while awake. This ill fated decison resulted in what the doctor described as "kicking and screaming" and "a battle to get the teeth out." Why, when given the option would anyone decide to be aware of their teeth being pulled?
So, I say "Doc, give me the good stuff!" feeling great, I slip off to dreamland. (Dr. Feelgood by Motley Crue)
I awake to a nurse telling me I'm all done. My mouth doesn't hurt but I literally have cotton mouth from all the gauze packing. Because the anethesia has not yet worn off; she wheels me out to the car which is probably best after my not so grande entrance. And I drive off into the sunset...not really, my friend actually did the driving, I slept, and it's the middle of the day, so no sunset, but we did drive off to make our way to the nearest drugstore because when this stuff wears off I have a feeling I'll be nursing a nonstop headache and wondering why I'm sleeping with my clothes on. (My Own Worst Enemy- Lit)

Go Away, Mono!

I'm joining in on the all new Friday Follow-me, this week, go ahead and check it out, it's sure to be ♪unforgettable, in every way♪ (Nat King Cole)

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway for the One eskimO CD and Tshirt.  Make sure you get your entry in.

Who knew how bad Mono could be?! I mean, it's just a little kissing virus, right? like a cold? You get a sore throat and you're a little tired, no big deal, right? Oh, I was so wrong!

Mono is awful! #1 has been dealing with this horrible virus for 3 weeks now. To make it worse, she couldn't follow the rules and start with the sore throat, so they could identify it, right away. Nope, she had to do it the hard way with vomiting, fever, dehydration, headache, & stomach pain. This combined with high liver enzymes, led the doc to believe it was something much more fatal, and it took a week for us to finally get results! Now, we are so happy that it's only Mono, but enough already! Go away! All she wants to do is sleep, she doesn't want to eat, and their is nothing we can do but let the virus run it's course! Mono sucks! ♪You're no good you're no good, you're no good, "Mono" you're no good♪ (Linda Ronstadt)

And, now, as if being sick isn't enough, now, her wisdom teeth are coming in!

"Mom, I think I've got a tooth coming in."

"Oh, it's you're wisdom teeth."

"Will they make me smart?"

"Yes, of course, instantly." "Duh"

Writer's Workshop: My wedding, or, Why it's Whack

When I got married, I was 17, and 5 months pregnant with #1. For months, I had been arguing with my mom about getting married, (who am I kidding, I was always arguing with my mom, this was just the latest topic...) HOLD UP! *screeching brakes* ♪ hold up, wait a minute, let me put some boom in it♪   (Salt n Pepa)

Let me back up a minute, this is important, so listen up!
No mother wants to hear their teenage daughter say that she's pregnant, but, it may happen, because let's face it: TEENS ARE HAVING SEX! Don't fool yourself.

Pouring my heart out: Some Days

I sat down to pour my heart out and this is what I got:

Some days I just can't focus, I want to be doing everything but what I should be.
Some days I feel all alone in my little world, life in my little square room where it is so quiet, my thought echo off the walls.
Some days I'm so crowded I can't think through all the noise and I just want to scream at the top of my lungs for everyone to just "SHUT UP!"
Some days I'm energetic, I bounce, I jump, I sing, I dance, I laugh at everything I can.
Some days I drudge on through the day, like in a bog of molasses, slowly, step by step with every bit of energy I can muster, I move forward.
Some days, I sit thinking warm thoughts of my pleasant existence, of my heart filled with love, and warm thoughts of you.
Some days I'm angry, and I can't help but let you know. I take it out on everyone that crosses my path so they may feel and know my wrath.
Some days are predictable with everything going just as predicted, blahseeblahseeblah.
Some days are surprise after instant surprise, again and again I'm hit with something new.
Some days are just normal, they just are, and I, just am.
Some days are good, as am I, and that makes me smile,
some days.

Followed by this fabulous guy singing in my head:

♪some guys have all the luck, some guys have all the pain, some guys have...♪ (Rod Stewart)

Hey Ho

♪Hey ho, nobody knows you're not coming home.♪  Love it! Gin Wigmore's sound reminds me of Amy Winehouse and Joss Stone. I 'm digging her deep sultry soulful sound. The dark campy-ness of this music video is so much fun. Check it out. And, if you like this song, find out how you can get a free download of her single Golden Ship.

A letter to Blogland

Dear Blogland Friends,

It's hard to explain to people in real life how much a bond can be developed on the web. To say you blog, results in looks that would be given to someone with 3 heads. Yet, over and over I say it with pride: "I blog." And, even more often, I say, "one of my friends, online..." to which my 3 heads multiply.

Mission Monkey Day

Hello blog-world! I am participating in what's known around the world as Mission Monkey day! What is Mission Monkey you ask? Well, there's this blogger friend of ours known as Pixie Momma, aka Michelle. Michelle has a little girl, or Monkey as she's known by who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. To learn more about it, click here. Monkey is a sweet little 16 month old girl. She doesn't deserve this. Nobody deserves this.

But, the good news is that Monkey only has Stage 1 (low risk). The bad news is the medical bills are mounting and the Physical Therapy (starts today) isn't covered by insurance.

I wish I was a Whore

♪ I like Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain.♪  (Rupert Holmes)
I wish I liked wine, I really do. But, I don't.  I keep trying different ones because people tell me, "Oh, try this one you can taste the pears, or the strawberry, or this one has a mild buttery taste, etc..." So, I try it, and...Yuck!

Maybe my palate just isn't "distinguished enough," (said with pinkie in air in my best Charles Emerson Winchester III impersonation, you know real fancy like,) but I keep trying, and I don't taste anything fruit like! It just tastes like dry nasty rubbing alcohol! It's made from fruit, why doesn't it taste like juice?!

But, I really do wish I liked it, because then,

Monkey Minute- Go Ahead and Pee

I'm joining in on Monkey Minute, again this week. If you haven't heard about Monkey, yet, where've you been?! You can go here to catch up, but you better hurry, you don't want to be the last one to know!
♪The last one to know, the last one to show, I was the last one you thought you'd see there♪ (Garth Brooks)


Have you ever peed in the shower/bath/pool?
Really?! you have to ask?! Who hasn't? Good news, though, I recently read that peeing in the shower can help to kill any bacteria that may be hanging out on the bottom of the tub. So don't be embarrassed, it's just healthy cleaning, like using antibacterial soap on your feet! ♪so fresh and so clean clean♪ (Outkast)

What is your biggest pet peeve?
I'm mildly irritated by people that write "are" in place of "our," it's two different words! But, what really bugs me is people that can't form their own opinion, and they just grasp ahold of what others say and say it is their own idea. It is okay, to think differently, just think something of your own by looking at all sides.

What's the story behind your blog title?
Well, I think my sidebar really explains it. I'm what someone told me is a "radiohead" I always have music playing in my head, and I am reminded of songs through out the course of theday, whether in conversation or a noise I hear. ex: My kitchen timer goes beep beep beep beep, and I break into: ♪lalalalala lalalala loving you is easy cuz you're beautiful♪ (Minnie Riperton)

What is your definition of success?
A happy state of mind in which you feel a sense of accomplishment in whatever you do.

If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for?
I'd love to be famous for having a whole bunch of money because then, I'd have a WHOLE BUNCH OF MONEY!

Now, sing along and head on over to The Daily Dose of Reality for more people's answer's, and to find out how you can help Monkey.

Formspring: Are your kids using it?

Have you heard about I heard about it on a recent visit to some more, shall we blogs? Yup, I look at em! What can I say? I'm a mom, I'm not dead, and it's just sex. ♪Let's talk about sex, baby, let's talk about you and me♪ (Salt & Pepa)

Anyway, so, I heard about and thought I'd check it out. ♪Check it out♪ (Fergie- Fergalicious)

It's basically a site that allows you to set up an account and people can anonymously ask you questions. The questions go to your inbox, and you decide which ones you want to answer. Perfectly harmless, right?!

One eskimO CD & Tshirt Giveaway plus free download

Thanks to the One2One Network I was given the new One eskimO Album for review. You all know I love music, and I'm always looking for something new to listen to, so I was very excited to listen to this CD.

One eskimO is a critically-acclaimed English band fronted by singer-songwriter Kristian Leontiou and includes musicians Pete Rinaldi (guitar), Jamie Sefton (bass, horns) and Adam Falkner (drums).

I've listened to the album quite a few times since receiving it. I like all the songs, and find myself replaying some of the same ones over again, and yes, I'm singing along, especially to Kandi, which is currently the #1 adult alternative song. ♪He called me baby baby all night long♪

Friday Follow- Grace Kelly

Welcome to Friday Follow!  Later, I will post a fabulous new giveaway, so make sure to stop back by. Don't forget to enter the Dirty Dish Towels giveaway that ends tomorrow. These towels are wicked lovely, and so much fun!

In the mean time, some music to enjoy while you jump around all the great FF blogs.

Friday Follow

High Liver Enzymes?! What's that mean?!

Today's post was supposed to be all light, and fun, because hubby says it's been a little dull of late, (and you know what good is marriage, if you don't listen to hubby's advice sometimes? )
So, I was ready to join in on one of Mama Kat's great prompts at Writer's Workshop, and was preparing a foot post, yup, a foot post, when the doc called and said #1's liver enzymes were high, and that there is definitely something going on with her liver, (so apparently, it may not be "just a stomach bug.")

 Doc told me that we needed to go immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200, to get an ultrasound done. I called a friend to take me to get the car from Bear, (we're a 1 car family, since last year,) and off I went to pick up #1 from home. We rushed in, asked for the person the Doc said to see, and Bam! Stopped dead in our tracks!

Wordful Wednesday: Please help?!

Yes, this is Wordlessful Wednesday, and No that is not my little one, but it could be. What I'm about to tell you could happen to anyone of us.

This beautiful little girl is Monkey, and she is the daughter of fellow Blogger Michelle at Momma's Pixie Dreams.  Monkey is 16 months old and has just been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a form of Cancer. Yes! I know it's not fair! How could someone this cute and this little have to face something so Damn awful?! ♪ You say you want a revolution, well you know♪  (Beatles)

Monkey's battle is just beginning, and her family needs our support. Times are hard for all of us, with foreclosures, and unemployment at an all time high, it's clear that most don't have much to give, but this is truly a time where every little bit helps, and you may be able to give something other than money. Only give what you can, even, if it just means you provide some supporting comments to Michelle. ♪ You ask me for a contribution well, you know, we're all doing what we can♪ 

The Incredibly awesome Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality will be hosting a giant raffle to benefit Monkey. He is looking for donations of items for the raffle. This can be something you made, or a service you can provide, anything that may be of value to someone else. I've donated a guest spot, and a necklace from my Wicked Lovely Things collection. Stop by his place to get all the details, and help us spread the word. ♪ Well, you know we all want to change the world♪

And, with all of these fabulous items, I'm sure you're gonna want to win, so check out the rules at Ian's & give a donation by clicking on Monkey's picture.
♪ And you know it's gonna be all right♪

Comment-Love Letters for Monkey

This is my first time joining in on Kerri's Comment-Love letters. It's all my comments from the past week, cut and pasted together to form a sort of letter, which is fun, but more importantly, it's for a good cause! For everyone that links up, Kerri will donate $1 to help Monkey.  Monkey is a 16 month old girl that was just diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer. So, go ahead and put your comments together, and link up to help Monkey! But read mine first! Please?! ♪ Message in a bottle, yeah♪  (Police)

Dear, Amethyst,

Hello! so glad to have found your fun blog. I am your newest follower, stopping by from Shell's! I'd totally be your financial backer!

I agree people should not eat food in the locker room. That is just kinda gross. LOL. "Next big invention idea? A cup to collect hair in the shower? People put their foot shavings into an egg, so why not?!" Somedays, I do the same thing! Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone!

Mission Monkey Minute: What's my Age, Again?

Today's Monday Minute has been renamed to support Michelle Pixie's daughter: Monkey. Read my answers, then head on over to show your support to Monkey's mom, and make sure to link up at The Daily Dose of Reality.

1 - How old do you act?  Sometimes, I'm silly like a teen, sometimes I throw temper tantrums: like a 2 year old, and I'm often forgetful like an octogenarian. ♪What's my age again, what's my age again?♪ (Blink 182)

Well, Shut My Mouth

I'm not normally a big fan of Mother's Day. It kind of falls into that "Hallmark holiday" category like Valentine's Day. I hate people feeling pressured to buy something, or sad because they don't have someone to buy for.

Normally, I make sure to express my opinion of these days to my family in an effort to let them know they don't have to to do anything for me, it's just a day like any other, but apparently, all it does is spoil the day for them because, really, Mother's Day is not about me. It's about the kids & hubby wanting to have a day to show how much they care. So, this year, I kept quiet, and just tried to enjoy the day. And, what a day it was! ♪ Well, ooh weee, shut my mouth, slap your Grandma♪  (Trace Adkins)

Friday Follow: I Need you Now

Welcome to Friday Follow! ♪We're following the leader the leader the leader♪ (Peter Pan)

Friday is finally here, and I couldn't be more excited! (ok, well, I could definitely be happier if I had more money to spend on this Friday, of course, but, overall...)

I am only working a half day today, so already that's a great thing! Then it's off to pick #1 up from school because she has her AP history exam today, which, I'm sure, she'll do fabulous on, but will be miserable about, (poor thing's so stressed over it, and she just doesn't test well.)

Then it's off to Walmart to get the things we need to tailgate tonight, before the Tim McGraw/ Lady Antebellum concert. I'm already singing: ♪It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now♪

I will be sure to tell you all about the concert. I'm sure it will be a great time!

Make sure to join in on Friday Follow, and check out some of the great peeps, below, but first: check out my Dirty Dish Towels Giveaway!

Friday Follow

Adventures of a Wanna-Be Supah Mommy

Mama I Love You

When my girls were little, they loved loved LOVED the Spice Girls. They watched Spice World so many times, they probably burned a hole in the tape, (VHS tape: coming soon to your next "Remember when" story.) The song they used to sing to me in their little voices: ♪Mama, I love you, Mama I care♪
Of course, they didn't know what any of the other words meant, they just thought it was a cool song they could sing to me.

Now, we're going through the teen years, and they are trying to spread their wings, and fly. I have to be an air traffic controller, and point them in the right direction. Sometimes, there are flight delays, and, sometimes, I have to just take over and fly for them. Most days are great, but somedays, I question whether I'm doing the right thing. Should I be harder, or softer, should I give in, or stand firm. These decisions I struggle with because I love them, and I only want the best for them, whatever that best may be.

My hope is that someday, they will find more meaning in the song they used to sing to me, and understand that I am here for them, with love.

She used to be my only enemy and never let me be free

Catching me in places that I knew I should'nt be
Every other day I crossed the line I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become the friend I never had
Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love
Mama I love you.Mama I care
Mama I love you . Mama my friend. You're my friend
I didn't want to hear it then but I'm not ashamed to say it now
Every little thing you said and did was right for me
I had a lot of to think about,about the way I usedto be
Never had a sense of my responsibility
Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes, all that you did was love
Mama, I love you. Mama, I care
Mama, I love you. Mama ,my friend. You're my friend
But now I'm sure I know why,
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes
All I can give you is love is love
Mama I love you. Mama, I care
Mama, I love you. Mama, my friend,You're my friend
Mama, I love you, Mama ,I care

Mama, I love you, Mama, my friend, You're my friend

Questions to myself in the Gym

6 things I wondered about while in the Gym this morning. ♪I wonder wonder, who♪ (Monotones)

1. What kind of crap music is this?! How am I supposed to motivate my fat butt into and kind of fat burning exercise with whiney depressing songs like these?! Just because the singer is some young perky skinny girl doesn't mean her songs are gonna make me work to look like her! What are they thinking?!  ♪It must of been a fairytale wah wah wah♪ (Taylor Swift)

2. What kind of idiot would stick their head under a weight like the safety picture shows? Shouldn't they just not let someone like that work out in the first place?! Did someone actually do that?! Is that why they put that picture there?

3. Why do they have spray cleaner and a cloth to wipe down the machine when you're done? Have we really become such germaphobes that we can't sit where someone else sat? Isn't that cloth just spreading the sweat around from the last person that used that towel to wipe down the machine? And, now that I used that cloth, not only is my sweat running down the crack of my butt, but now I have someone else's sweat on my hands?! Oh, no! someone help! Oh, wait, that's right! I'm gonna take a SHOWER!<-- this is totally said in my best Forest Gump yelling voice as in "Greenbow, AlaBAMA!"

4. Ok, this is a shared shower, why would you wipe your hair on the wall and not rinse it off? I get, the need to use the wall, to get that stupid piece of hair that kept sticking to you when you tried to pull it off, of your dang finger! But, why? Why can't you rinse the hair off the wall when you're done?! Yuck! Next big invention idea? A cup to collect hair in the shower?  People put their foot shavings into an egg, so why not?!

5. Why is it that the person, that has to use germ-x every 5 minutes, is the same person that has no problem eating their breakfast in the locker room? (I'm talking scrambled eggs, here,) and taking their drink (with a straw) into the bathroom?! What?! Did your excess Germ-x use, create some superhero unpenetrable shield for you and all that you touch? Am I the only one that has an issue with this? I mean it is possible, that it is completely normal to eat breakfast in the locker room, and I'm just weirded out by it, but I just think some places should be a "No Food Zone!"

6.Oh, sure, now that I'm leaving something good comes on! WTH? Why don't I just bring my dang Ipod?! ♪Gotta get that Boom boom boom♪ (Black Eyed Peas)

Dirty Dish Towels Giveaway

When I give a gift, I like for it to be memorable. And, I want it to be fun and unique, but I also want it to be inexpensive. So, when I found Dirty Dish Towels, I was so excited!

Dirty Dish Towels are a new spin on vintage embroidered towels. They are "ho made" with cool designs that are a little naughty, like Christina Aguilera they are dirrty with 2 Rs
They are ♪dirty deeds done dirt cheap♪ (AC/DC)
and they are
♪a little on the trashy side♪ (Confederate Railroad)
♪Goodness gracious great balls o' fire!♪ (Jerry Lee Lewis)
they are so cool!

And someone is going to win 2 of them, this drunk girl towel, and a surprise design!

For hosting this giveaway, gave me a towel, to review, but the opinion is all my own.

The towel is much bigger than your average kitchen towel, and much softer. This means it's great for drying your more important china, and because of it's size, it's perfect for large pans. They are machine washable, so when they get too dirty, you can just throw it in the wash, and grab another fun design.

With so many designs to choose from, and at such a great price, you can pick up some to have on hand for gifts, and a couple to spice up your own kitchen. There's even some for Cinco De Mayo.

Wanna win?

Here's the rules:

Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only
1 person will win 2 towels
Entry period closes at Midnight EST on 05/15/2010. The winner will be picked at random using
To enter:
Leave a comment on this blog with your favorite design, and make sure to include your email so I can contact you if you win.
Extra entry: Tweet about this giveaway, and leave a comment with your Twitter name, saying you did so.
Extra entry: Follow this blog, and leave a comment saying you did so
Extra entry: Post about this on your blog, and leave the url in a comment.

If you win: ♪ You're lucky, lucky, You're so lucky♪ (Franz Ferdinand)